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Sandy Anastasi’s Astrological Predictions for 2015

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 in Newsletter | 2 comments

Road To The 2015 New Year And Sunrise BackgroundPredictions Through the Signs for 2015


2015 Year Overview –
This year can be a game-changer for you Aries. If you desire recognition, accomplishment, success, power and position you can have it. If you desire family support and cohesiveness you can have it. If you desire relationship stability and growth you can have it. But you have to promise yourself to take the slow steady road to success, and not take any short cuts. You’ve got to committ to focused effort. To cooperation. If you are ready to do these things, you can create and have what you want this year.

January –
This month you will be faced with several unexpected shocks as people and issues from the past return. You have to make some quick decisions. What do you want? What is your long term focus and desire? Back in October during the cycle of eclipses that touched your Sun how did you feel about these things, this person? Choose carefully. The decsions you make today affect the course of the entire year, and perhaps the rest of your life as well. With your focus mostly on home and family you may miss the bigger picture. Also, health matters may grab your attention making clear choices difficult. Trust your intution. It won’t be wrong.


2015 YEAR Overview –
This year promises to be one of action and change for you, Taurus. Since you have such a natural resistance to change of any kind unless you carefully plan it out and initiate it yourself, it could be a somewhat stressful year. The solution is to get ready for a wild ride, and find your inner child as you move into an ‘anything can happen’ time in your life! You’re already thinking, “What kind of change?” Expect shifts in close relationships, in connections to siblings and close friends as well as lovers and mates. Those shifts may very well stimulate changes of job or residence for you. Find, follow, and stick with your ideals and you will have a wonderful year filled with evolutionary opportunities.

January –
You are alternately excited, worried, exhilarated, depressed, happy, and anxious all month long. This is going to be an emotional month that hits you like a torrential wave of energy that will set the pace and carry you through the rest of the year. A change of or in your residence and/or job, or perhaps a lot of travel is a definite. A great deal of cooperation will be needed to further your ambitions. Relationship partners will be supportive but will also be a drag on your energy all month. Try to find time alone and create space for yourself.


2015 Year Overview –
Friends and groups are very important to your continued growth this year. Your creativity is off the charts but requires the social group connection to create inspiration and success. Education, teaching, writing, and all other forms of communication are especially powerful for you this year. Travel is increased and may be connected to educational opportunities or to social visits. During the second half of the year important opportunities for personal healing will come your way. Pay close attention to health matters all year, and to the everyday details you are naturally predisposed to miss. It is the little things that are of the greatest importance this year. That is also true in the area of your finances. With careful attention some major breakthroughs are ready to come your way.

January –
A change in your primary relationship or your career or both is on the horizon – literally. Your actions lead your decisions this month so work hard to think before you act and more importantly, before you speak. There’s no going back this time! Travel or travel plans – yours or your mate’s – are a primary source of happiness or concern this month. It’s important to work hard to keep the lines of communication open concerning future plans and finances. That means you’re going to have to work hard to LISTEN. New groundwork for your daily life this year, for how you handle health matters, for your primary relationship, is being established this month. Pay attention! Don’t be unconscious about it or you’ll soon be complaining!


2015 Year Overview –
Relationships will be the dominant focus in your life this year Cancer. If you want them to run smoothly, and if you want to have the home and career and family life of your dreams, you will have to do some major work on YOU. Responsibility, changes in physical appearance and emotional balance and spiritual growth patterns are all going to be part of your experience this year. You will find that your talents and creative abilities are greatly helping your career and your overall life aspirations all year.   Carreer opportunities from the past are returning, and can open doors for a whole new life experience if you want that. Friends and family are an important support system and you find yourself being both counselor and peacemaker for them in return. Lastly, a change of or to your primary residence this year would be a good financial move. It’s time to act on what you’ve been thinking about!

January –
You will begin the year with a continuation of the social activities that are overflowing into the New Year from last December.   Don’t lose track of the kids, if you have them, because they are up to something new. If you can stay focused and on track finances will improve and you will find you are getting rewarded with both recognition and money for your talent and creativity. It’s about time, isn’t it? Keeping focus will require that you learn to do some compartmentalizing in your life. A woman that you relate to in a motherly way is a major attention getter throughout most of the month. Changes in her health and well being may affect you and every one around you. Think ‘boundaries’! There are also some big challenges in your primary relationship as you set plans in motion for major changes on the home front. It’s your partner’s turn to undergo a transformation, but they may not know it yet!


2015 Year Overview –
Work, career, and managing affairs at home and at work will bring a lot of responsibility your way this year. Major changes are occuring in both your home and your work world. Remember, where there is change there is always oppotunity. 2015 is the year you can really develop certain skills and talents that will bring greater stability and financial success your way. You may find yourself assuming a position of authority but gaining none of the benefits relative to recognition or financial remuneration you should expect from it.. Pay close attention to your finances and to your skills and earning ability. Choices you make concerning home and family could either help or harm your future potential finances. A personal sacrifice now could mean a better position later – but you are striking a tender balance. Be sure to be diplomatic in all you do and say. Family matters you’ve long been waiting to come to a head will do that this year, and some of those issues will be uncomfortable, even fearsome to deal with. Just remember – you’ve planned, and you can handle whatever comes your way.

January –
If you are career minded, this month will be great for you. Your hard work is beginning to pay off. There may be resistance at work and at home, but your instinct is to stick to your guns, and you are correct. You are undergoing a real learning experience relative to your partners both at home and at work – exercise patience until you are clear about which way the ball is rolling, and how you want to play it, figuratively speaking. If there is a romantic laison in your life you are soon to lose it unless you alter your current course. Travel or travel plans may also literally be erupting around you this month. Stay flexible and you might just get a pleasant surprise.



2015 Year Overview –
Consolodating your position and financial situation is a primary concern this year as you launch yourself into a full-blown personal program to develop latent skills, talents and abilities. Take the lid off your creative side. Anything can happen! If you are single or looking, romance may be on the horizon; you are in love with love and are expecting your soul-mate to walk right through your door! Be sure to look for the hidden marriage or family issues before you jump in too deeply though! You may develop a romantic laisson with someone you meet through your work or through travel. There will be a lot of travel opportunities this year. If you have children it’s time to let go the apron strings on the oldest. If you don’t let go you’re going to lock horns.

January –
You begin the new year in uncertainty. What do you really want in a relationship? Do you want or even need a partner? You attract people you can connect with, but there is no attraction. You are attracted to others that you know are a dead end. Where’s the balance? You believe the right relationship will heal you, but you keep being the savior yourself instead. You are uncovering a lot of personal truths this month, and setting new boundaries. If you are already married or living together with someone, they are a part of the insights you are uncovering. If you have childrean, you are re-organizing the checker board in the game of control. You are setting the stage for big changes that you will initiate next month relative to both your relationships and your finances.


2015 Year Overview –
Home and family matters are your primary focus during the first part of the year, and career and business will claim most of your attention during the second half of the year – though there will be attention given to all of these matters all year long and careful balance will be required. You are holding onto a dream, you are tenacious in your focus and will not relinquish the prize, no matter what. This kind of focus pulls opposition to it, so expect you will have some secret enemies along the way to your goal. Friends, partners, and siblings will be helpful all year through support of your efforts. Much of what you do will be building a foundation for next year and most of your own efforts will be unseen, behind the scenes. If you are a writer or professional communicator, your going to experience major opportunities for expansion in your work. In the area of relationships you are likely to continue to experience ups and downs and lack of certainty which causes you to put your attention where it belongs – on you and your needs.

January –
Relationships, or A relationship, is shifting. A new balance is being created here, and it works well for you! You find yourself writing, talking, teaching, socializing, and the focus of everthing you do this month, one way or another, is relating. If you have a significant other that relationship is magnetic and intense, but uncertain. You must rise to the challenge of allowing complete independence and autonomy for you both – and given Libra’s tendency to codependency that is a real challenge for you! If you are single or looking, you are finding a constant stream of attractive individuals but although there are strong magnetic connections, there seems to be no one out there at the moment that strikes you as the life-mate you are looking for. Perhaps the problem is you? What kind of partner do you want? More importantly, what do YOU have to offer to a partner? Once you are clear on that, the rest will follow. You’re starting to get it!



2015 Year Overview –
Communication is the most important thing to focus on this year Scorpio, to move yourself in the direction you’ve chosen. You may be making a move, a change of residence or shift of career, or you may be travelling for work or education – but no matter what you find yourself engaged in, it is new, it requires a strong knowledge base and a solid foundation. You MUST be diplomatic in all you do and say, and strike a balance in communication with people in authority positions, or all the planning and work that have brought you to this moment will have been for nought. Something you’ve been waiting for a long time is ready to move forward this year, but where you want to explode into action caution is advised. You may forge ahead through January and February, but in March you’ll have the opportunity to review your progress and intitiate course corrections. Old issues and old people from the last three years will begin to turn up again if you haven’t yet had closure. In June anything you haven’t solidly resolved will erupt and command your total attention. You won’t be able to get back on track until August. This is a year of change and transition for you. Make it a stepping stone to success.

January –
You split your attention this month between home and family, travel, and education possibly related to your career but definitely required for the financial foundation and future you are trying to establish. Your partner or an important woman in your life can give good insight and even financial advice. Pay careful attention to what your siblings and close friends and co-workers are saying and doing. It’s best to keep your thoughts and activities private except for a chosen few. Documentation in all communications is extremely important now. Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st. Try to have any important documents or meetings before that date, and use the time from then through February 11th when Mercury turns direct to pay attention to details and re-work plans but DO NOT initiate new activity during that time if you can avoid it.



2015 Year Overview –
Developing your talents and abilities and possibly moving forward into a new business or financial endeavor is a strong option for you this year Sagittarius! The dream you’ve been holding onto can be yours! But slow progress is the key to success. Take your time. Look over all your opportunities. Move forward slowly and get input from reputable advisors and knowledgeable people. This year you have the chance to set something very special in motion, but remember it will only be as strong and last as long as the foundation you set for it allows. 2015 is your foundation-setting time. So get the training. Get the advice. Learn the skills required. Make the right connections. This is the time to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Anyone involved with you this year, be they friend, family member, lover, spouse, child – will have to take second place to your personal endeavors, or at least share the spotlight. This may produce some trouble on the home front. But you are not going to let things slip away on you this time! This is YOUR year. It leads the way in and sets the foundation for the next three years of your life. They can be years of routine work and drugery, or years of success and entrepaneurship. It’s your choice!

January –
This month finds you dreaming and laying plans for future education, travel, and fun. On the home front it’s a time for spending quiet moments in contemplation. If you have a meditation area, a garden, water feature, or special space of your own in your home spend time there communing. If you don’t have your own special space create one. You need a lot of space for yourself this year as you contemplate and plan the future. This month is your time to get a handle on that. If you don’t have a personal space to call your own at home this month you may very well use your home as a pass through place, spending most of your time outside pursuing personal and/or romantic interests. That’s an escape, you realize. It’s always important to be honest with yourself.



2015 Year Overview –
What a year this is going to be for you Capricorn! Your star is on the rise! Keep an eye out all year for partnership offerings. The expansion of your career, your wealth, your respect in the community, all comes from these relationship and partnership opportunities. Emotionally you may be holding on to a past love, or an issue with a child or a financial issue that is in the way of your positive future. Identify these roadblocks and obliterate them! Once you do this you are on the path to success! Your road to success will lead to a total upheaval at home as you get yourself and your world on track. Your spouse or partner will either be a phenomenal help and support, or a major drain on your energy all year. Figure out which it is fast, because your future is here now, and you cannot allow the energy you are mustering to create your next steps to go to any emotional children. It’s time to step into the ‘General’ side of your nature – your team is either with you, or they are not.

January –
This month truly sets the pace for the rest of your year, Capricorn. How you deal with people, finances, corporate entities, partners, friends, relatives, and spouse’s now will affect the whole year. Please keep your head on straight and your witts about you so you do it right! Your spouse, oldest child, or a special person you’re very in tune with (or all three) will be an enourmous help to you all year if you make the right connection with them this month. The right connection involves identifying their creativity and mutually building upon it. Travel and educational options provide outlets for amazing future growth but you must make those connections and keep them secret at the moment. If you are involved in the communications field it’s time to get creative. Write that fantasy novel! Secrets, your own and those of others, are all around you. Keep your own counsel. What is not known, what is not clear, will soon be exposed – but you are not the one to do it.



2015 Year Overview –
This year you will face all the fears you’ve been running from for so long. In the movie Dune the main character tells us “Fear is the mind-killer. Ultimately there is nothing to fear except fear itself”. Remember that as you work through and leave behind each one of your childish fears, one by one. As you face down each one of these old patterns, emotions, or ways of being inside you, you will be rewarded with limitless energy, a positive outlook, hope and joy. 2015 is a year of incredible growth and transformation for you, if you trust and move through your own resistance. If you don’t do the work however, it will be a year in which you will face many health problems – some of them will be your own. Your work and your daily life will be in a constant state of war and chaos and you will be constantly putting out the fires of your life. Emotionally your strongest focus all year is home and family and your nature is to be resistive to any change. Remember, you stars this year are set for transformation. You cannot resist the changes that are coming your way. Why not ride the crest of the wave?

January –
Connect your actions to your intuition this month Aquarius, and you will be successful in all that you do. Pay attention to the details. Plan a move or change in your home or business by taking the first step now. You may be acquireing a second home, or travelling back and forth between two homes or two businesses. Now is the time to step forward. Set it up. Take the step. That needs to happen in 2015 or you will miss your opportunity. Plans for whatever transition you are making need to be laid now. Don’t dawdle! The future lies in a different direction than you had planned and you don’t do change well. But if you don’t make up your mind to take the leap of faith and trust your intuition, even though you see an uncertain future, you will become entrenched in an old situation that is dying.



2015 Year Overview –
This year promises to be one of great success in your carreer and aspirations Pisces. You will need to use all of your diplomacy in dealing with people in powerful positions and will need to develop your communication skills to a still higher level than they are currently at. You will contend with jealousy along the way. If you can keep the balance you will develop many new life-long friends and business/political connections who will give you their positive support. To be as successful as you can be you will need to grow past the need for approval from old friends and family, and you will need to strike out on your own. There is no room for ego needs where you are going!   Your psychic abilities are opperating at an unprecedented peak all year, and you find that the work you are doing and the direction you are moving brings healing to you and to all you touch.

January –
This month heals something deep within you as you fully embrace your intuition and the creative force within you. You are letting go of ego centered ideas and activities and as you do you are becoming more centered and more balanced. The old fears, misconceptions, confusions, no longer dominate and control you. You need to communicate your ideas about something important, some potential opportunity that could be very lucrative and life-altering. A woman who is a close friend or sibling will help to give you the grounding you need to create the right platform for communication. A new talent, a new ability is being born. Go with it. If writing or teaching is one of your passions, now is the time to get that new project started. If you are reacing out to learn something new, trust yourself and do it NOW. The right teacher has appeared!






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