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Sandy’s Astrological Predictions August 2017

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This is an action packed month for you Aries especially as you refocus your relationships;  this includes both your romantic relationships as well as those with your children, if you have them.  All kinds of control issues and possible addictive and/or codependency issues are areas you find you need to change your approach to.  It may be difficult because finances are involved which raises security issues for you.  On a positive note things in your life are getting ready to change, and so are you!  It is your nature to not learn to swim until you are in the pool.  What I mean is you are great at dealing with crises and emergency situations and where someone else might weaken, you flourish when faced with adversity.  Be creative, apply your creativity to new solutions, flourish and grow.  Have an amazing month!

Time to get back to the grindstone, Taurus!  People and situations and issues you thought you had dealt with and closed the door on have now resurfaced in your life so you can take a closer look and reevaluate your past choices and handling of them.  It may be time to assert or to quietly take control from behind the scenes or to just walk away.  Take your time assessing both the situations you find yourself in as well as carefully getting in touch with your own desires because choices made now will have a permanent affect on your life.  It is time to get off the fence and move forward in the direction of what is best for you.  Your significant other or a close personal friend or both will be very helpful as you move forward with decisions and actions that involves your home, your family, and a mother or mother figure in your life. This is a great time for home projects and launching your dream creative project.

Are you thinking of moving forward with a teaching, coaching, writing, or other communications based project? How about taking some classes or enrolling in a new school program?  How about addressing a relationship or health issue with a family member?  Or perhaps it’s time to spend more productive time with a sibling or a close friend that feels like one. This is a good month for all of those things, as well as for focusing attention on your finances, your business and career, and on creating a strong financial plan for your and your family’s future.  Pay special attention to contracts.  Make sure all the details are covered properly.  It is likely you will be involved in both old and new issues, and yes, legal contracts of some kind, this month.  It is time to exercise diplomacy as you feel caught in the middle at every turn and only objectivity and fair assessment will see you through to where you want to be.

This is a very emotional month Cancer, as old issues concerning children, romantic relationships, or creative endeavors return.  Your focus this month though is best placed on your financial situation and taking the needed action towards your goals in your career and your personal life.  You are in the unique situation that your specific ideas, coupled with your talents and abilities are exactly what is going to help you get ahead right now.  Look for the opportunities.  They are there now or will soon be coming.  Please don’t get distracted into emotional struggles and drama right now though it would be easy to do that.  Take care of what needs to be taken care of as unemotionally as you can, so as not to drag unwanted things into your future…and direct your real energies and actions towards the fulfillment of your real-time and real-world goals.  Financial and business decisions you make this month, and how you choose to focus your abilities and skills, will direct your life for the rest of the year.

This is definitely your month Leo!  If you’ve been entertaining any changes relative to your personal appearance, this is a great time to do it.  Get that hair transplant, gastric bypass, dye your hair, get the tattoo or the belly ring!  Physical exercise and activity is a must for you too because it seems like you just can’t sit still!  Time as well to take action on the changes and new things you want to bring into your home and family life.  You are also likely to be super-focused this month on healing a financial or legal situation that is slowly becoming clear to you.  Get in touch with the right group or organization to help you work through any hiccoughs because ultimately it is up to you to take action.  The time to create a support group and to do your research is now.
Virgo –

What to you want to say, Virgo?  What secrets do you want to divulge or emotion or big idea do you want to share? Your ability to heal both yourself and those you love most, and possibly even repair a personal relationship, or take that big step forward in your work or career, depends upon what you do now.  It depends not only your speaking up, but upon your having the facts and information to back those facts up, and your being both objective and diplomatic as you share your insights.  So don’t just sit around thinking about it…do it!  This can be an amazing time of growth for you and can help get you over some personal challenges and past some big blocks in your life as well.  Don’t be afraid to face your fears.  Have a great month.

Pay close attention to balance this month Libra, in all areas – physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual.  It seems that opportunities are coming to your through friends, groups, organizations you belong to but although you feel energized and exited about the options, you also feel pushed which for you creates resistance.  Instead of resisting  just accept all suggestions as exactly what they are, and then feel free to choose your own way.  This way you won’t allow your own resistance to hold you back.  Your finances and overall situation are improving and the result is that you want the freedom to choose where to put your creative energy and to grow in the direction of your own choosing.  Your emotional focus will be on your children and their well-being or on something or someone that you relate to as your child.  Explore your creative talents and abilities to feel relaxed, whole and complete.

This is an action filled and eventful month for you Scorpio, so it is wise to do your homework and have all your ‘ducks in order’ going into it.  Eclipses in your 4th and 10th solar houses and aspecting important features in your solar chart require that you be crystal clear regarding your wants and desires concerning home, family, business, career, and relationships.  Each choice you make and action you take leads you further down a new path in your life., especially with regards to your home, finances, and security.  It’s important to be clear on what you desire, and to communicate it well.  You will have a lot of emotional support from a close female friend or relative, perhaps a mother or sister, as well as your significant other.  Decisions made now definitely affect your life situation and finances for the rest of the year, and perhaps far beyond that as well.

You are wearing your heart literally on your sleeve this month, Sagittarius, and almost every action you take is based upon your strong emotions and intuition. Responsibility for so many things, especially relative to your home, family, and finance, has you moving through life with drooped shoulders.  Your greatest desire may be to step out and escape though it is unlikely you will do so.  There will be several exciting opportunities for travel, for visits with friends and relatives from afar and for you to take significant actions towards creating more freedom and giving yourself some real ‘space’ for your own endeavors.  Your discussions with a female friend or relative can also lead to some good planning for your future.  Your creativity, communication skills, and teaching and learning abilities are all at a high point so if you are interested in developing any of them further now is a good time to lay the groundwork for that in your future.

This month expect to pay a lot of attention to finances – both your own and those of a person or entity you are involved with.  Some good opportunities are coming that will allow you to take important steps towards creative handling of your finances and also the resolution of some past issues.  Balance is important and should be considered before taking any important steps.  Each step towards growth requires a counter active step towards stability.  By moving slowly and thoughtfully forward you can build a firm foundation.  Overreacting or overreaching right now would be a mistake. Group support from people with shared interests will be very helpful, even necessary, as you may be entering into areas that make you feel a bit over your head.  This is an exciting time for you Capricorn.  Have a great month.

This is a great month for relationship activities of all kinds.  You will either be very physically active with your partner, working out, traveling, and doing creative and romantic activities, or you will have lots of strenuous arguments as there is so much explosive energy around you both that needs to be redirected into positive pursuits.  A lot of the focus for your one-on-one relationships in general will be on money and finances and if you are to have peace, diplomatic communication is a necessity.  Eclipses along the relationship axis in your solar chart assure that change is coming into your life this month that will affect the direction your life moves towards in the future, especially regarding all those one-on-one important relationships you are so concerned about right now.

Health issues of all kinds and involving many different people, pets, even work situations that you have strong emotional connections to are on your mind and in your heart this month Pisces.  Your special insights, intuition, understanding, and diplomatic ability will be drawn upon over and over again in these next weeks as you find many people depending upon you.  You may travel, or receive a visit from someone that will be meaningful.  In the area of work and career financial success comes from bearing responsibility and following your intuition regarding where that responsibility lies.  You are learning acceptance, and where to set boundaries as well as getting in touch with those things in your life that are most important to you and those that you fear the most.  Choices you make this month will deeply affect the fine balance you have created n your life and where you focus your energies as we move through the end of the year.

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