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Sandy’s Editorial – May 2016

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Hello Everyone,

The focus of my work with you this month is on dreams and dreaming, and so this editorial is about a dream, a vision if you will, that I have long held, that I want to share with you.

I began my work in the psychic field almost three decades ago. I gave up a dream of having a family, my career as a Safety Engineer, and my comfort zone leading a normal life in middle class America to pursue a lifelong journey of exploration into the psychic, intuitive world.

I have never looked back.

My work led me to learn to do psychic readings in seven different metaphysical areas, and to teach how to do them. It led me to study energy medicine and healing, Reiki and Quantum Touch.   It led me to study Wicca and Shamanism and a host of other metaphysical, Western and Eastern religions and beliefs.

I wrote books, I taught classes; I helped create a metaphysical school, became a pioneer in developing a psychic development education system that really works, ‘The Anastasi System of Psychic Development, and even helped open and run a New Age store. I’ve helped to initiate a new wave of thought on our planet that has changed the lives of millions as the people I’ve touched continue to touch and transform others.

You see back in the early stages of my career my Guides gave me a dream. In this dream I was given to understand that the Higher Protection all of us here on Planet Earth have been enjoying for millennia was being dropped. That we were soon going to be on our own. That we were going to have to ‘grow up’ and become fully self responsible for ourselves, our loved ones, our planet. I was shown that to do that we would need to have all of our faculties developed, including and especially those psychic intuitive faculties so few of us actually use.

Helping people to recognized, accept, believe in, develop and become experts in using their God-given psychic- intuitive abilities has become my life’s work.   And I cannot do it alone.

It is my pleasure to announce my first ever business-coaching program, my Mastermind Coaching 3-part series, where I am teaching people from all different metaphysical areas – healers, astrologers, psychics, numerologists, mediums, tarot readers, and more, how to create, develop, promote and sustain your own successful businesses.

I have done it. I have built a successful New Age Business. Not once, not twice, but over and over again.

It is time for our world to recognize that there is an important place waiting in it for us and for our skills. I know of no better way to achieve that acceptance than by making your work into a successful and respected business.

I hope that those of you who are interested in developing your own metaphysically oriented career into a business of your own will look into my 3-part online Mastermind Coaching series. The first session was amazing. It’s not too late to join me for next two, or to sign up for the next Mastermind Coaching series that I will hold during the summer. Together, we CAN change the world!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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