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Sandy’s Feb Astrological Predictions

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Sandy’s Feb Astrological Predictions


It’s important to hit the ground running this month Aries.  Old friends, experiences, activities, and loves, are returning into your life to reinforce a strong foundation that can catapult you towards your dreams.  Later in the month your love life and issues involving creativity and children will come under scrutiny.  Trust your intuition.  Your creativity and your intuition are high and you have a unique ability to find solutions that are out of the box! You may even get paid or have an opportunity to start a new and potentially lucrative job or business of your own with your newly developing talent.  Pay close attention to finances. What’s happening now will affect your financial path for the next six months or more.

Changes both at home and at work are on the horizon Taurus.  You will soon be shouldering a lot more responsibility than usual.  Be sure to pay close attention to your health and personal needs as added emotional and financial pressure from home,  family and work mounts. Issues with your significant other are adding pressure that is making you move faster than you are comfortable with.  This can lead to insecurity and even hyper vigilance concerning money.  Follow your intuition which is powerful right now and avoid drama.  It is possible you will have the opportunity to work from home, or expand or start your own business.  Keep a record of the roller coaster you are riding this month.  You are getting a quick look at what the next six months will bring!

This is a super emotional month for you Gemini, especially regarding finances, your home, family, and money.  Creative handling of your finances and skills is required for an endeavor you are beginning to succeed.  Your significant other or a close friend will supply grounding and support as you move forward. A move or travel, your own or another’s, is causing you to do a lot of soul searching.  If you are able to set your emotions aside to obtain objectivity right now could be a great time for letting that creativity flow through so you can write that book, get a handle on a special project, or just formulate and communicate some fantastic ideas.  Relative to friends and siblings, moves and travel, and your studies, keep a diary all month.  You are getting a peak into the next six months and more of your life.

 Keep a financial record and personal diary this month Cancer.  There will be ups and downs and opportunities that come suddenly and then disappear just as quickly.  This is the Universe’s way of getting you to be open to explore the various life options you are about to be exposed to.  Now is the time to observe and consider but not necessarily to act.  Keep your high emotions in check. Many of these things you see around you now will return during the next six months and by then you will be clear on what you want and you’ll be ready to act.  This year may just be the year you will be able to step forward into the home, relationship, career, and life of your dreams.  Be patient.   Find the flow.  Go with it when you find it.  Your innate talents and abilities, careful financial planning, and help from the right people at the right time, will help make it happen.

All of your relationships, especially those with your significant other or with any men you are close with (Including your father and brothers if you have any) are undergoing major permanent changes.  This may be due to health issues or differences of opinion, or even misunderstandings.  Communication is imperative.  Get things out in the open.  Something important is being hidden.  Your attention to detail and insistence on perfection is your biggest  asset at the moment.  How you handle things right now, as well as those actions and attitudes you observe in each of the other people involved with your situation, determines the future.  Not all of the people you know now will be part of your future.  Be aware of that and move forward with maturity and awareness.  


If you work in or around the health, education or service fields Virgo, this month is going to be a very good one for you.  You may be considering changing careers or the line of work you do or even going to school to further your career.  If you are, this month will highlight what works best for you.  Just keep your eyes open and observe.  Your best path will soon present itself.  For some of you health issues may play an important role this month too.  If so, rely on past knowledge and experience to handle what comes up now.  Highly emotional situations will be arising at work and at home and may involve finances, speculation, even romance.  You will find a unique ability to soothe and arbitrate most of these situations if you can hold onto your objectivity.  All of this may set the stage for a change in how you earn your living!  Be an observer as much as you can this month.  What you learn will help you move forward financially and in the development of all kinds of personal skills in the future.

This is a wonderful month for travel, for being spontaneous, and for any work or construction you want to do in or around your home.  Old relationships, situations, or creative ideas come back this month, to supply a jump off point for a future endeavor.  Friends can open doors for you regarding an idea you’ve got for a home based business or perhaps for communicating your creative ideas or work on a broader basis.  It’s a great month to finish up that book you’ve been thinking about!  Finances can be both up and down all month.  Money is coming in…the trick is to hold on to it!  Plan well and carefully.  Avoid any investments or activities that don’t feel sound.   Your intuition is powerful this month relating to your financial situation.  Trust it.  This is a great month to focus on health matters and to get a handle on anything that has been bothering you.  Remember, because of two eclipses, this month is a window into the next six!

Many things in your life are repeating right now and it is important to note that similarities to past situations and people are actually bench markers, helping you to make better choices as you seemingly relive past situations.  Remind yourself that now things are different.  You are different.  Don’t become absorbed into old patterns that did not work, but do remember those past behaviors that brought happiness and success.  Those are the ones you should build upon as you move forward.  This month’s eclipses activate both your home and your career, and even if you don’t work, they change the way the world sees you and the way you are moving through the world.  Be aware that your desire for change, transition, and expansive growth focuses on your significant other or your partner.  Mutual support is needed to create the change you want to bring about.  Communication, responsibility, and cooperation are the needed traits everyone must bring to the table – especially you.  The events and emotions of this month are harbingers of the future.  They are giving you at least six months of coming attractions.  This is every Scorpio’s dream!  Enjoy.

You are in the process of changing your thinking about things Sagittarius.  That is a big step – when thought patterns change, personal evolution is beginning!  Friends are super-important right now and their support is imperative to your growth as you move through this shift.  Your friends, your siblings, even your children if you have them, are your anchor.  How will they support you?  How will their own lives be changing?  How will that affect your life?  Observe this month and get a look into the next six!  All month long you continue to be very emotional and deep seated fears can affect your health and well being.  Stay on top of your own health and pay close attention to that of someone else who is close to you.  The current transits are taking the stress points in your life and loading them create an explosion.  Make sure that explosion isn’t health related.  Sublimate your fears, worries, and tension.  Take up a hobby.  Do work around the house.  Hang out with your friends.  Burn off the tension or it will burn you.  A change is coming.  You will feel like you can’t avert it. But you can control it and make it a smooth and easy part of your future.  Right now you are setting your focus for the next six months.  You are seeing in your life this month all the things you will be making decisions on for the next six.  Do yourself a favor.  Write them down.

You are beginning to see your future financial situation more clearly Capricorn.  You are beginning to see how you can get what you most want.  All of your skills and knowledge will be required.  All will be put to the test over the next six months – and you are learning now where you focus must be placed to succeed.  The hardest part will be to remain emotionally disconnected as things you’ve been working towards for a long time begin to move forward.  A child, childlike person, or something you have created is on the one hand a strong help in moving your dream forward, and on the other a powerful detriment.    This month you are putting a lot of energy into creating a strong financial base.  That is good as you will need it.  Working with other people to develop their skills, finances, and abilities is a wonderful goal during the first part of the month, but during the latter part of the month all of your energy and skill needs to be applied to your personal finances, skills and work.  Meanwhile, fall back on old friends, skills, knowledge, to help create the financial structure you need.  If you keep a diary this month, particularly  in the areas of your finances, assets, and earnings, you will get a look into the next six months.

What is happening with your relationships Aquarius?  You are diving into old patterns in a big way this month, many of which did not work for you.  A new relationship or a rebirth of the current one is likely within the next 6 months – if you use this time now to understand what doesn’t work and build upon what does!  If you hold onto regrets and resentments you cannot move forward.  Keeping a record of your daily activities, the way you feel, the events and situations that come up, and the people you interact with this month will help you with decisions you will make over the next 6.  These decisions are going to lead to a major change in your living situation.  You will have an opportunity to make a major change of or to your residence.  It is important to get a bead on what you really want.  Past romantic partners, children, insecurity, and an unrealistic view of your finances could all hold you back from what you want.  Get in touch with yourself before you start taking advice from anyone else.

This month set’s off a very unusual next six months for you Pisces.   There will be a tendency for you to be pre-occupied with your fears and worries as current life experiences set off old reaction patterns.  Think of this as an opportunity to get in touch with your fears, and let them flow over you, but not grab a hold of you.  Your home, family, and children are definitely going through a lot of changes, but you are going to learn that they are capable of dealing with their issues themselves and each time they do that you are going to deal with another knee jerk fear reaction that you get to release.  How cool is that!  Meanwhile, this month you must focus your attention on finances.  There are major ups and downs.  You will work hard to overcome the roller coaster ride of finances, and will find that this is best done when you are the one in charge.  Enjoy a February filled with lots of opportunity – provided you don’t get distracted into drama!

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