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Sandy’s Editorial February 2016

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

sandycoachingHello Everyone,

My webinar, reading special, and psychic protection tip this month center around your evolution and the importance of maintaining your highest potential energy level in order for your own next growth step to occur. This is so important that I decided to make it the focus of my editorial this month.

We stand today at the entranceway to a Utopia we were promised long ago…but to step through that doorway requires that we step up in our awareness. 2016 is supposed to herald the dawn of a new age of enlightenment. There is no going back, folks. We are here. There is only forward. We all do need to take that ‘step up’.

So what’s holding so many of us back?

We live in a world that we have allowed to dominate us through our fears. We have fear of failing, fear of winning, fear of losing someone, fear of losing something, fear of having or not having something, fear of overdoing something and fear of not doing it at all, fear of making a choice, of not meeting someone’s expectations….and the list goes on.

In fact, we have put so much energy into our fears that globally we are manifesting those fears into realities – earth and weather changes that threaten and take lives, terrorist attacks, financial and market fluctuations that have brought many individuals, corporations, and even nations to near if not total ruin.

I have an exercise that I do when I drive that I want to share with you. As I am driving I occasionally find that the traffic around me has become heavy and that drivers are taking chances that make me uncomfortable and put me, my passengers, and my vehicle at risk. When I see that formation of unpleasant traffic ‘outside’ of me, I turn my attention inward and look at what I have most recently been thinking or talking about. Inevitably it is a person or situation in my life that I find frustrating or that I am angry about. All of those things are fear-based one way or the other, and so the traffic pattern feels like it is attacking me. I.E. – my mind has been dwelling on unpleasant things that I am now immediately manifesting outside of me! When I realize this, I shift my mind into happy mode. That is, I change the subject of conversation to something that makes me feel good; I put upbeat music on the radio; I shift my thoughts, if I am driving alone, to something that I am looking forward to.   The effect on the traffic is immediate. In fact, you’ll find it’s pretty amazing. This little exercise made my assistant Lisa laugh when she drove with me until she realized how absolutely real and immediate a result just shifting my thoughts had on the traffic flow around me. Try it. I’ve been doing it now for years, and I usually drive from my home to my destination in a nice little pocket of safe, buffered, calm and easy driving space.

I want you all to try this when you drive, then expand the exercise into the rest of your world – into the places you enter, the people you interact with, and so on. By doing this you will attract more positive things and people into your life – more importantly YOU will be taking control in your life.

When you have the control, you have nothing to fear. And the only thing you really have to control is your thoughts. Your emotions will tell you if your thoughts are attracting good or bad things to you. If you feel bad, change your thoughts. Once you do that, everything else follows.

All this gives awareness of self-responsibility. That is your very first step up to that doorway creating a Utopia in your life and in your world.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi


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