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Sandy’s August 2014 Astrological Predictions

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Aries  (Generally March 21st through April 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August  This is an intense month for you Aries, as you struggle to emerge from the cocoon you’ve been transforming in for the past several years.  Do you remember the month of June, 2010?  Decisions, choices, ideas, opportunities that you were considering all the way back then, are right in front of you now – and yes, it is time to take action, finally.  As a matter of fact, there is a financial crunch, there are family expectations, there are romantic upheavals (both good and bad)…that are forcing your hand.  By the 20th of the month your decisions must be finalized.  It is time to move forward.  When you take that step finances will improve, relationships will improve, and you will feel like you are finally moving in the right direction.  What a month!  Have fun!

Taurus (Generally April 21st through May 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August Time spent at home this month is a special treat for you Taurus.  It’s likely that you will have some visitors from afar – or perhaps just a lot of company.  It seems your home is to be the gathering place this month! But even when you aren’t entertaining, it’s a place for the family to gather and you will love it. If you’ve been trying to get some work done around the house, it’s a good time for that too!  If you’ve been ignoring any health matters it’s time to stop doing that.  Minor irritations can turn into major inflammation – and lots of irritation both physically and emotionally this month if you allow them to get out of hand.  If you are building a relationship, or repairing an old one, lots of activity, love and affection are on their way to you.

Gemini (Generally May 21st through June 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August This is a wonderful month for you to communicate yourself, your ideas, and your dreams to others.  Are you thinking of writing a book or a blog?  Do it!  Spending time with close friends is also on your agenda this month and will reap very positive benefits for both you and them.  If you are in a romantic relationship it may be overemotional and dramatic this month.  If you like that kind of thing, have at it!  If not, you may want to cool things off temporarily to keep your sanity.  Your oldest child, if you have children, is embarking upon some activity or journey that is also going to absorb a lot of your energy so get ready to give them the support they need!  You will be feeling like you’re driving with your brakes on for the first part of the month.  Use that time to prepare for the frenzy of activity that will be your life during the latter half!

Cancer (Generally June 21st through July 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August Your personal finances are uppermost in your mind and in your focus of activity this month.  If you’ve been thinking of a new profession, or learning a new skill or bringing an old one back and making some money with it, your timing is perfect!  Money should be coming to you this month – or at least the means to earn or attract more of it!  How nice is that?  You also have a lot of opportunity for travel this month, and some of it is connected to employment opportunities.  Pay close attention.  New doors are opening that may be worth your while.  Try not to allow emotional issues at home to drain your energy or distract you from the opportunities you’ve been waiting for.  Home is definitely going to be distracting. You may be renovating your home, or getting it ready for sale, or perhaps you just have a lot of company all month.  But however it happens, there will be a lot going on so you will need to split your attention in order to stay on top of it.  There will be a lot of pressure around you emotionally as well up through the 20th.  Avoid the explosion that may be coming around then.  After that, things will move more smoothly for you.

Leo (Generally July 21st through August 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August This is definitely your month Leo!  Good things, people, and activities are coming your way.  You are going to be dealing with some intrigue in your day to day life and work experience – but there is nothing new here.  It is only the same old issues returning and you will not let them get you down.  Do stay on top of your own or a family member’s health problem though – that seems to be returning as well!  You are very communicative and expressive all month, and this will help you to attract attention in the right places.  Your diplomacy abilities are at a peak and as a result you are reaping rewards both at work and at home.  A visit from a sister or close female friend (or perhaps a lover) will be a high point this month!

Virgo (Generally August 21st through September 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August  You seem to be stepping back this month Virgo, doing some rare soul searching and taking time for yourself.  Good for you!  You are filled with emotional concerns about your finances, and about your own personal talents and abilities and what you should be doing with them. You are listening to the opinions of others concerning your finances, which is good as long as you take this as input and not direction…and you are also listening and observing what other people are saying about your abilities and your skills.  This is a good thing.  You tend to be too hard on yourself and having the insights and support from others concerning your personal attributes and gifts will help you to get past that.  Towards the end of the month you’ll begin to talk about all of this…and you may indeed have some new areas you want to step forward into that will work well for you.  In the area of love and romance you are doing a lot of internal assessment…what do you want?

Libra  (Generally September 21st through October 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August  This month is intense and emotional for you, with major highs and lows.  Be wary of neurological issues popping up if you already have any, and do be careful as you will find yourself somewhat accident prone.  If you are in a relationship expect sudden ups and downs that can take you to those extreme highs and lows emotionally that you love to avoid.  You are just beginning a year in which you will re-vamp all of your relationships.  Good for you!  Your home life is still going through a major transformation and will continue to do that through late September.  The highlight of the month will be time spent with friends, and there will be lots of travel or plans for travel or both that will bring you’re the recognition and belonging you crave.

Scorpio (Generally October 21st through November 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August This month finds you physically active and constantly in motion all month.  You have begun a year of introspection as well, yet that doesn’t seem to be keeping you home this month at least!  You are going to be having that feeling of resistance to your plans and activities up through about the 23rd, then that resistance will suddenly disappear and you will become more focused and able to move forward in the direction you choose.  You are carving new territory in the area of your relationships, and it is likely a year from now you’ll be in a very new situation regarding most of them.  Your primary focus this month will be on your personal growth and your career growth though emotionally you may be withdrawn and inwardly focused.  You should expect some social-based travel opportunities that may either involve people visiting you or you visiting them. 

Sagittarius (Generally November 21st through December 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.

August  This month your focus is on freedom, specifically freedom to travel, to think and do as you please, and on achieving the financial independence to do that.  All this year there has been a theme of financial freedom and independence, but this month stands out as the month you are either achieving it, or making the important move that will bring all that to you.  Friends and group activities fill much of your month, and you will be doing something very creative around your home.  If you live near or on water you may be enhancing the view; if you don’t, you may very well be adding a water feature to your garden or home décor!  An older person or pet that you care for as if they were a child appears to be having a sudden change involving their health and/or their living arrangements.  Get ready for something unexpected concerning them.

Capricorn  (Generally December 21st through January 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August  This month marks the tail end of a long power struggle in your life this year.  You are ready to be done, but you will need to wait until September for that.  August gives insight and understanding into the present issues.  Finances are looking up this month, and there may very well be recognition coming your way in the form of support from a large enterprise, business, or even government authority.  Emotionally your focus will be on your career, or that of someone close to you.  Concerns for a male figure or problems with a male authority figure who is acting out of character may cause some upheaval at home this month.  Towards the end of the month there will be some positive support from an outside source that moves you closer to your goals.

Aquarius  (Generally January 21st through February 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)


August  With the Sun in your Solar house of relationships this month will focus on relationships of all kinds.  This is a wonderful time to bring the love and support you crave to give to the special partner of your heart.  Your gift will be returned one hundred fold this month!  Emotionally you crave movement.  You are holding a desire to travel, to move your job or residence, to take action.  You are like a coiled spring looking for a place to unwind. If you handle things properly, you will have your partner’s support.  Major changes are going on relative to your career.  Things are not likely to become unblocked until after August 20th.  Then, it will feel like you are being shot from a cannon as life unfolds very quickly around you.

Pisces  (Generally February 21st through March 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

August  Day to day life and work are your focus at the moment, but be aware that things you set in motion at the beginning of the year relative to school or study, travel, or a move, are going to reappear in your life towards the end of the month. Also, if you are married, there may be some major upsets involving the in-laws.  Removing yourself as much as possible from the situation is your best bet.  Emotionally speaking your focus is on money – and on mediation.  Apparently at the moment the one is necessary to assure the other.  Being a team player is important right now in all areas of your life.  This whole year is a learning experience for you.  Through the actions of those around you, you are learning who you are.

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