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Sandy’s Editorial – February 2018

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Sandy’s Editorial – February 2018

Hello Everyone,

     Have you been keeping your eclipse diary since January 17th? If you’ve been in any of my classes over the years, or have been one of my reading or coaching clients, you have heard me talk about keeping an eclipse diary that will show you what’s coming into your life for the next six months.

   Here’s how it works. You start keeping your eclipse diary two weeks before an eclipse occurs and continue keeping it until 2 weeks after the last eclipse in the series. A solar eclipse usually occurs twice a year. Most solar eclipses have a lunar eclipse either two weeks before or two weeks after or very occasionally, both. This time the first eclipse in the series is a lunar eclipse on January 31st, and the second eclipse is a solar eclipse on February 15th. So your eclipse diary should run from January 17th through March 1st. Eclipses have long been used astrologically for prediction. Even the ancients knew that eclipses predicted things (although they had a rather negative take on them, which I don’t).

    Here’s how I use the eclipses for getting a pre-view, a kind of movie trailer, into my own and my client’s lives, to discover what’s coming for us in the next 6 months. You can do it too!

     In my own eclipse diary I record the events, positive and negative, that happen to me and for anyone close to me. That includes anyone whose life may affect mine, or whom I am concerned about. I also record my emotions about everything. Often times those emotional reactions are more revealing than the events. I pay special attention to choices and opportunities that are present – even those I may just be playing with in my own mind or that are casually mentioned. I also am sure to record my interactions with other people – a strong disagreement with a close friend, for instance, could indicate that in the next 6 months, even though you’ve made up, the relationship ends because of more, this time unsolvable, disagreements.

     Several years ago I wrote an article about using eclipses for prediction and a reader responded saying that since her husband died while she was keeping her eclipse diary, did that mean that in the next 6 months more people would die? Let me share with you what I told her. “Of course that is possible; but it is more likely that if you examine your life and its circumstances at the time of his death, you will have a good idea of your options over the next six months. Who was supportive?   Who was a bully? Who offered help? Who ran away and hid? Were there medical expenses and insurance to cover? Did you initially feel sorrow or fear, or relief? How were the other family members getting along with each other? What was going on separately in each of their lives?” You see, all of these questions, and more, were going to help this poor woman get through the 6 months following the eclipse, and beyond. These observations were going to help her make healthy choices for herself in the following 6 months, and that would lead to a good life in her future.

     For many people the eclipse diary will talk about life changing events and choices to be made in the next six months that will lead to major life changes – just as it did for this woman. That occurs when an eclipse is close to one of your natal planets or near an angle in your astrology chart. The lunar eclipse on January 31st is at 12 degrees of Leo, the solar eclipse on February 15th is at 27 degrees of Aquarius. All of the fixed signs, and people who may not have their Sun in a fixed sign but have other planets or their ascendant (rising sign) in one – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are going to be deeply affected by this eclipse series, and if you know your astrology chart you can even see which planets and houses are going to be involved. That gives you an extra edge while looking into the future!

     I personally am tickled that my current psychic development class began their studies with me on January 17th, just as they began recording their eclipse diary, as that tells me this class is going to be truly life changing for them. I love that. I love to help people move through their goals of transition and transformation to become their best self! It is not too late to join that class and make up any missed material. We already know it I going to be life and consciousness altering! Click here to sign up.

     And since the solar eclipse itself is the day after Valentine’s Day, I’d be paying special attention to that most significant relationship in your life this Valentine’s day! It may deserve some special nurturance….to fuel it for 6 months of bliss!
Love and Light,

     Sandy Anastai

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