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Sandy’s Editorial for December 2015

Posted on Nov 21, 2015 in Newsletter | 0 comments

sandycoachingHello Everyone,

As we come to this last month of the year I, like all of you, find myself doing a look-back at all the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of 2015, and also looking forward to the mystery that 2016 holds.

And of course I am totally excited about the holiday season and Christmas in particular. I just LOVE this time of year, even though I live in Florida where there is no snow! A quick look at the astrology chart for December says that the whole month is going to be filled with even more activity than usual, and a strong urge to go back to our family and social roots. In general, it would be safe to say that ideals and beliefs are really coming to the front of everyone’s life and mind and the holiday season is a great time to express yours!

This is a perfect time for you to get in touch with your basic values, and set your goals and desires for 2016 in a way that brings them into alignment with those values. Try making a list of your core values; that is, the physical and non-physical things that are most important to you at this time in your life. Then focus on your goals and desires that you’ve been projecting. Write them down if you haven’t already done that. Wherever those goals and desires are not compatible with your core values you are setting yourself up for unhappiness. So take a moment to consider what you might change or adjust relative to your goals and desires that will bring them into alignment with your core values. That is my prescription for creating happiness for yourself for 2016!

December 25th will be a day of high emotions and most of us will find we delight in those close connections to family and friends. In some cases there could be hurt feelings regarding who gets to hold the celebration, or who’s not coming to dinner. Try to remember the spirit of the holidays, and do what brings YOU joy, allowing those you love to do the same. Those of you who are traveling for the holidays may find yourselves traveling with friends and family, or visiting with them!

All in all, this holiday season is a bit retro. There is definitely a lot of focus on preserving the enjoyable memories from past holidays and merging them into the fast-paced futuristic world we are moving into with greater velocity every day. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see new toy’s coming out like 1950’s kitchen appliances for the little ones that contain microwaves, with all kinds of computerized gizmos built in. We live in exciting times folks.

Perhaps for me the greatest joys of this past year came from my students and clients. I brought many new things into my classes and my readings this past year, and many people have benefited from them.   That gives me confidence to keep moving forward with new ideas and more innovations.

The two biggest changes I brought to my work in 2015 were first making my astrology, tarot, and psychic development classes available online so students everywhere could study them and become certified, and second, offering reading ‘special’s’ each month that guided my clients gently towards improving their lives in every way. Those reading specials also were offered at a low enough price point that people wanting to try working with me could afford to experiment.

I have got so much positive feedback regarding these reading specials that I’ll be offering them as personal coaching bundles with me. Look for them on my website soon. And I am going to continue offering new monthly reading specials all through 2016!

When I took my instructional programs online I also began to offer coaching in each area, beginning with Psychic Development Coaching given by Lisa Freeman. Lisa’s coaching was so successful that I brought in John Maerz to coach the Astrology Program, Beverly Frable to coach the Tarot Program, and Kala Ambrose to coach the Business side of things with my new creating a psychic or new age business program. This is now a great new way to get certified in the most successful programs available and study at your own pace. Check these programs out on my website under the Coaching tab.

In January I will be back in the real world teaching The Anastasi System of Psychic Development live at the Sheraton West Shore Airport Hotel in Tampa Florida. This is definitely the best way to take these classes, because it is a total immersion experience. Even if you’ve already taken the program online you will want to do the in-person version. Believe me, there is nothing like it. Those four days in Tampa will transform your life.

And of course, those of you who cannot travel to Tampa right now to take my Anastasi System of Psychic Development classes that begin on January 28th will have the opportunity to study online with me again next summer! I even have many students who go back and forth, taking some of the classes in person, and some online and even some with Coach Lisa. You can even try different instructors whose bios you can read on my website and still count it towards your certificate!

So what’s new that I’m planning for 2016? Well, you can look for me to be doing some more appearances on John Edward’s EVOLVE series online, you can take part in some very special psychic fairs that we are planning starring our graduates and teachers, and you can join me and my team on Sandy’s Psychic Cruise – this one is going to be in April, and it is very special since it’s our inaugural cruise! Sign up for that now, as it’s filling up quickly! And of course you’ll keep seeing my Psychic Protection Tips on my YouTube channel, my Psychic Hour’s that are online monthly, and my special monthly webinar series will continue too. Don’t miss the special discount I am offering for that this month, if you sign up for the whole series!

Oh – and there might even be another new book towards the end of 2016.   Hmmm. What should I write this one on?

Meanwhile, I wish you and yours a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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