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Sandy’s Astrological Predictions for November 2014

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Internals Of ZodiacSandy’s Astrological Predictions for November 2014

Aries –  (Generally March 21st through April 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – This is a super emotional month for you Aries! Try to take three deep breaths each time you want to explode into action or argument to slow yourself down and give your brain time to work.  The problem is, you are spread too thin and you’re trying to do too many things at the same time.  Do your best to NOT take your frustrations out on your significant other or your best friend.  If you can get a handle on those knee jerk reactions, and get some better organization of both your time and your responsibilities into your life, this can be an amazingly good month for moving ahead in your career and aspirations, and in moving some important relationships to the next level!  Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the USA, and whether in the States or abroad, expect some important female or a special heart throb to come visiting.

Taurus – (Generally April 21st through May 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – You’re emotionally focused on travel plans, and you may have a special someone who’s family and your needed interaction with them is on your mind.  Don’t be so worried!  This will prove to be an enjoyable time!  Meanwhile the issues and situation of a close female friend or family member are creating concern for you.  This is something you have no control over.  Your loving support is all you can contribute.  Know in your heart that all will be well for them, and it will be!  While you are embroiled in all these emotional things, don’t forget to take a much needed opportunity to get some help and support for yourself in dealing with your own daily life issues.  Help is being offered right now for getting a handle on those difficult day to day things.  Don’t let your pride get in the way; reach out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Gemini – (Generally May 21st through June 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Financial concerns, both positive and negative, are on your mind.  If you are married or have a significant other they may be making career changes or alterations in how they handle their finances that affect you significantly.  Wills or other legal things need attention now too, from both you and your partner if you have one. Your own finances are becoming more tightly dependent upon the actions and decisions of another person or entity.  You may be uncomfortable with this.  Pay close attention as decisions you make now will affect your future for some time to come.  Meanwhile, romance may be blossoming in your life this month, if that is what you are looking for.  If you have children, the oldest has some amazing stuff going on.  You’re going to love it!

Cancer – (Generally June 21st through July 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Your emotional focus is primarily on your significant other, and your relationship with them, this month.  What do you really want?  It seems that back at the beginning of the year you were super-focused in an entirely different direction.  Somewhere along the line there’s been a major change in how you feel and what you want.  Take time to get in touch with yourself and your own needs and desires FIRST – the make the plans you want to make with your mate.  You’ve been allowing too many outside influences affect your relationship.  Now is an opportunity to regroup and set new parameters.  Meanwhile, though you love your space at home, you are itching to make some major changes in it – or even to make a move.  Opportunities to make the changes you want are going to come your way suddenly.  If you want to be ready to act, you’ve got to be pre-emptive by getting everything ready to step up right now.  Expect a happy and very active Thanksgiving if you reside in the US.  Your day is going to be filled with fun – and men!

Leo – (Generally July 21st through August 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Work, work, work may be all you are thinking about this month Leo, when you are not absorbed by the day to day needs of your family and loved ones.  Think of this month as a month of service and it will make you happier, because you’re going to be around lots of people you like and enjoy, with just a wee little bit of manipulation and control thrown in by certain family members.  If you are engaged in anything that involves communication such as sales, teaching, or computer related work, you are going to have some great opportunities to let your expertise in that area shine through this month.  The coming holiday should be enjoyable with special attention on the MEN in your world.  Enjoy

Virgo – (Generally August 21st through September 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Romance is on your mind Virgo, whether you are married or single!  What a great month this is going to be for bringing that special energy of sharing with a special someone back into your life.  There may be some fears and concerns about control issues from family or children but if you forge ahead with what feels good and right you can diminish that influence.  Finances are of special concern this month and you’ve got a great opportunity to work with a partner to move forward on a new career, job, or money-making opportunity that makes good use of your personal talents and abilities.  This could very well be the beginning of a life altering opportunity.  If there are children in your picture please pay close attention to your oldest AND your second born.  Major things are going on for both, if you have two…and you don’t want to miss having some input here!

Libra – (Generally September 21st through October 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – This is your month Libra!  You’ve got lots on your mind, you’ve been thinking things through for some time now, and October finds you unwinding like a coiled spring moving into action!  Relationships of all kinds are being re-evaluated from YOUR point of view, and you are now initiating some much needed changes in how you handle ALL the people in your life that you are close to.  This is a major step forward in your own evolutionary journey and last month’s Lunar Eclipse in your house of relationship is adding to your forward momentum to establish all new rules of conduct.  Meanwhile, your emotional focus is going to be on home and family for much of the month.  You will likely be surrounded by two different groups of people over the holiday so a balancing act may be necessary but you are certainly up to handling it.  Have a wonderful November Libra!

Scorpio – (Generally October 21st through November 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Health matters, yours or a family members, must not be neglected this month.  Sudden shifts and changes that could either be beneficial or challenging are occurring in your life, along with some great opportunities to forge ahead in several different directions.  Choose carefully, as now is the time that doors will close once you’ve passed through them or walked away from them.  Close friendships and family relationships are highly emotional.  Keeping your own counsel is advised.  Listening will bring you new insights and resolve old issues.  Many of the things you are currently experiencing are old patterns and they give rise to buried fears.  Now is the time to face up to them and break any patterns that are holding you back.  There will be travel options surrounding the holidays this month – will you travel, or will a someone who is connected to your career aspirations be visiting you??

Sagittarius – (Generally November 21st through December 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Finances are heavily on your mind as situations you’ve set in motion begin to peak.  Don’t be afraid to act, but do so with discretion.   Mars in your fist solar house this month is going to make you more rash than usual so you will need to compensate.  Much of your positive focus this month is on friends and family members that you consider friends.  Benefits may come your way through them.  Your home situation is very nebulous and the stress of that may be catching up with you.  Now is a good time to pursue artistic, creative, or meditative or musical pursuits at home.  That will get you in touch with what is really going on beneath those strong currents you feel, and will help you to get a better handle on your intuitions which are so strong at the moment that they may be interfering a bit with the performance of your everyday life!  Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving if you are home in the US with friends and family.  If you are spending the holiday alone – watch a movie.

Capricorn – (Generally December 21st through January 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – This is a highly emotional month.  Many people, emotions, and experiences from the past are coming back into your life.  You have to play a political game to stay on top of all the tides that are flowing through your life and that is difficult given your intense emotions.  Do your best to stay as objective as you can because sharp minded decisions will be necessary especially relative to some important relationship and business or career based issues.  Expect that a partnership of some sort will be proposed.  Your first question should be, how does this benefit me?  Now is not the time to be generous with assets, time, or advice that is not yours to give.  Finances are looking up depending upon the decisions you make.  Think them through!  There are going to be multiple options for activities this holiday season – enjoy!

Aquarius – (Generally January 21st through February 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – This is a great month for travel, or for laying those travel plans you’ve been thinking about.   Meanwhile, a career option is about to be offered to you   It may involve more travel, but will have a rosier future than where you are at now.  Finances have been nebulous for a while, but you are about to get a short period of wonderful clarity before the cloud cover really sets in.  Pay attention!  Make sure you KNOW what you want and where you want to be doing it because the decisions you make within this next few months, beginning now, will lock you into your current situation for a while. Look forward to spending the holiday this month with your familiar family group and enjoy a comfortable and traditional day.

Pisces – (Generally February 21st through March 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

November – Who are you and what do you want?  These questions that you’ve been asking yourself all year long intensify this month as decisions concerning friends, family, and career pop back up again.  Your financial needs and aspirations seem to direct the choices you will make as transiting Saturn prepares to move into your 10th solar house of career.  It is most important to remember that the actions and the choices you are making now are going to affect your career choices for the next three years, as well as the responsibility you have at home.  If you don’t make clear choices they will be made for you and that short glimpse of self and what you really want to be and do will be lost along with your personal identity – at least for now.  You will most likely be splitting your holiday this month between to people, places or responsibilities – as usual.  Enjoy!

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