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Sandy’s Astrological Predictions for September 2017

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy’s Astrological Predictions for September 2017


Time spent on the details of projects at home and/or at work will yield very satisfying results right now, and will give you the edge you are looking for Aries.  Paying attention to health and fitness for yourself and your family is also a must this month.  A close friend or relative is likely going to be receiving some positive news about their own health issue which should give a lift to everyone’s spirits.  Do your best to stay out of office politics (or anyone else’s) because you can’t win and will be hurt by a manipulative female and won’t get the emotional support you expect.  Your time will come but this isn’t it.  If you’ve been thinking of bringing a small furry friend into your home it IS a good time for that! In fact, right now a pet would be a great friend and healer.

It’s a good time to make travel plans to visit a friend or family member you haven’t seen for a while Taurus.  You will be able to work out some things that are important and new opportunities may arise from your discussion.  If you have children get ready to hear about some exciting new things in their lives, especially your oldest.  Romance may very well be on your mind this month and indeed it is certainly a good time to meet that special someone, or if you are already in a relationship, take it to the next level.  Expect this entire month to be filled with lots of ups and downs and visits from friends and family that will absorb a lot of time and energy at home.  You may have to exercise some creative diplomacy to keep the peace.

Expect to spend a lot of time at home this month Gemini.  Time spent by yourself will be filled with insight and personal growth.  This is a time of quiet healing for you and for some family members.  It’s also a great time for home projects.  Financial and possibly legal issues are also all around you and need your attention.  Don’t commit until you know all the details.  Have any legal documents looked over by a professional you trust. It may seem to you that all month long people around you are looking to you for leadership and direction that you don’t want to give.  Remember to take the time you need for yourself and you’ll find it easier to discern what’s really important,  Trust your intuition and your powerful “inner voice”.  It will be spot-on all month long.

Interactions with friends, siblings, and children are going to take up a great deal of your time this month Cancer.  Keep that coffee pot going, and expect some late nights, because your home or office will be like a way station for planning, for impromptu parties and deep discussions. Your significant other may be involved with some power struggles which hopefully don’t involve you.  Be supportive but don’t push for information or you will be met with the wall of silence.  There’s a lot of tension around you now as there is so much that is changing.  Be flexible.  Plan a trip or a move.  Be open minded regarding new possibilities. Be careful of overspending.  Meet every day with the wonder of a child having a new learning experience!

Finance, business opportunities, and new challenges in your work are highlights of this month Leo.  Speak up.  Be seen and heard.  A female friend or partner has your back.  The actions you take this month define who you are, your goals, and set the pace for the rest of the year, so don’t hold back.  You may be concerned with health issues for yourself or someone close to you, and how to take care of them financially.  Now is a great time for medical financial planning as well as business and personal planning.  You know what you need to know.  It’s time to act.

This is your month Virgo! Healing comes with clarity.  Honesty and open communication allows you to step forward in your work, your home and family, even your love life.  Avoid possessive or controlling relationship partners – and don’t be one! You now understand it’s about your honesty and directness.  That is what brings order to all around you.  Avoid unconscious knee jerk reactions to other people’s words and actions.  Your buttons are getting pushed all month long but you are in control as long as you don’t allow your past to create your future.

You are going to be doing a lot of introspection this month Libra.  If you are a spiritual or religious person many of your thoughts may pull you in that direction, and even if you are not, your uncharacteristic appraisal of your life situation, how it got there, and where you want it to go will surprise even you!  You are ready, you see, to move forward with the next phase of your life but you’ve worked so hard cementing yourself into this one you are unsure of how to take that next step. Your next life-move will be a powerful one that creates an intense shift away from the careful balance you’ve created.  When you are ready all you need to do is allow.  The pattern is already in motion.  

Focus this month is on health and healing, yours, or a friends, and on healing addictive patterns relating to yourself, your children, or your romantic partner. Financial concerns have emotions running high and a new foundation for finances and financial planning is likely being considered.  A female family member or partner can help in the area of communication.  Your creativity is especially high right now and if you’ve something to create, to write, to compose, or to perform, Do It! Professionally and in your worldly affairs your actions this month lay the foundation for the dream life you want to create.

Wow, Sagittarius, opportunities are almost lining up around you this month. Opportunities that can lead you to recognition, to the work and career you see yourself in, to healing and even love.  It is time to act, but act carefully.  The key is the connections you are making.  The potential partners you are meeting.  Communication is imperative.  Your finances are a primary concern all month. Pay close attention because any mistakes or misjudgments now can create long term problems.  Juggling your finances can only take you so far.  Don’t make a purchase or an investment without solid proof.   

Those people and situations around you that have you feeling like you are moving through a maize of constant pressure are reaching new levels of emotional intensity this month Capricorn.  Be aware that a manipulative game is being played by someone you know well but it might be at the expense of a relationship you hold dear.  Family issues are of major concern and may require travel.  On a more positive note, this could be a wonderful time to set long term goals in motion, to expand your home or career or business, to travel, and to make meaningful contacts with special people.

Relationships in your life are changing dramatically now and you find yourself doing some uncharacteristic deep soul searching.  How you handle issues with your significant other or closest friend will determine where your future lies.  A cooperative effort is required if you are to create the relationship and life you desire and fulfill your goals.  Finances will also occupy much of your attention all month. Don’t let the details get away from you.  

Long term health issues, yours and/or a family member’ are on your mind as the month begins, but your focus will shift to your relationships, especially that one you hold most dear.  You may find yourself traveling back and forth between two jobs or residences, or juggling finances and activities.  This is a good month for planning home design, renovation, or a change of residence.  It’s also a wonderful time for family planning. 

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