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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for July 2017

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for July 2017
Aries –

This month is an incredibly emotional time for you Aries as you take that big plunge, finally addressing or even taking affirmative action on something you’ve been working up to for a very long time.  Whatever it is, it’s going to rock your world and that of those nearest and dearest to you too. Good luck on this new journey you are embarking upon.  You will find, to your surprise, that you have the support and aid of people you never thought you would!  Emotionally you are connected to the emotional roller coaster of your mate or partner throughout much of the month but your real energy and focus needs to go into your home and family if you are to make the most of this unique time. The ultimate outcome will be lots of healing for you and your loved ones.
Taurus – 

Changes have been on the horizon for a long time for you Taurus, but you’ve been resistant to them.  The time for resisting is done now, as you will soon see.  Your mate or a woman or person with strong female energy is bringing these changes and shifts into your world whether you like it or not!  Health matters may be involved.  Pets may be important considerations.  If the best choices are made now you could be ready to enter a prolonged period of good health, financial stability, and good support from family and friends.  You are putting a lot of thought into this, you are discussing and evaluating and even arbitrating.  Educate yourself as much as you need to.  Get the best knowledgeable people behind you. Include family members – yes, even the irritating ones.  It will be time to move forward soon.  Be ready.
Gemini –

Your mate or partner or a close friend or perhaps the business you work for is facing restrictions which are causing you to take on more personal responsibility than you are comfortable with. You are feeling pressured on all fronts – business, financial, family, friends, even in your relationships.  It is time to set some firm boundaries in your life that will allow you to move forward personally towards your own success – whatever you choose that to be.  This can be a month of incredible growth for you Gemini, as the pressures surrounding you create the diamond you hold within yourself.  Or you can allow yourself to feel helpless, bitter, and locked into the constraints you have created.  Do you want to be a lump of coal? It’s really up to you.  This can be a frightening or an exhilarating journey.  Which do you want it to be?
Cancer – 

Cancer, you are now reconsidering decisions you made near the beginning of the year regarding your home, family, and relationships.  This year to date has been an awesome time of growth, insight and understanding.  You will have no regrets.  But now is the time  to be sure you want to continue on this heading, or go back, or change it to something altogether new.  All of this has got you doing a lot of deep soul searching.  What do you really, really want? You are at that point of perfect balance but you know the slightest move in any direction takes you through a new loop on the roller coaster of life.  My wish for you is that your next move takes you further on your own journey towards self realization. 
Leo –

A lot of time will be spent this month with your mate or partner and also a  female friend or relative. You may even have the opportunity to renew an old friendship!  These social experiences should be joyous and fulfilling and may involve some fun travel or education. But you also  have some major concerns regarding the health and well being of a family member.  Old health problems may be reappearing or worsening.  The time for decision making is soon, but not yet.  Right now is the time to observe and investigate and just give support.  Enjoy a relaxing summer and take time to plan. The refreshing perspective of someone outside your situation is helpful.
Virgo –

Friends and romantic partners become entwined this month Virgo.  You may find yourself doing a difficult but educational balancing act.  Change and forward momentum is inevitable and will be stimulated by your financial situation and your goals for future growth.  Job, financial and personal growth opportunities abound.  Friend may be influential in furthering your opportunities.  Take time during all this personal growth to pay attention to health matters concerning pets, and female family members.  Both will require some energy from you this July.
Libra –

What do you want to be when you grow up? You may very well be asking yourself that question now, as opportunities you hoped and planned for a long time ago resurface in your life along with new, exciting ones. The old ones may have new shapes and colors, but they are the things you projected, now materializing before you and you will recognize them by their familiar and comfortable feeling.  The question is, do you still want them? This is an interesting time for you Libra, as your world hangs in balance and you stand ready to step into a new life situation if you choose to.  Change hinges on your relationship(s).  What, or who, do you want in your life and what kind of relationship do you desire? This is an emotional time as you begin to realize that in all the growth you’ve achieved, you’ve also outgrown your old dreams.  What do you want?
Scorpio – 

Long  and short distance travel and communications of all kinds including social interactions and  relationships, both business and personal, are a primary focus all month long Scorpio.  Close personal  relationships are solid and fulfilling.  You now have an opportunity to reevaluate plans for travel, relocation, and both business and personal growth that you set in motion at the beginning of the year.  This month will be relaxing and much of your emotional energy is internally focused as you determine your next move on your financial game board.  Health considerations and changing personal needs for you or another family member are the pivot point.
Sagittarius – 

Your horizons are expanding as someone you share a lot of exciting interests with becomes important in your life.  If you are single and looking, this could be the dawn of a great new friendship with romantic possibilities; if you are married, best to keep it as a valued friendship.  In business friends and groups you belong to or have interests in common with are important.  A lot of your focus this month will also be on financial things – someone may be willing to invest in or help support an activity or business you’ve put a lot of work into earlier this year.  You are reworking your budget financially and emotionally speaking all month long with an eye towards future rewards.  You’ve got to be on your toes and planning with each step you take but the path you are on leads towards fulfillment.
Capricorn – 

Relationships and partnerships are shifting, and in a good way, although there may be some conflicts of interests that need to be worked out.  This month sees you emotionally focused on your aspirations and career goals Capricorn, and there are many opportunities coming your way.  Support comes from both professional and personal arenas.  Your home seems to be in a constant state of change and flux and becomes the pivot point as you balance your changing needs against your long term goals.  What works best in your life right now may not be in perfect alignment with what you want for yourself.  It is time to remember that it is only you who have created these conflicting interests.  That will make your choices easier.
Aquarius – 

If you have an opportunity for long distance travel or a move this month Aquarius, of either your home or your work, do it!  You will have a tendency to want to sit on the fence, to overthink, to procrastinate – but what do your innermost feelings tell you? If you wait on this you will miss an opportunity you have been waiting for.  Your concerns for your own health, or that of someone close to you, or for such a major change in your life or work routine, have been holding you back – yet if you don’t make up your mind and act now this possibly last opportunity will be gone.
Pisces –

If you have children Pisces, or are planning them, there will be a lot of focus on the first two this month! For all of you Pisces,  July will be a powerful time for focusing on personal finances and for gaining support for your projects and activities from others.  If you need or are looking for a loan it’s a good time to pursue it! It is also the perfect time to put all your creative energy into your next project or endeavor.  Friends and organizations can be a helpful addition to your creative goals right now.  A major potential pitfall will be the urge to expand too fast using other people’s resources.  It’s in your best interest to control that and limit expansion to what you can easily handle yourself right now.  For you single Pisces, many romantic opportunities are coming your way this month.  Enjoy, but keep your feet firmly on the ground!

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