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Sandy’s Editorial July 2017

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Hello Everyone,

Are you a “pass the buck” kind of person?  Be honest with yourself as you answer, because no one else but you will know your answer.  The answer you give is important, and holds the key to almost everything in your life that you want to achieve, or have, or experience.

When someone asks you for something, do you answer directly, or give excuses?  Do you redirect them to someone else for their answer even if you could supply it yourself?

When something goes wrong in your family, at work, or elsewhere in your life, do you seek for a way to repair the situation yourself, or do you seek to blame someone or something else and then sit back and wait for someone else to fix the problem?

Do you spend as much time or more finding ways around doing something than you would by just doing it?

If you answered an honest ‘yes’ to any of these questions you are a “pass the buck” kind of person.  And as much as you want to advance physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in your life, you cannot.

“Pass the buck” people don’t achieve.  They don’t grow.  They don’t evolve.  Granted, they manage to escape most of life’s challenges.  They get to go along for the ride when things are good,  and when they aren’t, well….they just pass the blame or the responsibility along to someone else and sit back and wait for the ‘fix’ to happen.  They get to collect their pay check or its equivalent in human relationships all the while feeling like they are doing exactly what they should be, by passing things along to a person better equipped to handle them and treading water until the next thing to be passed on comes along.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of dealing with the “pass the buck” people in our lives.  I overheard a conversation a friend was having with her credit card company – and it took over a half hour of telephone transfers before she was finally transferred to someone with the knowledge and inclination to address her problem.  This was not a telephone system problem.  It was a “pass the buck” employee problem.  In this instance, listening to the call, it was very easy to see the vampirism also inherent in the “pass the buck” people the caller encountered as one after another the unhelpful person on the other end of the line did their best to suck the life out of her before passing her along to the next incompetent “pass the buck” person.

I’ve encountered this same problem myself in stores where I had to go through five people to get an answer to a single question, in dealing with technical web design people who kept passing the work on to the next team, and most frighteningly of all, in the medical system when I had to visit the hospital my dad was in on every shift change for a week to make sure the meds in the computer were accurate as no one seemed to have the time or ability to update them.

“Pass the buck” people not only miss their own opportunity for growth and evolution in their life, they also block and hinder the growth journey’s of others.  They become baggage to those they love and who love them.

So if you have fallen into the trap of being a “pass the buck” person, what do you do about it?  First of all, you need to identify that you are shirking your responsibility to yourself and others.  Next, you need to consciously choose to change, to become the responsible person you need to be in order to achieve self growth in every area of your life.  Then you need to consciously stop those “pass the buck” behaviors that are making you a non-player and non-achiever in your own life.  When someone asks you a question, answer it yourself or if you don’t have the answer search out a person or source that does.  Make it your responsibility to get the answer if you don’t already have it.  When someone asks you to do something connected to a job or skill you are supposed to have if you don’t have it, apply yourself to the correct education and get it. Stop procrastinating.  Do things as soon as they become your assignment.  Procrastination is only another way of “passing the buck”, by hoping the issue or problem will go away or someone else will do it if you avoid it.

What are the benefits of changing your “pass the buck” behavior?   Well, the first is that your friends and family will like you better.  But even more importantly, you will soon see that your newfound sense of responsibility applies first to yourself.  You will feel good about yourself.  You will find you can set and achieve goals that you never could before. You will gain self-respect and in turn others will respect you and give you recognition that you’ve never had before.  You will shortly find that some of the things you’ve passed the buck on were wonderful growth opportunities for you.  Your personal growth in every way, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, even physically will finally begin.

I hope to see you this month starting July 5th in my online psychic development class.  One huge way you can stop “passing the buck” in your own life is to develop your intuitive and psychic skills to where you can foresee the outcome of your own actions and the actions of those around you.  That’s a big reason so many people become “pass the buck” people.  They fear the consequences of their actions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to foresee the results of your actions and those of others that affect you so that you could make insightful choices and take positive results oriented action in your life?  Study psychic development with me online, in the safety and comfort of your own home, and my Guides and I can help you learn to do that.

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi




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