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Sandy’s Editorial for April 2017

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Editorial for April 2017

Have you been experiencing a feeling of pressure and intensity….even urgency? A feeling that you need to hurry up for something but can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Are you inventing emergencies to run for or tricking yourself into time crunches that have you running and playing catch-up all day long? You are moving so fast…can you even remember what you were doing at this time last week?

If you are, you’re not alone.

Most of us are so busy these days racing through life and are so involved with our own responsibilities and activities that we aren’t taking the time to poke our heads up out of the fray to notice that everyone else seems to be doing the same thing. We don’t even realize that we have become so used to racing from thing to thing that when we do occasionally have a rare moment to catch a few breaths and relax we look frantically for something else to fill that space with instead.

What’s up with this?

Well, since my Guides are Astrologers I’ve got to look at this astrologically first. We are moving through a t-square in the cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn and Libra. In fact, there is an exact square right now between Jupiter and Pluto, in the signs Libra and Capricorn respectively. The Sun moving towards Uranus in Aries is pressuring these planets to take action. That action in your life is likely something that actually began all the way back in 2010-11, when Uranus first entered Aries. Jupiter rules expansion, growth, travel, moves, higher thought, education and religion. Uranus rules opportunity, revolution and sudden changes of all kinds. Sometimes it’s even explosive energy. And good ole’ Pluto is changing the very foundation of our world right now, from our Governments, to our religions, to our monetary and economic systems. With our foundation feeling like it’s being ripped out from under us, as a race of beings our childhood is at an end and we are being pushed out of the nest. Uranus has about another year and a half left in the sign Aries. That means that in the next year and a half our world will have totally shifted. A new era for humanity will have been born.

Most of us are reacting to all this unconsciously. We complain about our government officials or our religious leaders or religious groups without recognizing the big picture which is change. The thing is, you can’t have growth without change, and it is time for us to grow to our next level of being.

All the way back in the 1980’s I received a clear vision from my Guides. They showed me all of mankind as if we were suspended in a solution, being heated in a beaker over a Bunsen burner in a chemistry lab. As I watched all of us began to move faster and faster as the heat turned up in that beaker – just like you would see if you were looking at a pot of water on your stove as it reached a rolling boil. As I watched, finally a critical point was reached in which a magical event took place. A new ‘compound’ that had not existed before was created.   This happened in the same way that you might separate the curd from the milk by boiling the milk with lemon or the Gee from the butter by slow heating, the new Humans floated to the top, and any that didn’t make the change ended up on the bottom – just like the sediment left behind at the completion of any chemical change. The new compound that floated to the surface I was given to know was the NEW mankind.

The vision immediately switched to a the creation of a diamond over thousands of years through the application of heat and pressure to carbon based minerals, followed by the diamond being forced to the earth’s surface through a volcanic eruption.

I immediately understood that both visions were showing the same thing. Our very bio-chemical structure is undergoing a complete transformation. We all find ourselves under pressures that continue to mount. We add to these by creating our own internal emotional pressure. Our movement hither and thither is creating ‘heat’ through friction. We are all diamonds in the rough, approaching our metamorphosis to something new, shinier, stronger, better.

Many of us now are searching for a spiritual connection from within ourselves to a higher source. I believe this is the missing link in our final step that will allow us to deliberately move to our next level of being – our new consciousness. Without that connection we cannot find the ‘lava tube’ to carry us to the higher level with deliberate intent. Without that connection you remain a part of that solution on the Bunsen burner, being agitated externally to a point where you undergo an internal biochemical reaction, and generate your own explosion without conscious volition. You are then moved to a new level of consciousness as your attachments are momentarily stripped away. At that point it becomes your choice – return to the chaos, or move forward and embrace your newly awakened Awareness and step into being that next level Human.

What I am saying here, is that we can go willingly or we can be dragged along – but either way, we are all given the opportunity for unlimited growth. To attain our next level of consciousness. To find the diamond consciousness within ourselves.

The Spring is a time of rebirth. What a wonderful time to become conscious in your journey!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi


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