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Sandy’s Editorial March 2017

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Sandy’s Editorial March 2017

As an Intuitive Astrologer I see hundreds of clients a year, and as a Psychic Channel and Soul/Life Coach and teacher I work with thousands of people just like you all year long.

As I work with my client’s and students I see trends concerning what’s on their minds, what is giving them the most trouble, in general as well as specifically, and what they most want to know about to enrich their lives right now.

Right now what I see massively, all over the world, is a movement to find Truth.

People are looking to their Governments and Social Agency’s for Truth. They are looking to their extended and close family’s for Truth. They are looking to their employers and their religious and spiritual leaders for Truth. People just like you are no longer accepting what anyone says at face value. They are researching. They are asking for specifics. They are asking for proofs. As well they should.

Years ago my Guides told me, “Mankind MUST WAKE UP!”

Well, what I see my friends, with each new person asking for the burden of Truth, is another awakening soul. Are you one of them?

The search for Truth is a difficult one because ultimately every such search for outer world truth leads you inward to assess and reassess your own beliefs and values.

Where Truth is being bandied about or a fiction is stated as truth or a falsehood is smoothed over or hidden as a political agenda, do you find yourself taking one side or the other because you are on automatic, or because of social pressure, or because you are following what you have been told to believe? Or are you taking the opportunity to search out the truth by searching out the facts of the core issue and then looking inward and really seeking out the roots of your own beliefs and understandings and weighing them against your actual research into the issue or situation you are evaluating?

Yes indeed. The search for Truth is a difficult endeavor. The first step is always looking at the actual facts of a situation. But how we perceive and interpret those facts is always colored by our belief system.

Contrary to popular belief, any search for Truth needs to start with each one of us evaluating and finding out what our own beliefs are. Then we’ve got to test them and make sure they work for us and the world we live in. Then we’ve got to be willing to stand up for them. And we’ve got to be willing to let them go and replace them with new ones as we evolve.

Many people do not have the stomach for such a difficult project. Most people fear change, especially change within themselves and their own worlds. The fact is, any REAL search for Truth that you embark upon will change you.

Are you ready to really see your own world as it actually is? To disallow yourself any falsehood? To be totally honest with yourself to the best of your ability at all times and in all ways? Most people aren’t. But if you can start with the small things in your life, your awareness and understanding will grow and you will be able to see more and more of the real universe outside of yourself. ┬áThis is truly a major step for all of us in our evolution.

I believe as an astrologer that the recent eclipses, a lunar in Leo and a solar in Pisces, are focusing us in exactly this area. We are all being tested. No one fails.

But we are all being asked, can we really help another person or any situation, until we are first true to ourselves?

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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