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Sandy’s Astrological and Psychic Predictions for December 2017

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for December 2017:

Aries –

Visits with in-laws or other family members that live a long way away are likely this month Aries, and you may be seeing the upcoming holidays more as an obligation than a joy. Expect sudden changes in plans. Be flexible! Make a choice to spend active quality time with your mate or partner and include them in your ideas, plans and feelings. That will turn possible negative situations into positive experiences! Personal finances and both financial and work opportunities are good right now. How you handle some major life issues relative to work, relationship, and family during the holiday season can make a difference in your future regarding them. My advice? Think before you act, and enjoy a healthy and happy holiday this year!

Taurus –

Your emotions are very intense this month, Taurus. Finances, legal issues, and the responsibilities of your career and or home life are wearing you down. The unwanted results of past decisions or actions need resolution before you can move forward. It feels at this moment like everyone wants a piece of you! But there is a big bright spot. The support of your relationship partner, your mate, or a close friend is the cornerstone that will brighten your holiday season.   Plan to take time for just you and that special person. It’s important to put yourself and your immediate family’s needs first right now, as the decisions you make and actions taken now will change the direction of your home life and family relations for years to come.

Gemini –

This is the perfect month to take some time for you, time for introspection and getting in touch with your emotions. Those of you interested in psychology, or dreams, or past lives, or psychic things will enjoy this inward journey. Likewise it’s a good time to write a book, or those memoirs you’ve been thinking about. Meanwhile, your outer world is likely to be filled with activity too. In the health arena – if there is a family member or close friend that is suffering from a serious illness or medical condition, this month will mark a sharp turn – for either better or worse. Travel or a change of residence (or plans for these) could be in the works too. If so you will get what you want! In relationships things are solid but it might take some effort to keep communication flowing. Be wary of the divisive actions of an older relative or friend. Enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling Holiday Season!

Cancer –

This month everyday issues and responsibilities weigh heavily and you find yourself setting some strong boundaries amidst the holiday social gatherings. In some ways you are biting the bullet and dealing with family members and situations you’d rather avoid, in others you are the matriarch or patriarch holding everything together. Either way, there are going to be facing a lot of challenges, including some old health matters popping up again. But you certainly have the strength and organizational skills to deal with any and all of these things, and will find joy and comfort in close family members and may even find time for some creative fun and romance.   Keep a close eye on your gift shopping budget this month, because you will soon need those extra funds for your own business or another endeavor of your own! Have a Happy Holiday!

Leo –

Time to put your creative side to work Leo! Whether at work in your career, or a home hobby, your creativity is turned up high this entire month and you may gain some special rewards if you are willing to put the time and effort in! If you have children you may need to help one of them with school or career things, and the teacher side of your personality will be needed. If you don’t have children but want them, this could be the time you decide to take that big step! Whether you are travelling for the holidays or staying home, you are also turning your creative energy to everything from baking to cooking to decorating and you will have a ball! Just for this month let your inner child out to play, and put those worries about money, health and family aside. Enjoy some warm and special relationship time. Happy Holidays to you!

Virgo –

Old health, home, pet, and domestic issues are returning this month. Use your experience and insight to make the best choices for everyone. As you reach deep within yourself for understanding, you will be amazed to find so much growth has happened. Trust yourself to move forward now. Family concerns are coming to a head, and you will be making some major decisions about how to handle them. Will you move your residence? Will you work from home? Will you teach or write that book or article you’ve been considering? Will you travel to that far off place that is your heart’s desire? Anything is possible, all is available to you, as long as you have your ducks in a row, expect the unexpected, and make sure your long term desires clear to you. Enjoy a wonderful and homey holiday season. Sticking close to home will bring you the greatest happiness this year.

Libra –

Emotionally your focus is on finances and past, present and perceived future control other people have and have had over and in your life this month Libra. You will be strongly connected emotionally to a female friend or relative, or your significant other throughout most of the month. Big changes are coming in that person’s life and your role is confidant and counselor. Meanwhile your emotional outlook towards your own financial situation is changing radically and in a good way. Following your intuition helps you to attain your desires and aids and improves your finances too! Your social life is all over the place as you balance family and work and daily interactions with close friends and neighbors. You will find the need to step up your organizational skills to a new peak. It’s time to fully communicate your needs to a person you see as an authority in your life, to a sibling or close friend, and to write that journal or book or teach or step forward into the new career or life work you are now considering. Let this holiday season give you the internal and external rewards you are wanting and needing. Enjoy!

Scorpio –

Strong emotions flow between you and your mate, partner or significant other this month Scorpio, and in a good way. Your desires are becoming clearer to you and the balancing act between your desires and your emotional needs is becoming easier and the distance between them decreasing. You CAN have what you want. Your emotional needs CAN be fulfilled. This is a good month for travel to that place of your dreams, or to lay plans to travel. Finances are on the upswing and if you choose, now is a good time for investment or building a new business or developing a new way of arranging your finances. It’s a great time for work on yourself too, whether you want to learn a new trade or a new hobby. Expect a return to the past during the holidays but know that you are laying a new future as well. Time spent with family and friends will feel familiar and enjoyable, and emotions will be high. There is opportunity mixed in with all this to heal a past emotional hurt – your own, or that of another. It’s time for the healer within you to emerge. Happy Holiday’s to you Scorpio!

Sagittarius –

This month is about you Sagittarius. You’ve been working hard, laying plans, creating groundwork for future stability. You’ve been the go-between, the support person, for friends, family, employers. Now is the time for you to step back and begin to set boundaries and create new limits. It’s time for you to carve out time for you. It’s time to get a bead on exactly what you want to do with your life in the future and reassess. Make sure you are on the right path. Plan any readjustments needed. Health issues, your own, your significant others, a female family member, a pet’s…are all around you. Work hard to deal with them while not allowing them to consume you emotionally, which they will try to do. Fall back on female friends and family members that you can easily talk with to be your needed support system during what could be a difficult period or a good one. Let healing change enter your life. It’s time to quit holding on quite so tightly. Have an amazing and happy Holiday Season.

Capricorn –

Time alone will be time well spent in internal review and communion this month Capricorn. Many career and financial issues have been bothering you, and for the time being you can sweep them into the unconscious part of your mind, where they can flower through your intuitive mind into a new plan. Your creativity is at a peak all month long. Setting your intellectual mind aside and letting your creations erupt directly from your unconscious will bring you what you want and need. If you have children, new opportunities are coming to them. In many ways you are losing friends family members, in other ways gaining them. It is you who are changing. You find your role changing to guide and teacher. In the external world you are returning to old work, old aspirations and old connections. These will be your stepping stone to a financially free future. Have a thoroughly enjoyable Holiday Season. Be flexible. There will be surprises!

Aquarius –

The family will likely be together this Holiday Season Aquarius, as strong emotions surround home and family. You may be travelling or have relatives and friends coming to visit you. Either way, this month should bring a traditional and loving family experience your way. That is great because the warmth of family and friends around you is something you deeply need this season. You will have the powerful support of a female friend or family member as you move forward with plans to move your home or career. You may find yourself playing a balancing act once again though, between home and career, as new opportunities open before you, pulling you in different directions. It’s important to be in touch with your emotions and be clear on your desires or you will be swept away by the needs of the moment and may regret your decision. Meanwhile, this is a good time for work on you. Happy Holiday’s!

Pisces –

Be careful not to let your emotions or your mouth run away with you this month Pisces! Either is possible. Career and family responsibility is intense and you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders for much of the month – a close friend or female relative can take some of that responsibility off your shoulders if you communicate your needs. Likewise communication is the key to your next step forward in your career, or to a project you are working on. An authority figure both supports and blocks your ability to express your needs, and your momentum as well. You must work on clearing that block. Finding and communicating your needs in the right way to the right person is the solution. You are making some tough decisions this Holiday Season and these choices will ultimately put you in the position of authority. Travel for both pleasure and business is likely during the month, and you can expect both positive and negative experiences depending on how you handle each situation that arises. Old health issues may surface as well so pay attention to any small indicators. Enjoy a happy and healthy Holiday Season!


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