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Sandy’s Editorial for August 2018

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

On Looking Back and Changing Patterns and Cycles

Hello Everyone,

There is so much going on in each of our worlds today, so many things to do, so many places to be, responsibilities to handle, work to do, people to see, commitments to keep, that it is easy to get on the rat wheel and spend so much time and effort keeping up that we lose sight of what is most important to us.  If that describes you, keep reading.

You have a unique opportunity right now to do some intelligent and eye-opening looking back at the last 8 years. At the beginning of the summer you got a quick look at what you want going forward.  Now you are getting help from the energies at work astrologically to easily identify both the good and the bad things from your past and perhaps more importantly the recurrent patterns that seem to appear in your life from that time and earlier.

Have you been finding yourself getting odd flashes of people or situations from your early childhood?  From your family experience?  From your relationship?  From a trip you took?

These ‘reminder’ pictures and feelings popping into your mind seemingly from nowhere are your own Higher Consciousness attempting to draw your attention to things that are being processed deep within you right now...


Perhaps they are experiences that are ready for release, perhaps they are flashes of insight that help you to identify a recurrent pattern in your life that you may want to change…situations that repeat over and over again, even though the people and faces involved may be different.

This is such an important time right now.  It is your opportunity to become comfortable with yourself.  It is your opportunity to get more in touch with you.  Your chance to organize your thoughts and feelings and discern what your own needs and wants right now really are.


I’ve learned over the years that all of our own behavior patterns began in order to give positive support.  The problem is, that life changes, and often patterns that were successful and satisfying in the past begin to actually become impediments to our growth and well-being. 

Now is the perfect time for you to identify the major patterns in your own life, and determine which you want to continue, which you want to change, and which you want to leave in the past. 

In my last editorial I encouraged you to keep an eclipse diary from July 1 through August 31st so that you would be able to look back at that record all year for insight and direction.  I am reminding you of that again, here. 

And I want to add that as we move deeper into this month, it’s going to become more and more important for you to get a handle on what you do and don’t want to preserve in your life.  You will have until early January to decide what and who you want to keep in your life moving forward, and what you want.

What an amazing time for personal growth, and for clearing yourself and your life in readiness for creating your world the way you want it to be!

For even more insight on how to leave the past behind and create your best future life, check out my Psychic Protection Tip #63.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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