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Sandy’s Editorial August 2017

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Editorial August 2017

coinsLet’s talk about money. August is the 8th month of the year. The number 8 traditionally deals with money, finance, legal issues, wealth, and power, as well as death and dying. In fact, in metaphysics the number 8 talks about death and dying as part of the natural cycle of life.

It follows that August is also the month of the ‘first harvest’ for farmers. In old Celtic traditions Lughnased or the celebration of the First Harvest was always held in August. A bountiful first harvest was considered a good omen for a good harvest for the year, and a resulting easy winter. These ancient people understood the natural ebb and flow of life and planned well for it so in lean times there was plenty to go around. The seed for next year’s planting was collected from this year’s harvest. We would all do well to take note of that.

August is the perfect month to talk about wealth. Frankly, because so many people in our world these days are fixated on their finances I decided to address my August editorial to the concept of wealth, and specifically, how you can attract more of it into your life.

First, it’s important to understand that just about everything we value in our lives falls into the category of wealth. We can be wealthy in our families, our love life, our friends, our health, our assets, our possessions, our careers, as well as our finances.

It’s also very important that the feeling of being wealthy in one area translates to being wealthy in all areas, just as when we feel poor in one area of life that feeling contaminates all of the other areas one by one.

This is why I begin every one of my Psychic Hours by asking each caller to tell what they are most grateful for in their lives right now. All forms of wealth begin with gratitude. It is impossible to make $500 when you are not grateful for the $1.00 that started the ball rolling. It is not possible to achieve perfect health and fitness when you are not grateful for the gym you discovered down the street (and use) or the information that crosses your path and turns you on to the solutions to your possible health issues.

Whatever we turn our attention (energy) to with feeling (gratitude) will start the Universe moving in the direction of attracting those things to us. Then, when we ACT on those things, we start the ball rolling in earnest. We change our lives.

When you identify the areas in life you want to become wealthier in, follow these steps:

    1. Think about all the things in each area that are already good, and feel gratitude for them. Spend a few minutes every day dwelling on how very lucky you are to have those things in your life, be they people, assets, experiences, money, work, or whatever.
    2. Think about growing and expanding each of those areas. Feel grateful and joyous as you imagine and even visualize what that expansion will bring.
    3. Open your heart and mind to opportunities that begin to cross your path that may lead to ‘more’. They may not be exactly the final result of what you want…they may just lead towards that result. The important thing here is to be open enough to recognize the opportunity.
    4. Don’t be stingy about this. If an opportunity to advance your wealth comes along, even though it might be small to start with – TAKE IT and be grateful for it! It will start the action ball rolling.

Here is an example from the life of one of my clients. This gentleman had a very high paying job as manager of a car dealership. The dealership sold and he was laid off. As any of you reading this would probably do, he looked for another automobile sales management position. There were few available and many applicants. A year went by. His unemployment ran out. He expanded his search to any form of business sales management. Again, there were many applicants and few positions that paid the money he thought he needed. Another year went by. His wife, tired of supporting the family, divorced him and took custody of the children. When he came to see me he was on a downward spiral. All the wealth in his life was swiftly disappearing.

His career, his home, his family. As I said, all of the wealth in your life is linked. I asked him what jobs he’d applied for and found out what I just told you. I asked him if there was anything else he felt he could do. He responded that nothing else paid enough. I pointed out that anything was more than he was making now. I suggested he take the next thing that came along, no matter what it was, because he had to get the ‘I’m working’ ball rolling again. He was resistant, but was open to any possible solution. The next time I saw him he was working as employed as a custodial engineer. The job actually reflected his self image at the time. It wasn’t a bad job, but to him it was the bottom. I pointed out that it was a good, reliable job with all kinds of upward mobility options. I pointed out how lucky he was to be working again. How good he felt to have money of his own coming in. To have something to occupy him every day. To have new friends. To be able to contribute to his family’s support again. He began to feel better about himself and the position. Within a year his management experience and positive energy led to managing the team he worked with. From there he moved on to managing the department. Then up to a corporate position and today is a part owner of the company, is remarried, quite able to support two families, and has a great relationship with both.

I wish you all the wealth in your lives that this client of mine has attained in his. Remember that it is never too late to get your ‘wealth ball’ rolling – and it starts with gratitude!

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi

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