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Sandy’s February 2017 Reading Special

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 in Readings | 0 comments

This month’s reading special is about examining your personal financial foundation and financial health. Where do you want to go this year with your personal abilities and your own personal development, your finances, and your ability to earn the income you want? Are you in the field of employment you want to be in? Are you earning the income you believe you are entitled to? Are you using your best talents and abilities in the way that is most fulfilling and lucrative? Are you getting the time you need to work on and develop yourself? Is your financial situation causing trouble in your personal life or in your relationships? It is a fact, most relationships that fail involve financial problems for one or both partners. Do you wonder what is coming up for you this year regarding opportunities as well as challenges?

In this session my Guides and I will help you to recognize your best personal assets to attain your financial goals this year and get on track for where you want to go in years to come. My Guides know what is coming into your life this year regarding both your opportunities and your major challenges. Together, we will help you to find the best areas to work on to improve your talents and abilities to help your financial picture this year. Perhaps most importantly, we will help you to identify the major resistance to your financial health and personal growth right now and learn two important ways to turn that resistance to a special bonus instead.

It’s about creating a plan. We will track your projected financial ups and downs for the year, so that you will be prepared to deal with whatever comes up. It’s about positive thinking, organizing, planning, and creating action steps!

My Guides and I will use channeling, tarot, numerology, and astrology to do your reading. We know think your finances would be better if your partner earned more, or if your boss wasn’t so ‘tight’, or if you didn’t have so much debt, and the list goes on. This reading isn’t about them, or even about your outer circumstances. It is about YOU, it’s about empowering you, and about showing you where you already have the assets you need to get what you want and to become who you want to be.

Schedule this reading with me and my Guides now, as it will only be available for a short time.

I began offering my reading specials in January of 2015 in order to give people who want to move forward with their lives an affordable way to get a reading with me and my Guides. This particular reading can be a life-altering experience for you. Sign up now!

It will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195. Don’t miss out. Schedule your time NOW.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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