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Sandy’s August Astrological Predictions

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy’s August 2018 Astrological Predictions

Aries –

Old family issues or concerns regarding your home and family of choice resurface this month Aries.  Some of these issues may concern health or finance, for you or someone close.  On a more positive note, this month is filled with creative potential, and it’s a great time to give voice to your dreams and aspirations – they will be heard!  Let your inner child come out to play a bit and that will open the door to some wonderful future possibilities in your work, your relationships, your family, and even your home and it’s location.  Strong focus will be on your love life, your career and your changing home situation.  Embrace all the opportunities you can.  It’s time to grow! Have a wonderful month!

Taurus –

Communication is of the utmost importance right now Taurus, in all areas of your life.  It’s a good time for studies, for learning teaching, counseling, even writing that book you’ve been thinking about.  You may find the need to travel for business or family obligations, but there may be some options for you to enjoy some special travel time with your sweetheart or your family too.  Be alert for those changes on the home front that are coming too.  You are getting a look right now at future possibilities you may want to move your home and family towards.  Do you want to move to renovate, to purchase another property, to include an extra person in your family?  Anything that pops up for consideration right now may very well be in your near future.  Plan carefully!  Bounce your ideas off a close friend.

Gemini –

Your emotional focus in on your career and your life direction.  Your spiritual path has never been more important to you!  But this month is filled with financial ups and downs, both your own and your significant other’s. You need to keep your feet firmly on the ground.  The up side is you are getting a good handle on what you need to do to get yourself squared away financially.  It’s a great time for financial planning.  If you are developing a new talent or skill, especially one you can develop into a new money making opportunity, you’ll also find now is a great time for that. Be sure to be on top of legal issues for yourself and your partner.  Paying close attention now can eliminate many potential problems later.  Your decisions and choices now affect your finances for a very long time to come.

Cancer –

This month you’ll need to focus on your relationships – all of them.  You’ve been balancing so much for so long on your own shoulders, and you know you need to make some changes going forward.  This is not your imagination.  It’s real.  The choices you make now concerning all of the obligations you’ve taken on can either set you free or have you feeling like a prisoner in your own life for a long time to come.  Get clear on your finances, and what you want to do with your life that will bring you personal satisfaction as well as security.  Once you have a handle on those things, you will be in a better place to rework all those relationships.  It isn’t really hard to do, once you get back in charge.  Meanwhile, since you are feeling in need of an escape – why not take a healing vacation for yourself?  A spiritual retreat or creative escape would be perfect.

Leo –

Soul searching is high on your list of activities this month Leo.  There is a strong need to take with siblings and close friends about your plans and your needs, especially relative to whatever you need from them!  Get on the same page as quickly as you can.  Health issues, your own or those of someone close, are up front and center.  Major decisions are required.  You may be facing some of your greatest fears in the process.  Day to day life for you is surely changing.  Be conscious of each tiny step so the changes you are making ultimately take you where you want to go.  You need to be in control of things, but you also need to share the responsibility and the work.  It’s time to delegate.  Emotionally, your focus is going to be on finances and self-healing.  Some unexpected travel opportunities may present themselves too.  Enjoy!

Virgo –

There is a great deal of focus on changing friends and group activities as well as on romance and children this month Virgo.  You may find yourself doing a balancing act as you determine which people and things are most important to continue relationships with going forward, and which you can set aside as no longer benefiting you.  It’s a fine line as you weigh your emotional attachments and desires against your available time and commitments.  Make your choices carefully in spite of the pressures you are feeling.   Emotional healing in all of your relationships is possible right now as you continue to find wholeness within yourself.  Regarding your career and aspirations – look to a friend to open some doors for you.  You have the talent and skill required but may need to avoid politics to be successful.

Libra –

Career, aspirations, home and family are your focus all month Libra.  Watch out for possible control games on the home front, or within the family.  This month will be a balancing act between your activities and presence in pursuing your goals outside the home, and taking care of a myriad of necessities required by home and family.  In the midst of all that try to find some time just for yourself.  Friends are very important, especially when you need to bounce your ideas about your future plans off of someone.  Healing a health problem, yours or that of someone close, is another emotional focus all month as you’ll be altering your daily activities or present health regimen to accommodate that.  Plan on a busy but successful month Libra!

Scorpio –

Most of this month will be spent in setting up goals and plans for your future Scorpio.  You are finally beginning to discuss some long term strategies you’ve been considering or even arranging that could shift things relating to your home, career, and finances going forward.  Travel for business or pleasure is also in your near future, if that appeals to you.  The opportunities will be coming.  You may find just the place for that magical getaway that will give you the rest, romance and freedom you’ve been craving.  In the realm of career and aspirations you may receive some important communications this month.  Healing some important relationships, a child, a close friend or lover, is on your emotional radar this month too. 

Sagittarius –

Financial planning, both personal and business, is on your mind this month Sag.  You’ve been considering some changes in how you earn your income and how you handle your finances for a while now, and this month you are likely to begin to initiate those changes.  You desire to create a life experience where your life and your future are under your own control and that means change for you.  A man you are strongly connected to through your work activities will be both a help and a hindrance as you take your power back.  You’ve got a good head for money and for business.  Now is the time to use it!  Meanwhile, a long distance visit to a friend or sibling can be life altering for both of you right now.  If this is on your radar right now, be sure to do it.  You’ll be glad you did.  Emotionally your focus continues to be on your home and family all month.

Capricorn –

You are reviewing all of your personal relationships right now Capricorn, and many of your professional ones too.  This month you are sorting through relationships to recognize those that deliver value to you now, or that have potential for the future.  Along the way you are doing a lot of soul searching and gaining some deep understandings of what you want and need in your life right now and what you want going forward too.  Finances are on your mind in a big way as things begin to shift for you in a positive way.  As you move forward your desire is to have greater control personally in your life and to surround yourself with people who make you feel good.  this is doable!   Find a person you trust to help with financial planning.  Keep your finances and your business separate from your friends moving forward.  Write that book that’s been struggling to get itself written.  Have a wonderful month.  Make it the jump off point for your best future!

Aquarius –

There is a tug of war going on inside you Aquarius, as you deal with internal emotional control issues that may very well be surfacing in your life as health problems or problems handling day to day activities.  Relationships are strongly on your mind and you are acutely aware that how you handle things now will determine the future of many of your most important personal and business connections. This is important especially relative to finances and may affect both your own future earning potential and business opportunities.  Financial stability is a great focus emotionally this month Aquarius, but the most important place to put your energy is in resolving those relationship issues.  Work towards getting a handle on your health and that of someone close to you, and making your daily regimen one that works for you.  How you handle these major things in your life now will affect your lifestyle for some time to come.

Pisces –

You have some opportunities right now to move your life and your day to day world in the direction of your dreams if you are brave enough to take that next step.  Are you?  You are doing a balancing act between friends, children,  romantic partners, family members, and more, all of which consume you with responsibility.  Do you dare follow your dreams?  You’ve been healing yourself for a long time emotionally Pisces.  You’ve been healing others too, all of your life.  Do you dare to become responsible for your own happiness and well-being?  You are looking at career and business opportunities right now, at past decisions choices and responsibilities, and at considering your best future moves.  Will you let other people’s opinions and needs continue to control your actions, or give yourself the freedom to act from your heart?  You will have an opportunity to travel.  Take it.  That will help you to get a clearer grasp of your options.

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