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Sandy’s April 2018 Editorial

Posted on Mar 21, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy’s April 2018 Editorial

Long ago while I was still living on Long Island, I received a dream from my Higher Self that was one of the most important I’ve ever had.  Without going into the entire dream, the message, simply stated, was that “Mankind Must Grow Up”.  It was somewhat sinister in that the implication was that if we do not “grow up”, humanity will not survive.

That was when I began teaching in earnest.  Yes, I was teaching psychic development and astrology, and numerology, and tarot.  But I began to see that just teaching these tools wasn’t enough.  I had to show my students how to use them with the right values and ethics.  I had to build into my teachings a pathway to Higher Consciousness, no matter what the subject matter was.

We are at the point in our evolution now when our ‘3 brains’ as modern day scientists have called them, must begin to synchronize and work together as a whole.  I believe they can only do that when a connection to the Higher Self is made.  When we make that connection, we “grow up”.

For those of you who have not heard of this somewhat recent development in the world of Psychology and mammalian development, it has been hypothesized that the first part of our brain to develop was the reptilian brain that consists of our brain stem and part of the cerebellum, and is totally survival based, the second part to develop was the mammalian brain which is connected to the limbic system and is emotionally based and lives outside of time, and the third and most recent part to develop is the human brain which has cognitive ability, thinks and is socially aware. 

It seems to me in my researches that scientists see this as a progression not a development.  Generally speaking, they see the reptilian brain as vestigial and the mammalian brain as problematical and want us to focus on the development of the human brain, and somehow suppress the irritating urges of the first two.

Unsurprisingly,  I do not agree.

First off, the reptilian brain still has much to offer us, far beyond mere survival of the species.  It is this brain that offers the potential for spontaneous cellular regeneration, superhuman strength, physical feats and abilities beyond our present day limitations.

The mammalian brain with its strong emotionalism is seen as a holding place for negative emotion, trauma, even PTSD.  Science seems to be afraid of emotion, seeing emotions as trying to govern us, rather than the guidance system they truly are. So we are advised to suppress our emotions and move on to the human brain and incorporate its understanding and intellectual appreciation to observe our emotions instead of feeling them, which actually causes us to stuff our emotions that are supposed to be compass points for our life journey, into an unreachable place in our psyche.  That has resulted in more grief and pain for humanity right now than we can ever fully appreciate.

What’s even worse, since the mammalian brain lives outside of time, it is the part of the brain most easily accessible to your Higher Self, which of course is not yet on the scientific radar as it is the next step in our evolution and as such it’s not measurable yet.

The human brain is the cognitive and social brain whose purpose is to create methodology, tools, techniques, social awareness, systems, and all those tools that help our race to evolve.  But it is not the final step in evolution.  It is a next step.  It is frightening in that it is egocentric and thinks it is the end-all.  That attitude of hubris prevents the human brain from fully integrating with the first two brains.  Without that complete integration it is not only incomplete, it is dangerous.  It’s desire to maintain control is so strong that it has forced people, cultures and nations in our world society to block emotional impulses to the point that they have become explosive.  That action has created all the crises in the world today.

I call upon you to recognize the need for the integration of all three of these ‘brains’.  Please read and follow my Psychic Protection Tip #59 about “Taking Your Temperature”.  That will help you to reconnect with your mammalian brain and use it as the interface point to connect more strongly with your Higher Self.  That is the next step in our development as a race of beings, and if we are to survive, thrive and continue to evolve it is imperative that all of us take the first step on this journey.


Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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