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Sandy’s Monthly Special 2014

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SandyAnastasiHeadShotSandy’s Health And Well-Being Check-Up:

Are you happy? Do you feel like you’ve missed something or misplaced something? Is your health acting up? Often our bodies are the best identifier that something is wrong in our lives.

The spring of the year and particularly the months of April through June have long been associated with new beginnings and births of all kinds. During the first three months of this year you’ve been sowing the seeds for what you will bring to fruition this year. It is about to be born. But is it what you truly want? Is it working for you?

Now is the time for that Health and Well-Being Check-Up. Now is the time to tweak your creation, if you feel you need to!

Sandy and her Guides will use a combination of numerology, astrology, tarot and channeled insights to help you get on track with your life and help you target areas of desire that you most want to bring into your life.

This mixed-technique reading will take about 1/2 hour of your time. You will receive both your astrology chart and your current numerology chart that are used to delineate this reading, along with a recording of the session. $160.

This reading special ends on June 30th, 2014.


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