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Sandy’s April 2014 Predictions Through The Signs

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Check out Sandy’s April 2014 Predictions Through The Signs

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Aries – (Generally March 21st through April 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
This month you are celebrating your birthday by exploding out of that straight jacket you’ve been wearing for the last several months. They key words here are expansion and growth. If you have been blaming someone in your life for holding you back or blocking your progress, you’re likely to break that relationship off, or at least push it aside. If you have understood it’s your own lack of direction or perhaps your being overwhelmed by too many options that has been your stumbling block, you’re going to find it easier to get on the right track and launch your ambitions. Plan on time at home this month and you’ll be glad you did. You might be thinking of buying a house or doing some work on the one you’re in – or even of expanding your family in some way. The options are all around you. You need only look to see them!

Taurus – (Generally April 21st through May 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
This will be a quiet month for you, and a time of introspection. It’s a wonderful time to plant that spring garden and spend as much time out of doors as you are able to. You will find particular joy in beautifying your home and surroundings this month, and in spending time among uplifting friends and warm and welcoming places. If there is a special someone in your life, find time to enjoy them and find out a little more about the world they live in when they are NOT with you by listening to them. There are unresolved relationship conflicts around you – your own, or possibly those of someone close to you, but at the moment you are content to set these aside and find the internal peace your soul yearns for. If you allow yourself to be drawn into someone else’s drama, you will not be able to maintain your emotional distance and it is likely you will experience some health issues as a result. Better to spend your healing time with another quietly listening and exercising your considerable diplomacy. Remember, gardening is grounding. Anything that brings you to a state of emotional centeredness and grounding is desirable all month.

Gemini – (Generally May 21st through June 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
Your tongue may be unusually sharp this month, so try to think before you just blurt out those few caustic phrases or you may spend the rest of the year trying to undo the damage! Work hard to cultivate an attitude of listening! There is likely to be a lot of activity relative to your job or career, and there will be many opportunities to come to the attention of important people who can have a positive influence in your work. If finances have been an issue for you, expect that this month the means to heal and even to reverse your financial woes will come to light. Work from or at home is indicated, or perhaps you are doing some construction or repair work on or in your home. This will allow you to explore your creativity. If you are a meditator, this is the perfect time to set up your meditation room or space.

Cancer – (Generally June 21st through July 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
There is a lot of motion and activity around you at home, but in a mostly positive way. A male that you have strong emotional ties to is definitely stirring things up and ‘motivating’ change in your environment! Since you are not necessarily a person who embraces change readily, you might be dealing with this in a somewhat resistive manner – just keep telling yourself that all of these changes going on are really in your best interest and you’ll do fine! Along the way expect some surprise company, and plan for constant last minute changes in just about everything you do. All month you are going to have that feeling that no matter where you are, you are missing something important somewhere else! You are just going to have to learn to delegate, and be glad of the help because you know you can’t do it all. If you are married or have a partner you live with, it is a good possibility that your partner’s work situation or career aspirations is about to initiate a new chapter in your life. Enjoy the ride!

Leo – (Generally July 21st through August 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
Old relationships and old career, financial, and domestic situations are returning this month. This is the beginning of a four month long period during which you will be able to review where you’ve been for the last two years, and make decisions concerning what things and what people are most important to the future you are building for yourself. Keep your eyes open, and allow yourself to truly perceive with all of your senses everything that comes your way now. You are being given an amazing opportunity for determining exactly what you need in your life, and what the best route to achieving it is.

Virgo – (Generally August 21st through September 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
Oh dear, this month you are all about making changes at home, at work, in your appearance, in fact in every way you can imagine! The truth is, you’ve been bored, and it is pretty likely you are also finding most of the people and situations around you are just not stimulating enough to merit your attention! Find time to do some travelling or visiting friends this month. Since you are in such a mood for change, try taking a trip. You never know, you just might choose to move to that place in the future. If you do have the time to do some traveling, a trip with the family or to visit family would break the monotony nicely for you. Finances are also weighing heavily on your mind. You can expect a major shift in your financial situation around the second week of the month.

Libra – (Generally September 21st through October 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
Expect this month to be emotional and filled with lots of physical, energetic activity. Big things are going on at home. There are shifts in relationships, and misunderstandings occur very readily. Tread carefully and move slowly. If you are in the process of moving your residence or building a home, or renovating or decorating one, keep a careful eye on the realtor, or the contractor or both. There are potential problems every step of the way that you need to be alert to avoid. But underlying all of this is also a sense of rebirth. Something deep inside of you is ‘dying’ along with your old vision of your home and family. At the same time, something brand new and beautiful is being born. Are you considering moving to another state or country? Opening a home-based business? Expanding your home? Creating more space, or a community room? No matter what your plan is, one thing is sure. You are now in control of your own destiny. You just have to convince the rest of the world of that!

Scorpio – (Generally October 21st through November 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April  –
You are involved with friends in a healing way most of the month. Saturn has gone retrograde and will cross the position it was at on January 1st at the end of April and the beginning of May. That means you are going to feel enormous pressure all month that will not dissipate until the second week of May. This pressure may concern your health or someone else’s, your finances, or your partner’s, or your career. You will be stressing about all of these things and about relationships as well. Pay close attention in particular to daily activities and routine’s because sudden shifts in these can create a lot of distress and nervous dysfunction for you. On a more positive note, around the second week of April you will have some great opportunities coming your way and if you choose to act on them they could enrich your life in an entirely new way.

Sagittarius – (Generally November 21st through December 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
You are a dreamer by nature, Sagittarius, and this month your dreams are especially strong both while you are awake and while you sleep. Discussions with close friends and siblings can show you how your dreams can become a reality. So don’t be afraid to share your dreams. And don’t be afraid to take the needed action to bring them into being. A visit from a child if you have one is likely, and will propel you into some form of action. There could also be some disagreements during this time so it’s a good idea to think before you speak or act. Use this as a time to resolve differences of opinion, and avoid creating more distance. Let your home be a place of creativity and peace – a retreat for you and your family. If you allow yourself the freedom you will amaze yourself with the creative outlets you find!

Capricorn – (Generally December 21st through January 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
Change, when it comes, seems always to be unexpected even when we’ve planned for it, doesn’t it? Well, Capricorn, expect sudden, sweeping changes in your life this month. Get ready to ride the rollercoaster. The good part is that if you let yourself go with it, it will be great fun and wildly expansive. The bad part is that it is a bit scary, and you will have to pay very close attention to financial details and also to the actions of others which will be hard to do because of the sheer scope of what is going on in your life at this time. One of your biggest concerns is whether to trust that person who wants to partner with you or not. Trust your intuition – it has never let you down, though you may not realize that yet! You will need to pay very close attention to all of your communications as well. The things you say, as well as the things you hear and allow to affect you, can have life changing affects.

Aquarius – (Generally January 21st through February 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
You have just completed a major life shift, whether or not you realize it consciously. You’ve dealt with a karmic situation, a personality or behavioral pattern that you may have been involved with for many lifetimes. You have just crossed a crucial place in the evolution of this behavioral pattern that you‘ve been working on. Congratulations! You are becoming more relaxed and more communicative as a result. Now get ready for some real changes in how you relate to your friends and siblings! There will also be strong emotions connected to travel, or to a visiting relative. You are going to feel pulled in many directions between your mate, your work, your family, and your own yearnings for peace and tranquility – but in the end you will be the stabilizing factor to all of these people and issues, simply by being yourself. Your new self.

Pisces – (Generally February 21st through March 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

April –
You are definitely the fish swimming upstream and downstream at the same time this month Pisces! Your work involves powerful ‘friends’ that are calling upon you intently this month, but your personal focus is on your changing finances and related career options. Top that off with the constant needs of your home situation and it isn’t a wonder life’s got you swimming in both directions at the same time! In spite of all the issues around you that make clarity of action difficult, you need to keep your eye on the ball more than ever right now. This month some special opportunities will become available and you have to be ready to act quickly and decisively. Towards the end of this month or the beginning of next month expect that there will be some major changes and expansion in both your home and your career situation. How that plays out will depend upon how well you were able to perceive and act on the opportunities that come up now. What fun would life be if it didn’t continually challenge us?

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