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Sandy’s Astrological Predictions for December 2016

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Aries –

This month promises lots of surprises, with you either traveling yourself or entertaining relatives and friends who are! If you’re the one doing the travelling you should bring your work with you…or you may even be travelling for work or with someone you work with. It’s even a good time to look for and land that new job you may want to start the New Year with! In business things are going your way so don’t get so lost in the holiday festivities that you miss some important opportunities. Your primary concerns are going to figure around your home and family though, so if you are planning on making a long distance move or even taking on a new project that involves travel, you’ve got to consider your family’s needs first in order to be happy. If you are lucky enough to have a spouse or partner that you are in business with, holiday travel with them will be especially rewarding!

Taurus –
Finances and money – yours, your partner’s or spouse’s, your employer’s, are definitely on your mind all month long. You may be worried about your finances, or excited about them. Either way you are looking to learn more about a pressing situation concerning money, and are looking at your options to create a firm financial foundation. Some of you are also concerned about changes in your family. Trusts, wills, and legal issues of all kinds are important right now. Some things you’ve been waiting for are finally coming about. The holidays will be eventful as you may have an unexpected visit from someone special. If you are in a new romance though you can expect some family conflicts involving where you want to be versus where you feel obligated to be.

Gemini –

Relationships of all kinds are the hottest things on your plate this holiday season, and that means both in good and bad ways. It’s important to remember as you move forward with all those overwhelming plans that you cannot be all things to all people. You are pulled between the recurring needs of a female family member or close friend, your desire to be with your mate or romantic partner, and your desire to move forward with options in your business or career or even personal opportunities outside of your close circle. Here is my suggestion. Slow down. Prioritize. Accept help. Take the pressure off of yourself and you will be amazed at the fountain of creative energy that is ready to erupt from you and will help in every area of your life.

Cancer –

You will be working hard this month Cancer; at home you may be getting ready for a big event, or setting up your home and life or financial plan for next year. You may also be doing all those same things at work. On top of all that, you are likely very concerned about health issues that have you and perhaps other members of your family very concerned. Emotionally you are focusing on communicating with someone important and distant either physically or emotionally, in order to bridge a chasm in your life. You need to take action though on some financial issues and also deal with some miscommunications in your personal relationship that has produced mutual control issues.

Leo –

Happiness is in your immediate future this holiday season Leo, as you get to have reunions with old friends, family members, children, and even past romantic partners that make the festivities more complete. You also have options to expand your talents and abilities in a way than can bring extra money into your world as well as give you a great deal of satisfaction. Your creativity is at a high for sure. If you have children at home you will want to spend as much time with them this month as you can, and that attention will be rewarded as they have a lot of things going on this month that will be better for your involvement. Those of you who are in a special romance will have the opportunity to bring that love even closer this season. Happy Holiday’s!

Virgo –

This is an especially emotional month for you Virgo and that may be in a positive or negative way, depending upon how YOU handle what’s in your life, and on your attitude. A lot of travel is likely, and could be both long and short distance. Meanwhile, it is likely you are deeply immersed in travel plans for next year. Romance is on your mind too, and you may very well be either working your way through the subtle mechanizations of a new relationship, or needing to reopen those important channels of communication to rekindle the romantic embers of an old relationship. If you or your partner has children get ready for a lot of arbitration. The holidays will likely be spent in your traditional fashion and at home. Enjoy!

Libra –

Travel and making travel plans is high on your list this month. A big trip might be your heart’s desire but this month you will likely have to content yourself with a lot of travel around town or a short distance trip or two. You are dealing with a lot of emotional issues that you have, frankly, been stuffing deep inside of you. This month many opportunities for healing will present themselves. This could be a life and journey changer for you. It is likely that you are also considering a change in your residence or your workplace, or both. You have some responsibilities you feel are holding you back. It is important to get in touch with those inner emotions so that you can move forward with confidence. In business, communications, both online and off, are taking off in a beneficial way right now. On a more personal level, it would be wise to avoid control issues and other conflicts within the family this holiday season. Remind yourself that other people’s conflicts are not your responsibility to resolve.

Scorpio –

What an exciting month this will be for you Scorpio! Travel with a friend or significant other is indicated and will open the doors to new opportunities that are right up your alley. Some place you visit is going to reawaken old emotional connections from earlier in this life, or perhaps a past life. Your communication skills are high, but avoid controlled or controlling conversations and people. Your primary focus during the month will be your financial and business assets, and expanding your skills and awareness. Something you’ve long been waiting for is finally yours. Perhaps that is one reason this will be such a good month for you! Those are some of your favorite things to do! New friendships and expansions of old ones are also on the horizon, and will bring a lot of emotional satisfaction your way. Lots of creative energy is at your fingertips around the holidays so planning some artistic or creative endeavors that you can bring into next year is a great idea.

Sagittarius –

You have a busy month ahead of you Sagittarius. Your birth month is going to be filled with emotional high’s, and lows, with responsibilities, and with friendships, and you are going to be in your glory. Travel and movement are all around you. This holiday season is going to bring healing energy to you and your family too. Expect the unexpected where children and romance are concerned and you won’t be disappointed. New work and life opportunities are presenting themselves through the world around you all month long Sag. Keep your eyes open and wait for the right one to ‘speak’ to you!

Capricorn –

Your subconscious mind is working overtime all month Capricorn as you encounter old friends and family and old situations that have you reminiscing. This month though, it needs to be about YOU, and so as those old emotions surface, talk about them, release them, and allow them to morph into a new YOU. At home things will be in some form of turmoil as your world begins to undergo a change. Travel plan options will appear and will be beneficial to you if you choose to move in that direction. Finances are somewhat fuzzy and it is in your best interest not to make and major financial decisions right now unless absolutely necessary. On the other hand, your creativity is high, and anything you endeavor to put into motion that involves your creative side or your intuition will do well. Happy Holiday’s Capricorn!

Aquarius –

Now is a great time to bring all those friends and family members together for a wonderful heartfelt reunion Aquarius! Don’t let finances and work issues get you down. Freedom is on your mind, and talking to the right people will help you make that happen. Travel is all around you this holiday season so it is likely you will either travel yourself for a holiday visit or be entertaining others who do. Time spent with friends will not only be enjoyable, but productive as well, as you help with one another’s home projects and give support in other ways as well. Have a very Happy Holiday Season!

Pisces –

Friends and your family and significant other are foremost in your heart and thoughts this holiday season Pisces. It appears you or your mate may be planning or doing some travelling – that could either be separately or together. Either way, it will involve a lot of personal growth. At work things are crazy as many opportunities are opening up for you. Ask yourself, what do you want? Where do you see yourself in three years? In five? In twenty? Asking those questions will help you to set your sail to the career path that is best suited for you. Family issues are around you as well, as concerns for a father-figure or a person in authority at work arise. There may be health issues around them, or perhaps around a mother-in-law that need to be addressed. Holidays can be stressful and so often it is around this time of year that we catch glimpses of things to come regarding the health of those we love. Enjoy a happy Holiday Season!

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