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Sandy’s Editorial for June 2015

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Sandy Teaching Psychic Development in TampaHello Everyone,

I am taking the Anastasi System of Psychic Development online for the first time this summer, starting in July. Mark your calendars!

And it’s just in time to celebrate the launch of my new book: The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 6 – Healing through Spirit Communication. This is the last book in the series, and it’s taken me ten years to complete.

I have reached a milestone in my career.

In 1983, I had newly formed The Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies with my partner John Maerz.   I had already been teaching Levels 1-3 of what is now the Anastasi System for five years. Those classes formed the core of the school for astrology and all metaphysical sciences that we built around them. The Astrological Institute evolved into the distribution company for our CD’s and Bluerays over the years ,owned and run by John Maerz. This year we’ve revived it when John agreed to add his Astrological Tarot class to help me to award Tarot Certificates to our first group of online Tarot Class grads. Congratulations to all of you!

Well, back to my story. There I was, in the basement of the infamous ranch house on Bay Shore Rd. on Long Island, New York, teaching psychic development and a host of other metaphysical classes to people like John Edward and Shelley Peck and Linda West, and Judy Gianotti, and, well, hundreds of other people just like you. Honestly, the people who moved through our classes back then, and later when we opened Starchild Books together in Florida, reads like a Who’s Who. And they all started in the same place you are now.

In fact, when we left New York in 1989, we had 300 active students, all coming to that little ranch house to study. I have crossed paths many times over the years with many of those students, and have been amazed and delighted in their accomplishments. So many of them have gone on to utilize their psychic skills to enrich not just their own lives, but the lives of many, many other people, world-wide. Some are psychics and mediums, but not all. Many have brought their psychic and metaphysical knowledge and talents to use in the ‘real’ world to better their own lives, and the lives of all they’ve touched.

This is what teaching is all about to me. It is about helping and guiding the people you are lucky enough to be able to assist to reach heights they only dreamed of in their lives. I rejoice every time I hear of another student reaching success by putting the psychic tools I and my Guides helped them to gain into action.

I want to thank all of our students, throughout the last 36 years for doing me proud. I adore each and every one of you! Writers, psychics, lawyers, doctors, astrologers, mothers, fathers, and good citizens of our lovely planet earth – each of you has contributed immensely and all in your own way utilizing the psychic skills you have learned in our classes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My Guides showed small groups of people all over the planet studying psychic development with me all the way back in 1983. I didn’t understand that vision then. It took all these years for that vision to come to fruition. Back then, the internet was only a vague dream. Today, it is permitting me to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, to learn to develop their own psychic gifts, and to walk in the footsteps of those first 300.

Yes, this is a milestone for sure.

Come join me!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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