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Sandy’s April 2018 Astrological Predictions

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Sandy’s April 2018 Astrological Predictions


It’s about your home and your family this month Aries, and how to try to be all things to everyone!  Of course you can’t possibly succeed at that, so think of this as a test to see how well you’ve been setting your boundaries.  Work, mother, home maintenance, partner or lover, all have big plans for you. But what are your plans for you?  You’ve been thinking about this a long time now.  It’s time to let the cat out of the bag and show others whom you have become in those quiet moments between serving others.  Yay you!  Seriously, think about spending time at home alone, and doing some self-care and nurturance.  This is your time of year and you love getting back to nature and the outdoors and getting started on all those new projects.  That is where your energy will work best right now – but you hav to discover that for yourself.

Returning to your roots is your best path to success in all things this month Taurus.  For you that could mean moving back to the old home, neighborhood, or work, or spending more time with the family or old friends, or just returning back to an original idea, plan, or way of moving through life.  Think of it as a jump off point for things to come!  This is also a healing month for you.  You may find yourself focused on learning healing modalities or helping a friend, family member, partner or lover towards healing themselves or a part of their lives.  In the process you may also heal parts of yourself you didn’t even know you needed to! Meanwhile, you may be stressing a bit as you discover that you are the one everyone is looking to for leadership, and it’s your decisions and actions that are going to lead the way.  

Your emotional focus this month will be on your children if you have them, especially the oldest.  It’s also a wonderful month for creative endeavors, and especially for taking care of those odds and ends you’ve been meaning to get to around the house. Your energy level is high so it’s a great time to tackle those big things too.  Friends figure strongly into your life all month long.  Expect the unexpected though, and be wary of miscommunications.  If you are married or in a relationship mounting pressures and responsibilities for your mate or both of you can be an undermining factor.  Communication is key!  Expect high emotions and lots of pressure.  Use the energy to get in touch with what you both really want.  Old health problems for yourself or someone close could also come back so keep an eye out for anything that needs your attention.

You are going to spend a lot of time this month trying to be a ‘home-body’ because that is where your emotions want to hold you, especially enjoying time with your partner and your family.  But it is not to be!  Work, events, opportunities, and responsibilities are going to keep ripping you suddenly out of that comfort zone.  In particular anything left undone is choosing now to need doing or fixing, and miscommunications from a month or so ago are coming back to haunt you now too.  Your best bet is to work at being flexible, and flow through each day balancing time for everything and everyone – including yourself.  The good news is that an old opportunity related to your career or other aspirations or desires you thought was gone is coming up again.  Speak up!  It can be yours.

Visits and social activities involving your close friends and siblings are a big possibility this month.  There are lots of surprises and ups and downs that so many of them are going through – and you will find yourself playing the role of friend, parent, teacher, confidante, even amateur psychologist.  Travel opportunities look promising too especially if you are wanting to return to an old favorite spot.  If you are buying or selling a piece of property, especially one that may have been on the market for a while, this month is a great time to do it!  Likewise if you’ve been sitting on the fence about that long distance move or second home, this it the month you are likely to get off that fence and make your decision.  Enjoy!

Balancing your finances and future planning are a big focus for you all month Virgo.  Recent events have your head spinning, and you are rethinking some of your plans.  Apparently lucrative financial opportunities and chances to work with others in your field are all around you – but what do you want?  You may have the skill and the knowledge, but which options will fulfill you?  This is a wonderful month for you to spend some time getting in touch wit your own desires.  There is tension at home, many of your projects and activities seem blocked, and you’re dealing with control issues you haven’t wanted to face.  An opportunity for an educational trip or online event is here.  If you choose to participate new doors open.

Your relationship and your emotions are on a seesaw all month as you are pulled this way and that .  Your partner or spouse is difficult to understand at the moment as emotional pressures in their life build.  In fact, all of your one on one relationships seems to be riding that same seesaw  so it’s very important for you to find time for yourself.  You seem to be going from one crisis to another and if you get drawn in you lose yourself and your energy but if you don’t you are considered cold and uncaring.  The answer is something you are innately very good at.  Balance.  Seek to move through life gently this month, walking the rice paper as Qui Chang Cain did, leaving no trace.  Try journaling.  It will be a fabulous way to relieve your own pressure, and you may even find that book hiding within you.

Everyday things consume your attention all month Scorpio, and your emotions and intuition flow out of your hands and your heart as you move through each day.  It’s a great time for all creative projects, for holistic or psychic healing, for writing, and for spending time with your fur baby if you have a pet.  It’s also a good time to catch up on all those health related things you’v been putting off!  You will also be experiencing the end of a financial crunch this month.  We start the month with your ruler, Mars, pushing against resistant Saturn.  But within the first week that resistance will break and you will begin to make swift progress in your new financial plan as well as all those projects you’ve begun.

Your primary relationship and finances are your top priorities this month Sagittarius.  It’s important that you and your mate or partner get onto the same page regarding your finances.  An explosive situation is brewing.  You have become aware of your own need for greater control and organization; now you’ve got to get your partner on the same page!  If you have children, expect an important communication from the oldest.  A sudden shift in plans may create new opportunities for a visit or for travel.  A place you’ve been wanting to go to for some time may very well be on your upcoming agenda!  Find some time amidst all the stress and activity of the month to visit with a supportive friend.  That may be your best opportunity for relaxation!

You are really burning the candle at both ends right now Capricorn, and it’s showing in both good and bad ways.  Expect some major breakthroughs this month, around the second week.  All that work and all your patience is finally paying off.  You are going to find yourself splitting your focus between family and career, between working at or on your home and on your career.  If you are married or in a relationship you will find a lot of your energy and focus is going to your partner.  Or you may find that the next phase of your plan or your idea requires a partner.  Either way, close friends, family members, and other partnerships are highlighted for you this month, and in a mostly good way.  If you’ve been thinking of home renovations or doing something creative with your home, now is a good time for that.  Old issues that come up now should be looked at as opportunities for resolution.  There are also lots of travel opportunities around you and it’s a good time to do some of them.

What a time for growing Aquarius.  This month you are presented with travel, educational, learning as well as teaching opportunities.  It’s a month for communicating.  It’s a month for working on your finances and your home.  Thinking of writing your memoirs?  Do it.  Thinking of returning to an old line of work, just need some brushing up?  Do it.  Short distance and long distance travel are likely in your plans this month, and you may soon feel a bit road weary with all the bouncing back and forth you are likely to be doing.  If you have children there will be a lot of focus on them this month, especially on the oldest.  Take the time to slow down and pay attention to any irritating health issues though – they may be more important than you think.

Finances, yours and others, are on your mind this month Pisces, as you try to balance all those things you are supposed to do with the things you want to do and need to do with your desire to be home and enjoy your family and friends.  It sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?  Don’t worry about it.  You are going to be so busy you’ll never notice.  Some major shifts on the career end of the tug-chain are going to suddenly release a lot of tension about two weeks into the month.  Be ready.  Your ideas are well received and a large block is about to disappear.  You are placed well for the next step in your endeavors.  You have great support from friends and from your partner or spouse as well.  Be creative and trust in yourself.

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