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Sandy’s Astrology Predictions for the Signs – April 2017

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Astrology Predictions for the Signs

– April 2017

Aries –

This is definitely your month, Aries, as the Sun joins Uranus and Mercury in your Solar 1st House! Are you thinking of moving your home, your job, your relationship? Do it! Traveling? Do it! You’ve been thinking about it and talking about it forever. The stars are in your favor at the moment and these internalized drives, ambitions, and goals you’ve been reaching for are within your grasp now if you only reach out and take one of the opportunities coming your way. Yes, I know that takes courage, and I know that makes you feel insecure, but is it what you want? This time won’t come again. It’s now or never!

Taurus –

This is an action packed month for you Taurus. The partnerships you need to get your plans off the ground are working for you right now, and a pat on the back or two will go a long way towards gaining the help you need. Communication is key. Surprisingly, you are dealing with a lot of uncharacteristic impatience right now and it’s very easy for you to blow up instead of communicating clearly. Take a deep breath. People from a geographically different area, or a culturally different background than you are crucial to your endeavors. You need to communicate the way they do to make things happen as you want them to. Remember too, financial planning is crucial as you expand into something new!

Gemini –

This month is emotional for you Gemini, as you are very empathic and over-sensitive to the emotions and influence of others right now. Do your best to stay grounded as your home, family and close friends go through some major upheavals and changes. Keep your personal goals and needs in sight and you will do better. The end result is unclear at the moment but your constant vigilance to what you want will keep you on track. Friends in particular, and if you have children, your first and or third child, are in need of your nurturance and support. Remember, you can only give that if you come from a place of strength and balance yourself. Helping someone in a difficult or changing home situation, or helping them financially, may be something you are suddenly faced with. Follow your heart, but remember to set and keep boundaries.

Cancer –

Introspection, while really not your cup of tea, is going to occupy a large part of your time this month Cancer. Sudden opportunities (or requirements) are coming for you to step back into old relationships, jobs, family roles and responsibilities, and financial situations. Look before you leap. If it was an unpleasant situation before it is likely to be one again. If it was a situation that was good for you then, would it still work for you now? Does it fit your lifestyle, your aspirations, you personal goals? Will it allow you to grow in the new directions your path earlier this year has led you to? To make the best choices for you right now you really need to be in touch with yourself.

Leo –

This is a good growth month for you Leo, especially in your career or relative to whatever you are doing that affects the way people see you. Especially towards the end of the month, your actions will assure that you are recognized and appreciated. Your friends are especially important too. Being with the right person, or people, at the right time, can make all the difference in creative endeavors and financial situations. Be sure that your heart is in what you are doing because without that edge you’ll find it difficult to give the energy required. Right now you need to take the lead. It is time for your inner lion to roar.

Virgo –

Your finances and your work or career weigh heavily on your mind this month Virgo. It is possible a job change is coming, or perhaps you are simply determined to find a new better paying career path. Either way, you are evaluating your livelihood, and weighing options all month – or perhaps your spouse or partner is. This month is a time for looking at your options and weighing them against where you and your significant other and family, if you have one, want life to go. If you are willing to travel or move, your options multiply enormously!   Obligations and responsibilities to the extended family and friends, and concern about an older person, a female relative, or your spouse, may delay your forward momentum at the moment – but it’s important to establish your personal long-term goals now.

Libra –

Relationships are even more important than usual this month, Libra, and may catapult you in a new life or career direction that will assure greater emotional stability and security for you. A good part of the month you will be travelling, or perhaps your emotional focus is on someone who lives a long distance away. If you are working, beginning your own business or creating a home office is a strong possibility. If you have family that lives in another geographical area, a visit from them or to them is on your mind. Health issues are popping up all month, for you or someone close to you, and these are causing you to re-think your situation. Pay particular attention to infections and anything involving the lymphatic system. Do your best to avoid any surgeries for the first two thirds of the month. Remember that real healing begins to occur when causes are exposed – and that is what is happening now.

Scorpio –

Emotionally you are concerned with finances all month. These can be your own, or those of your mate or another person you are close to. You require the help, support and advice of a friend or an organizational group to help with your current endeavors. A lot of action is indicated at the beginning of the month, the end will be slower but you will have a clearer picture of what you need to know. Be wary of drug or alcohol issues for yourself or someone close – perhaps a child or romantic partner. If someone wants to borrow money, set firm restrictions and boundaries. Travel for educational, spiritual growth, or family reasons is in the works too this month. Be flexible in your scheduling as unexpected delays and situations may occur.

Sagittarius –

You are dividing your focus this month between your significant other, and your children, if you have them. If not, the division of your attention will be towards a lover or your creative endeavors. The situation with your children, lover, or creative endeavors is temporary. Obviously it’s more important at the moment to sort through issues with your significant other. You have an urge to run away. Turn that urge into new ways to explore and understand relationships, and to develop new friendships, and many of your personal concerns will evaporate. It’s a great time to expand your horizons through all of your relationships. You have major financial concerns relative to home and family that are adding to the pressures. Creative financing, personal effort, and help from friends will see you through.

Capricorn –

Home and health issues are your two major concerns this month Capricorn. The health concerns may be your own, but also those of a family member or long term friend. It seems most of the month your attention will be demanded by one of these things. Relative to your home – it’s likely you are Spring cleaning, and planning some interior or exterior renovations or possibly even looking at purchasing a new home. No matter what you are doing, be sure to have good and legal written agreements each step of the way. Partnerships are a requirement to your success but don’t assume just because someone is a friend you don’t need a contract with them! Also, don’t allow yourself to become emotionally immersed in the day to day struggles you or those close to you may be experiencing or you may miss some important points you need to pay attention to on the home front. All of these things are important if your own or your significant other’s (if you have one) career and life goals are to be expanded upon and achieved. There are so many options, it is important to make the best choices.

Aquarius –

Avoid potentially volatile communications this month Aquarius. Your home, family, and daily life activities are your anchor as many of your subconscious fears and concerns manifest. Make a point of recognizing the things that are your responsibility and that you can definitely do something about, and the things that are not your responsibility and you need to step away from. You feel like you are caught in the middle, and if you don’t get off the fence, and do it quickly, your health will suffer. Emotionally you are focusing on a love relationship, or your children, or your friends, and you are learning to say ‘no’.

Pisces –

Emotionally you are focusing on home and family all month, Pisces, especially as old health issues and other old family problems continue to surface. But you will need to get unstuck from family needs quickly and learn to juggle in order to be on top of the financial ups and downs you are experiencing. There are simply too many important opportunities around you right now, and you cannot afford to ignore them! Additionally, it is a good time for a creative endeavor to be launched and that requires your full attention. And if you are interested in having a family, or another child, now may very well be the time for new little one to enter your world! If you are in a romantic relationship, but not yet living together, well, the time to move in or tie the marriage knot may very well be upon you. Remember, the Spring is a time of new beginnings – and that is especially so for you this year!





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