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Sandy’s Editorial October 2017

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

My editorial this month is a call for healing and a reaffirmation of life, love and joy for all. It seems the political, economic, financial and social chaos we’ve seen all over the world is now being reflected in the distress of Planet Earth herself as well.

As Hurricane Irma approached where I live in Florida, I found myself an observer of absolute panic, fear and chaos. People I love and know well seemingly changed character before my eyes, some becoming unable to function, some becoming angry, some incredibly selfish, degenerating into total unthinking survival mode, some ran away, some dug in. Some exhibited a level of ADD they’d never shown a hint of before, some became leaders, taking charge, some gratefully followed their orders. Some went into hiding and some were even in total denial until Irma was upon them. Everyone in the county where I live, a survivor of Hurricane Charley in 2004, was in a raw emotional state of fear and panic. The media, attempting to push people into preparedness was both a good and a bad element. Good, because if not for their constant and detailed weather reporting that included government actions and support facilities, it is likely many more people all over the state of Florida would have died. Bad, because many news and weather stations have adopted a ‘fear and hype’ mode of presentation that tends to fan the flames of emotional chaos, and no doubt increased the fear for many.

But when everyone had finally made their choices about where, when, how and with who they were going to experience the wrath of Irma, it was amazing and wonderful to see people pull together here to take care of each other. Finally fear and panic had to be set aside for action. And in action, there was no longer panic, or chaos. The entire population of the county where I live either evacuated or went to ground – together, in environments of their choice, supported by friends, family, first responders, and many hospitals, schools, and government buildings that opened their doors to people needing shelter and had back up electrical systems. Everyone was prepared for whatever would come.

Here in Charlotte County, Florida, we were spared the full might of Irma. Inexplicably to most, as she approached her winds dropped to a survivable level, and she altered her course – going around the area on the landward side minimizing the dreaded storm surge that had been predicted. Behind her she left minimal damage – mostly electrical outages, and thankfully no loss of life. Other areas of Florida – the famous Keys, especially Key West, and Jacksonville, did not fare so well and I ask everyone reading this to send healing energy and love to the residents and first responders in those areas, as well as to those areas of Texas and the rest of the world where people are struggling with the aftermath of other natural disasters. On my Facebook page there is a special group anyone can join that is dedicated to sending healing to those in need. I invite you to join it if that is your calling.

Here is a passage my Guides wrote through me on my Facebook page as Irma approached Port Charlotte:

“We are stewards of this planet. In this last year we have failed our job,. Many of us, stimulated by the media, have degenerated into projecting anger and hatred, many are living in fear and desperation. Many have perpetrated harm on others. All of this drama creates a negative electromagnetic field that is intense. Is it any wonder our planet is in upheaval just as we are? It is time for us to become responsible citizens of the earth. Create peace in your life and most importantly in yourself. Send love to all. Generate an aura of calm protectiveness. Let’s bring calm to our angry planet just as you would to your tearful, fearful and angry child. Folks, it is time for us all to become adults and yes, caretakers and nurturers. Are you ready? Spread the word.”

It was amazing that as my Facebook friends read this, a wave of responses came in from all over the world. People were sending love and healing to all in Florida. People forwarded articles and research supporting what my Guides had just channeled through me. People were leading healing circles and leading meditations and teaching online how to affect the weather, how to swirl Irma in the opposite direction, how to nudge her into a new trajectory, how to calm her winds. People all over were sending calm, peace, love, and healing to Florida, and specifically to Port Charlotte. About an hour after I posted this, Irma did a little jag that sent her around Port Charlotte, Northport, Venice and Sarasota, and drew her winds inland. She dropped from a category 3 to a category 2 hurricane, and by the time she reached north Florida she was down to a category 1 and then just a severe tropical storm.

My deepest thanks to everyone everywhere who participated in our very own experiment in combining massive single focused human consciousness to alter a storm….to save lives. Just think what else we can do when we are consciously in control and generating positive emotions with a single focus?

     Love and Light,

     Sandy Anastasi


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