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Sandy’s July 2015 Editorial

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in News, Newsletter | 1 comment

Man With Third Eye, Psychic Supernatural SensesHello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the long warm days of summer if you’re in my hemisphere. If you are on the other side of the globe reading this, let me extend some warmth from sunny Florida to keep you going through your Winter days.

Meanwhile, these warm sunny days here are taking me back to a day over ten years ago when a tall, gangly man walked through the door of Starchild, our little store in Port Charlotte, Florida, and took the first step to changing his life forever – though he didn’t know it yet.

He’d just driven 600 miles on a wing and a prayer, hoping I could help him.

I happened to be at the front counter when he walked in that Friday. I was instantly struck by the energy of his aura. It was depleted and dark. I could see he was anxious, depressed, paranoid, fearful, leaking energy all over the place and on the verge of a panic attack.

I immediately knew he was there for my psychic development class that was scheduled to begin the next morning. I greeted him and got him registered. That’s when he told me he had driven straight to the store and hadn’t even got his hotel room yet. I told him where the closest hotel was; more importantly, I gave him easy driving directions to the nearest beach, and told him he needed to soak in the warm salt water of the Gulf until he got himself grounded. I told him what his aura looked like, and what that meant to me, and he confirmed that was the way he was feeling. He told me he really didn’t know how he made the drive down. He actually had several panic attacks along the way, and had to pull over to be sick. He said he was not in his right mind. One look at him confirmed that.

When I saw him the next day in class, he was much improved, but he was still anxious, fearful and leaking energy.

In that first level class he learned to ground and center himself, to meditate, to open and work with his chakras, and to protect himself energetically.   He learned about the psychic world, what psychic abilities were, and how they worked. He learned about empathy, and telepathy and reality creation by focusing thoughts. He learned that he was psychic, and that all that he was experiencing was a result of his uncontrolled and untrained psychic ability. He learned that his abilities could be controlled, turned down, even turned off if he chose. At that time, all he wanted to do was to learn to turn it all off.

He went home after that class feeling more whole, grounded, and for the first time in what felt like years to him – in control of his life and his world once again. That one class changed his life forever.

I was not surprised to see him back the following month for the second level, where he learned about energy and auras. He later told me he was on several types of prescription medication to control his anxiety when I first met him, but by the end of the second class he was able to discontinue all those medications. He could even sleep through the night.

As I got to know him better I heard his whole story, which he’s given me permission to tell you here.

He was born into restrictive deep south family, where anything occult or psychic was considered ‘devil’s work’. But that didn’t stop him from seeing and hearing people in spirit. He was a natural born medium.

Following the deaths of many of his friends, family members, and lover, his gift grew in strength. He couldn’t turn those voices or visions down or off, and it became harder and harder to live each day. His life became a nightmare controllable only with the help of a psychologist and prescription drugs. He became more and more reclusive.

One day while watching John Edward’s “Crossing Over”, a favorite show, he heard my name mentioned as John’s teacher. He wrote down my name, looked up my phone number, and wrote it on a scrap of paper. That tiny scrap of paper found its way into a drawer where it lived for two years before one day, in the midst of a panic attack, he remembered it, searched for it, and found it tucked far in the back. He decided, once and for all, to find out what was happening to him and to learn how to stop it. He made that phone call and took his first step towards healing himself.

But he didn’t use those classes to put a stop to his ability, as he’d originally intended. Instead, he learned about the mediumship ability he was born with, and how to develop it and control it so that it could be used for good. And he learned that he had many other psychic skills and abilities that he could develop and also learn to control. He learned that his life and the lives of those he loved got better and better as he did.

He went through all my classes. Then he went through them again and again, gaining skill and improved knowledge with each class repeat. While he was learning he began to practice on others, and became confident enough to do readings professionally. His fears and anxiety entirely dropped away. He got a job working in a New Age Store as a reader. He developed a loyal following and helped many people. He became the sole support of his family, financially, and found that his friends and family actually enjoyed the helping and healing work his gift was allowing him to contribute to the community.

He eventually learned to teach the classes himself and was one of the first to graduate to become certified to teach The Anastasi System of Psychic Development. It took him several years to complete that training. He began teaching the Anastasi System in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is Carl Woodall’s story my friends. Carl’s journey led him from frightened recluse to ‘Atlanta’s Medium’. Carl worked for years as a successful psychic and medium in the Atlanta area, doing readings and teaching at various locations, before opening The Atlanta Metaphysical Center some years ago. Today he continues his life work of helping others to open and develop their own psychic skills and gifts, while continuing to expand his own once denied, now fully accepted and constantly growing psychic tool box.

If you recognize something of yourself in Carl’s story, don’t wait. Get control of your own abilities right now.

Find a teacher to study with in person, or get distance coaching with my assistant Lisa, where you can study at your own pace using my MP4’s or blue ray videos under her guidance,

or click here to study online in person with me…

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi


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