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Psychic Protection Tip – Tools

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 in News | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip #45 Tools for Psychic Protection – Tip #1

This psychic protection tip introduces a new series of tips. This new section is all about using “tools for psychic protection”.

When you are too tired and feel like you cannot do a good enough job protecting yourself psychically, when you are dealing with a whole lot of negativity around you and feel like you need extra protection, or when you are just beginning to use all of the psychic protection techniques you are learning, it is very helpful to have a real, tangible tool to help.

There are many such tools and they are easy to purchase or create. If you’ve worked with my series of tips on “mirror magic” you are already using tools to aid you in your psychic protection. In this series I’m going to tell you about some of my very favorites, and how to use them.

The first psychic protection tip in this series is about how to use a zero- point pendant’ for protection.

Of course, I’m going to tell you what a zero-point pendant is!

But first, I want to remind you to always remember that use of psychic protection tools doesn’t replace your own grounding or psychic protection techniques that you have learned to do through various visualization processes. It is those techniques that train you to work with energy. Being able to protect yourself without tools is always your first and last line of defense.

That said, you are probably impatiently waiting for me to tell you what a zero-point pendant is. If you’ve watched my videos, you’ve probably seen that I usually wear a donut shaped hematite necklace. That is a zero-point pendant, and yes, I wear if for extra protection nearly all the time. The pendant type I wear is for sale on my website, and there are also many other sources online where you can purchase a zero-point pendant, and other zero-point products as well. If you buy one from a source other than my website, please be sure to read the testimonials to determine the authenticity of your purchase. Not all zero-point items are created equal.

Here’s what zero-point technology is, in words that we psychics can easily understand. An object is run through a series of light waves, radiation, magnetic currents and sound to alter its atomic structure in such a way as to cause it to create and project a dynamic energy field around anyone wearing or touching it. Simply put, it sets up a protective field around you.

Objects commonly treated with zero-point technology include necklaces, bracelets, ‘buttons’ you can put on your computer, smart phone or laptop, to prevent radiation exposure, discs that can be used for healing or rebalancing water or any other food or liquid, and the list goes on. The material the object is made of is not important except for cosmetic reasons. What is important about the zero-point technology is the energetic field it sets up around you for protection. Of course, in the case of my hematite pendant, I also benefit from the qualities of the hematite stone itself. I’ll tell you more about that in my next Psychic Protection Tip.

Zero-point technology was created for health purposes. The idea is to set up a sort of electromagnetic field around someone that can neutralize radiation and other kinds of electromagnetic waves in our atmosphere that can cause harm. Folks with environmental illnesses really benefit from that!

It was quite by accident that I found out how effective this tool is in aiding psychic connection and protection.

I personally use very few ‘tools’ in my practice. I first began using a zero-point pendant when a friend of mine (who happens to be the scientist behind the zero-point necklace technology) handed me one to wear just before I was to see a client for a psychic reading. I thought I’d give it a try.

I was traveling internationally at the time of the session, and not only was I working wirelessly on Skype with a poor internet connection, I was an ocean away from my client. I’d done readings like this many times before, and even with my normal protection in place I was already expecting the extreme effort I’d need to apply to be able to connect with the client and with my Guides and theirs, to do my future-oriented channeled session with them. Much to my surprise, when the client picked up the phone, their presence was so strong I felt like they were in the same room with me, our Guides came through easily and clearly, there was absolutely no outside interference from any source – not even the people loudly talking outside my room. I was pretty amazed. It was one of the easiest and best sessions I’d ever done.

So I asked my friend if I could keep the necklace, and experimented further. The next 5 clients I read with the pendant on, with the same ease as the first. Then I removed the pendant, for the next three clients and found the normal walking through knee deep mud feeling was back. I have used a zero-point pendant ever since whenever I read clients, lead a seminar or webinar, do my channeled writing, or even just go out in public to do some shopping or visit a friend.

One of my best friends has become my zero-point pendant.


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  1. Vonita Carpenter

    How long is the zero point product active after being treated with the light technology? Is it permanent or for a limited time? Have the products actually been tested to determine this?


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