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Sandy’s July 2018 Reading Special

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

July 2018 Reading Special

If you’ve read or listened to my Editorial for this month, you are aware that a LOT is happening as we move into July.  There are two eclipses this month, one in Cancer and one in Aquarius, followed by another in Leo as we begin next month. 

At the same time these eclipses are rattling our cage, Uranus is moving forward into Taurus giving us coming attractions, Pluto is retrograding to bring the last five years worth of tumultuous situations back for us to reconsider, and Neptune is highlighting all of the things we should be considering as we make decisions about our future.  Wow!

But what does all this mean to YOU?  Many of you follow my monthly astrological and psychic predictions for your sun sign.  Some of you attend my Psychic Hour monthly to get still more insight from me and my Guides. 

But if you REALLY want to take advantage of  what we have to offer you NEED to get an actual session with my Guides and I.  There is so much change happening in the world. 

How does it affect you?  Where should you be focusing your attention to move through the constant shifts happening around you in the smoothest and most successful way?  Perhaps most important of all – where are all these planetary shifts affecting your life, how are helping to shape your future? 

I truly believe that when you understand the energy that is coming in and how and where it is affecting  you, you can take charge, using it to promote the things that you want in your future life.

This month’s reading special is about you, where your future is going, and how you can shape it to take you where you want to go.

My Guides and I have been helping people like you through channeling for over 38 years.  I began offering my reading specials in 2015 in order to give an easily affordable way to experience getting the special help my Guides and I give together when working with our clients.  I can assure you, the experience will amaze you and be wonderfully helpful, as my many clients will attest.
Please allow a half hour of your time for this information filled session.  The cost is only $195.  You will receive your astrology chart and a cassette tape of your session (as cassettes are sometimes damaged in the mail I am afraid I can give no guarantee on your  recording – but you are certainly welcome to also record the session on your own smart phone or other device).   I can do this reading via telephone or Skype


I am also available for complete channeled readings, and both business and personal coaching.  Find out more and make your appointment via my website

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