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Sandy’s Editorial December 2017

Posted on Nov 15, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

2017 has been a long, eventful year for us all. There have been both good and bad things in our lives, high’s and low’s in our emotions, loves and hurts in our relationships. There have been awesome, wonderful journeys and educational and growth opportunities like never before, and there have been responsibilities and decisions like never before as well. There has been financial turmoil and sometimes loss, balanced by unbelievable good opportunity. There have been storms and fires and earthquakes and tidal waves and volcanic eruptions, and political upheaval and fearsome terrorist attacks counterbalanced by a renewed peace movement, increased family closeness, warmth and support of friends and neighbors, and amazing heroism from first responders and helpers.

Yes indeed, as this year comes to a close, we’ve all got a lot to look back on, no matter where we are on our lovely, evolving planet Earth. As you look back at your own journey this past year, let your heart bring closure to the things you’ve lost. Let remorse, anger, hatred, and sadness, go. Let go your feelings of vengeance or even self-recrimination for things left undone, or done in an unfortunate way. Go ahead and look back. Those negative things happened. Look at them, learn from them, and then let them go. Leave them behind you as we move into the New Year.

We all know we create our lives from here on forward with our thoughts, and emotions, and our physical reactions to them. Let your thoughts going forward be on the positives of the past year, and the dreams for the future one!

So after you’ve let go the challenges of 2017, reminisce at length on the joys, the loves, the adventures, the good will, and the emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, material and physical highs of the year. Fill your heart with the good feelings of those moments. Fill your mind with a sense of adventure and plans for your new year. Fill your spirit with joy and lightness and join yourself to the community of Holiday well-being.

Be deeply grateful for all of these good things you see around you. Focus on them. Focus on the happiness and positive moments you’ve experienced. Imagine them recurring again and again in your mind. Visualize each positive experience, each smiling face, and add it to your mental and emotional good-feeling internal photo album.

As you do so, you are building good and positive things into your life in this next year. Each positive thought and feeling is a building block for peace and well-being, for abundance, for togetherness, for love in your life.

I want to wish you all the joys of the Holiday Season, and join my wish with the Universal Will that says all of the positive, happy, abundant, loving energy that you wish for can be yours in 2018.

Let’s join together to make 2018 a year of benevolent well-being for all.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi




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