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Sandy’s April 2017 Reading Special

Posted on Apr 16, 2017 in Readings | 1 comment

                                                       April 2017 Reading Special

 April is a difficult time of year for many people. In fact, all the way back when I was in college I remember my Psychology Teacher referring to it as ‘suicide season’ because so many people become depressed during this early spring month, some even to the point of wanting to end it all.

 My mother always talked about ‘spring cleaning’ during the month of April, and a good friend talked about ‘spring fever’ hitting her so hard in April that she needed to go out and get all the new things for her garden even though it was too early to plant anything.

 So my Guides and I got to thinking about this month of April and what we could offer to you that would really, really give you the life-lift you need most at this time of year. As you know, my Guides are Astrologers…so they automatically equate April to the fourth astrological house of home, family, your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual roots, and your need to give and receive nurturance. In short, it’s the place and time, astrologically speaking, for you to create your best foundation for your future.

 So we decided to direct this month’s reading special to helping you to identify the four major areas in your life right now where you have the greatest potential for explosive growth. These four areas will become the very best foundation you can imaging to begin building the future of your dreams upon.

  If you are really ready for a life-lift and ready to burst past depression and cleaning out and move on to step with confidence into the life that should be yours, this month’s reading special is for you!

  My Guides and I will be using channeling, astrology, numerology, and tarot to help you light the way towards an improved life.

 I began offering my reading specials in January of 2015 in order to give people who want to move forward with their lives an affordable way to get a reading with me and my Guides. This particular reading will be a life-altering aid to everyone.

It will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195. Schedule this reading with me and my Guides now, as it will only be available for a short time.


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Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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  1. Jeannie Alvelo

    Sandy, what do people do when they can’t afford even your special price, but are stuck in life and situations? My life has been going down hill for the last fourteen years.

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