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Sandy’s August Reading Special Sale

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Events, News, Newsletter, Readings | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

It’s been almost exactly five years since I began doing my monthly targeted and discounted reading specials using astrology, tarot, numerology and channeling from my Guides and yours. 

We covered so many wonderful topics, and many of you experienced major growth and got answers to some burning questions through them.  

Going forward all of the reading specials I’ve offered over the years will still be available on my website but at my regular reading price. 

You’ll find the topics listed below.


Meanwhile, I am offering you something I’ve never done before. 


I am having a very special Midsummer Sale

this month from Aug 1 through Aug 31, 2018


The 20% off sale on my website includes: Readings, Recorded Classes and Webinars, and my Downloadable Books.

– Excludes Zero Point Pendants, Soft Cover Paper Books and the 2019 Psychic Cruise




To take advantage of this sale you must email my assistant

[email protected]

with the name of the item(s) you want to purchase and she will send you an invoice with your discount. 

If you purchase using the Paypal button on the website your purchase will not reflect this outrageous discount!

Now, here is that list of my reading specials. 

You might want to select one of these when you ask for your 20% discount! 


This month all are only $200 after your discount!

1) Identify and let go of what’s holding you back.
2) How to attract love in your life.
3) Three Messages from your Guides.
4) Past lives you’ve lived, and your karma.
5) How are the current eclipses affecting you?
6) Are you psychic? What are your greatest potential psychic gifts?
7) What are your own most special gifts? Promote self-understanding and self-love.
8) How to bring magic into your relationship.
9) Applying the law of attraction in your life to manifest what you want.
10) What is coming BACK into your life?
11) Regaining control in and over your life.
12) Goal setting and the Law of Attraction – how you can make your dreams a reality.
13) Why are you here?
14) How to regain and replenish your energy.
15) Using the past as a springboard to your best future.
16) Organize yourself, improve communication and take charge!
17) Create a blueprint for success.
18) How to find your ‘energy high’ and live your life to its fullest potential.
19) Get in touch with your Inner Child.  Are you on track?
20) Finding and following your own true Spiritual Path.
21) Work with your dreams.
22) Find your special communication skill.
23) Who are your Spirit Guides and How can you connect with them?
24) How to use positive thinking to change your greatest challenges into successes.
25) Identify vampire people and situations in your life, turn victimization into freedom.
26) Identify and deal with the stresses in your life.
27) How to bring closure to things you are ready to leave, making a smooth transition.
28) Reset your focus for a happy and successful life.
29) Examine your financial foundation and your financial health.
30) Your best time to launch your new project.
31) Get past depression into health and confidence.
32) Become aware.  Turn the experiences of your past into your best personal assets.
33) Know what to fix and what to walk away from.  Self-trust.
34) Improve all of your relationships.
35) Restore balance in your life.
36) Exploring your personal evolution and life lessons.
37) Expand your awareness by exploring 3 past, 3 present, and 3 future growth areas.
38) Create greater focus in your life and your career.  Make choices.
39) Setting your focus and goals for the next year.
40) “A Beginning is a Very Delicate Time” – How to deal with change in your life.
41) Turning developmental tension in your life into explosive energy and action.
42) Strengthening the connection to your Higher Self.
43) How to bring joy and purpose into your life.
44) What limiting beliefs are holding you back from financial and personal success?
45) Shaping your future for the next three months with help from your Guides.
46) Getting a Handle on Your Physical Self

* All of these targeted readings are channeled from my Guides who are astrologers and who also connect with your Guides.  I also use astrology, numerology and Tarot as needed. 

Do you have a special target area not listed that you want to explore?  Just ask!  [email protected]



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