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Sandy’s Editorial March 2018

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

As I was doing my Astrological and Psychic Predictions for the Sun Signs this month, it became very obvious to me that we have a somewhat rare and potentially explosive aspect going on all month that everyone should be aware of.

Here’s what’s happening. As we begin the month, Mars (energy and action) and Moon (emotion) are moving into a hard aspect, making everyone emotionally over sensitive and volatile. At the same time Mars is moving up on Saturn (resistance). This means that all that emotional energy is getting bottled up all month. Mars actually hits Saturn at the end of the month – so the pressure will remain on all month.

What does this mean for you? You may find yourself running in place, getting all revved up about something and ready to explode into action to achieve it, only to find yourself blocked at the last minute. It would be a good idea to have multiple options, and several different projects and interests so that when one gets restricted you can release all that emotionally charged energy into another. And be sure to pay attention to details in all you do. Many of your blocks will come from failure to check those details. Be aware of this energy at work not only in your life, but the lives of everyone you encounter. That will make you more understanding and forgiving and help you to not take things so personally.

What might you expect to be going on in the world around you? First, please be careful on the road. Everyone seems to be racing to get to the next traffic jam. Tempers are close to exploding all over so if you see a fight getting ready to erupt, your best choice is to move yourself out of the situation quickly. Be “situationally” aware. Avoid crowds or obviously tense situations.

In politics there will be a lot of heated interactions and even more explosive exposes’, in the US and other nations as well. But it’s going to seem like in spite of everything, individuals are still targeted but no major action is being taken. Keep an eye on what’s happening around the world too. There are many geographical areas where there will be a buildup of military tension and although it is unlikely any major nations will have loose trigger fingers, where individual emotions are involved, anything can happen. Remember the state-wide air raid drill in Hawaii? Watch out for more of that type of error. And of course the earth herself is experiencing this build-up of tension. Expect a lot of small earthquakes, storms, mudslides , even eruptions as she attempts to abate the building pressure and avoid ‘the big one’.

Since the moon begins the month in Virgo, a sign that tends to personalize, this month is characterized by individual action – which if unconscious and emotionally driven, may be misdirected. Conversely Mars starts the month out in Sagittarius, an idealistic sign that easily gets involved in supporting causes. That is a tough combination. But if you move through the month with conscious awareness, it is possible to utilize the buildup of tension-induced-energy in a very positive way in your life. Be aware of what is happening. Don’t take it personally. Find a way to direct your actions and reactions towards positive and growth oriented results. Don’t get drawn into other people’s causes without some deep thought first. Find out the particulars before you take action. Please go and read my psychic protection tip #58. It will help you to understand how to do that!

And don’t forget – you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! Wear green on the 17th, and cash in on the luck of the Irish this month!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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