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Sandy’s Astrological Predictions for October 2014

Posted on Sep 25, 2014 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Aries –
This month you need to be on your toes Aries, as you have some really major decisions to make.  Relationships play a very important part in your choices but make sure the direction you take is the one you choose for yourself. Lifelong ambitions and desires are motivating you but love and responsibility and guilt are in the way of true freedom.  Think long and hard.  There IS a way to make it all work but you may have to find the assertive leader in yourself to pull it off.  Keep a diary of events and opportunities Aries.  You!ll be glad you did!

Taurus –
Are you ready to write that book, teach that class, or find another way to communicate your experience and knowledge Taurus? Now is a good time to do it! If you have an opportunity to travel take advantage of it.  Something big that will change your life will come from it. Be sure to take care of any health flare-ups for yourself or a man that you are close to, as a recurring problem could be more serious than you think.  The eclipses happening this month have you doing a lot of soul searching about life changes that could affect where you are living, or who you are living with.

Gemini –
Your primary focus this month is on money, career, finance, and how other people’s finances and abilities affect your own. Pay close attention this month to what is happening in the areas of romance and friendship as well. You are taking actions that puts you on a new path.  Whether you are consciously aware of it or not doesn’t matter – you will have made a choice.  This is a time of great healing if you will allow it.  It’s easy to bury your head in everyday things but if you are going to be in charge of your own life it’s time to wake up.

Cancer –
Slow down Cancer!  Relationship, job and family issues are exploding around you. You feel a need to hurry and you are right…but if you don’t slow down right now you will not have the opportunity to plan your path – and it will take planning to achieve what you want.  The problem is you have too many irons in the fire.  While you’ve been waiting for that pot to boil you’ve been adding more and more things into the stew.  And now it’s all ready at the same time, but each part requires different handling and has different potential outcomes. You need some serious organization! You can’t do it all. Something,more,  someone, has to be left behind.

Leo –
Arguments or deep delving conversations are stimulating you into action.  Circumstances are leading you towards an unexpected move.  To advance you need to first take a step back. Be wary of control games and behind the scenes manipulations at home and on the job. The health issues you’ve been concerned about do need to be handled now – if these involve your parents or a significant family figure a male sibling or friend will give help and advice.  In the beginning of the month an old opportunity and old love, returns.

Virgo –
Hard work and taking the time to develop your own skills and abilities is definitely going to pay off this month Virgo!  Financial opportunities and ideas keep coming your way all month.  Keep a diary of them, especially! Some may be pipe dreams, but others may change your life and catapult you into success.  If you have children expect a lot of activity involving your oldest.  If you don’t, you may find yourself looking back at your own childhood.  Either way, this is all helping you to get in touch with your own inner child.  It is time for that long lost part of yourself to come out and play.  You’re going to be amazed at how much fun it is!

Libra –
What do YOU want Libra? Libra is the one sign that seems to have the most trouble stepping forward to achieve its own desires.  You Libra’s are just so conditioned into putting the world first! This month starts off with your making some major decisions about yourself and your goals and how those things fit into your partner’s changing aspirations, and quickly progresses to your stepping forward into your own.  Yay Libra! You’ve been pretty much running in place for a while now, juggling all the people and things in your life and hoping they would notice your needs.  Now you know you need to act for yourself if you are to grow.  It’s time to stop waiting.

Scorpio –
Many of your fears and concerns are manifesting this month Scorpio.  You are ultra sensitive all month long and it seems that every conversation with every person you meet is pushing your emotional buttons. You keep running away to escape but the truth is you are manifesting it all yourself. There is no escape.  Communication is difficult yet it is imperative if you are to to tame the demons you face.  Do keep a copious diary this month.  You will be surprised at how much it helps with those internal struggles and their inevitable outward manifestations.

Friendships and love relationships may very well turn out to be interchangeable this month Sagittarius!  Be ready for the unexpected and exciting.  Emotionally most of your focus needs to be on finances.  Remember, YOU are the one who needs to be in control.  An opportunity is coming, or may be here already, that will expand and heal your financial base – but this can’t happen if you are not on your toes and using your best people skills, which as you know, are considerable.  You are in a Cold War, and you can win.

Capricorn –
This month is filled with emotional upheaval for you Capricorn, as you deal with those issues that have surrounded you for the past several years.  But a break through is happening now. It is multi channeled, multi faceted.  New growth options come out of the changes you have made, and are making, in your life and relationships. Finances continue to be tight so keep your cards close to your chest.

Aquarius –
Pay close attention to your finances this month. Towards the end of the month there will be changes and opportunities that are uniquely suited to your interests and abilities.  Don’t miss them! It’s important to stay on your toes and say and do the right things now. You need to be conscious that in all you say and do you are laying important groundwork.  A move of or a change in your home or work may be on the horizon.  To achieve your potential don’t hesitate to move through your fears.

Pisces –
Stepping back into the financial and business related opportunities of the past and drawing on old skills opens the door to what you want Pisces.  Don’t hesitate to put yourself forward.  If you are in the communications field or a related one you are in the right place! If you are married or living with someone your mate’s career and options for personal development are on the rise. Do you have dreams of a Ma and Pa business? This could be your time! Hold on and enjoy the ride!  Regarding children, your second (if you have one) is shining this month.  Enjoy!

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