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Sandy’s July Astrological Predictions

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Sandy’s July Astrological and Psychic Predictions for July 2018

Aries –

This is an important month for you Aries!  Your emotional focus will be on changing relationships all month long, especially your most important, primary relationship.  Eclipses occurring in your Solar Houses of Home and Career from the middle through the end of the month are putting pressure on you to move forward with plans and activities concerning your mother, your home, and your family, and even more pressure to step forward to change the way you are moving forward in the world relative to your career and personal expression.  Needless to say, it’s not surprising that you feel a bit overwhelmed.  Remind yourself that you can take your time.  Don’t allow yourself to be pushed.  Your financial future and the future of your career and business, if you have one, will be determined by the choices you make now.  Just remind yourself that you are a creator, and you can do anything you set your mind to do!  Communicating your needs and establishing a firm foundational understanding is the most important factor right now.

Taurus –

Your emotions this month are keyed into your current financial situation, and your need to make responsible commitments to your loved ones.  You are reviewing a major shift you’ve made over the last few years, and internally weighing its success or failure when compared to your initial plans and ideas.  This isn’t about self recrimination, guilt, or poor-me.  It’s about making the necessary course adjustments to allow yourself to step back or adjust your goals if that is of greater benefit. Your considerations may include a relocation of your home, career or business, long distance or future connections to important people, even altering your insights or belief systems concerning target people or situations.  What a month! Don’t be afraid to include your close friends, a sibling or a spouse or partner in your explorations of ideas.  Their input can be very helpful as you make your decisions for moving forward with a new game plan.  Have a great month!

Gemini –

July will be an emotional month Gemini.  Your always verbal and emotionally expressive, you need to remember now that all communication is a two-way street.  You have to listen too!  You are examining all of your relationships – past and present, parents, children, friends, siblings, associates, even the one with your significant other. Someone’s health issues weigh heavily on you.  It’s ok to discuss your powerful emotions, but be careful how you express them or you will drive people away!  You have some difficult discussions coming up.  It would be wise to be objective and diplomatic.  Avoid triangle situations or having important conversations with a third party (even your child) present.  That’s a perfect setup for an argument.  There are two eclipses this month that have you to closely examining finances.  It’s important to share your insights. You will need to work as a team, set necessary goals, boundaries and parameters, so that the correct actions can be taken. What you do now will affect your financial future for the next six months or even longer.

Cancer –

You are doing some uncharacteristic deep thinking this month as situations with your significant other, with children, older people, and a woman important to your work or career press your emotional buttons.  You find yourself helplessly asking ‘why’ you feel those responses, or even if your responses are causing or contributing to their irritating actions. Wow.  Tremendous growth is at hand for you Cancer, even in the midst of the stresses, conflicts, and fears you are confronting.  Illnesses, changes at work, shifts in your home environment upset your balance. Now is your opportunity to set the parameters for your future interactions with all these people.  In all legal situations make sure you have the right documentation and pay attention to the details.  You are uncovering deep conflicts that need resolution, both within yourself and in many of your relationships.  Avoid those knee-jerk reactions.  Wait for the situation and the people involved to reveal themselves.  They will.  You don’t realize it yet, but your are the one in control as long as you keep your cool.  Happy Birthday!

Leo –

Both this month and next are especially important for you.  Indeed, this whole year has been something of a turning point in your life.  Do you like where you are headed?  If you are on track with where you want to be, that’s great.  If not, now is the time you need to turn things around.  Put your head together with friends and family members. Seek support if you need it. Face your fears, move through them, because it’s time to begin taking charge and taking action.  Serious health issues need to be considered – your own, or those of someone close. There is also added responsibility at work or in your daily routine.  Don’t let it get away from you.  You need to pay attention to the small things now.  The things you don’t normally even notice.  Let your intuition guide you.  It’s very strong right now.  Pay attention to your dreams, and your feelings.  Feelings are significant – they tell you if you are moving in the right direction or not.  You need to be the one in charge now, or you need to walk away.  There is an old adage about control that is of note right now – that which you control ultimately controls you.  Don’t let that happen.

Virgo –

It’s about values and beliefs and giving and receiving unconditional love this month Virgo.  If you have children, expect some things to come to light that need your involvement.  If you are married or in a love relationship, your partner is relying heavily on you.  You are faced with insights that make you step back and take a different viewpoint.  Your friends are alternately supportive or not there.  How do you feel about them? How do you feel about the balance in your life right now?  Things are certainly not what you thought they were in a few critical areas of your life, but doesn’t that set you free?  Find someone uninvolved to bounce your thoughts and feelings off of.  Sometimes thoughts need to be verbalized to crystallize.  If you don’t get too caught up in all of these things, you can put energy and creativity into your career aspirations right now.  Things are lining up for you in a good way.

Libra –

Expect  that you will be experiencing unpredictable mood swings all month.  Putting focus into your career or your own plans for the future and taking action there will help to control your roiling emotions and direct them into productive activity that will benefit you greatly and defuse your emotional stress.  If you are thinking of travelling or of entertaining a guest who visits you, now is a good time for that, or to at least plan it. That is, in fact, another good way to de-stress.  There is upheaval at home as well as at work and some control issues may come into play.  Communicating and working and planning closely with a friend or female relative pays an important part in where your future is going right now but you may have to keep some of your ideas and intentions quiet on the home front so as to prevent meddling.  Additionally family politics are shifting.  Many changes are on the way, and if you sit back and watch you’ll begin to see some interesting things unfold.  If you are married or in a special relationship it’s important for you and your significant other to be on the same page and keep your plans to yourselves.

Scorpio –

You are experiencing a Jupiter return Scorpio, which means more, bigger, better, longer…you get the picture.  It may be difficult to control your weight right now, or the tendency to overdo things.  But if you want to travel or move the stars are bringing opportunities your way!  It’s a great time to either visit or entertain a friend or relative from afar.  If you are married or in a relationship you could even find yourself travelling separately from your mate or perhaps welcoming home a partner that’s been away for a while!  If you make an investment it’s likely to be a big one, if you buy a home or a vehicle it’s going to be extravagant in some way.  This is a great time for setting long distance or long range plans in motion too, and also for engaging in philosophical discussions of all kinds! Go ahead and dream.  A lot of those dreams are going to find their way into your real world.   It’s not a good time for entering into contractual obligations of any kind unless you read the fine print very well, or better still, have your attorney do it.  A woman who lives or works long distance from you is likely to be helpful in resolving some communication problems, or perhaps helping with those travel plans. And do keep your eyes open.  Past financial difficulties may be resurfacing.  Think of this as an opportunity for resolution.

Sagittarius –

Money, money, money, money.  Money is on your mind this month, and you are feeling the crunch of restrictions on your budget.  This month’s eclipses fall in the money houses of your Solar chart, and focus on your need to exert budgetary control over yourself and any other family members, or employees, if you own your own business.  On a more positive note, this is setting the stage for you to develop long term goals and financial plans that can lead you in a new and more financially comfortable position.  You are starting to look at real action steps you can take that will establish a solid foundation using your own abilities and finances.  Additionally, you will be having important discussions with financial planners, banks or government agencies that can help you to set things up solidly for a healthy future.  Friends are very supportive and important all month long.  That’s important because you are working so much and so immersed in the everyday routines and health issues of important family members that without that support you’d be forgetting to take time for yourself and that is something you absolutely MUST do.  Right now you are working at work and then you are working at home.  Give yourself a break.  It’s time.  Turning a new hobby into a lucrative skill may just be the perfect solution.

Capricorn –

All those old ideas, regrets, worries, even fears you’ve been storing up for the last three or four years are being triggered right now.  Think of this not as a panic time, but as an opportunity to make sure your right handling of them and resolutions for them are in place and set up as you want them to be.  A lot of self-transformation is occurring this month.  Things you’ve been thinking about are now ready to be acted upon.  Friends, partners, even your significant other if you have one are helping to give support and direction.  If you are in a relationship you would like to take to the next level, now is the time that could happen.  Emotionally you are focused powerfully on worldly matters, on your finances, and on your career if you have one.  As you encounter and eliminate your fears one by one some health issues for yourself or someone close to you may surface.  Now is your opportunity to clear them as well as the fear or worry that gave rise to them.  The second part of the month your focus will turn more towards relationships of all kinds, and your need to set a balance for yourself within them.

Aquarius –

Your unconscious mind is powerfully stimulated all month.  Mars, planet of action, is situated right on your Solar ascendant.  It’s going to be hard to not act before you think this month.  It will be difficult to avoid those knee jerk reactions when your buttons are pushed.  But your intuition is powerfully activated, and your creativity is fabulous.  Follow your hunches and intuitive feelings no matter what others say.  They may very well keep you out of trouble.  Family issues of all kinds are going to grab your energy and attention all month.  Give yourself permission to be present for what works for you, and step back from those things that don’t.  Travel would be a good thing for you this month so if you get and invitation, act on it!  If you have children, expect some emotional but uplifting involvement with them this month too.

Pisces –

Plan fun travel time for you and your family this month.  It will take your mind off of finances. Home and family are your primary concern and focus all month, though your creative juices are running high and will help you considerably with career activities.  Be somewhat wary of friends though, as some things you’d rather not know about are coming to light.  You may feel the need to act upon what you know as it’s likely not in keeping with your own beliefs or values.  Rather than get drawn into manipulation or control games that could continue for six months or more, with family members or with associates, take the time to think before you act and go back to your personal planning. You are being given an opportunity now to step back  into your own special place and to reconsider the direction you want your life, your family, your loves to move towards.  And speaking of moves, As you are having both a Jupiter return in your Solar chart and Jupiter is currently on your Solar Mars – it IS a great time for travel, or a move of either your home or your business. It’s a good time for secrets to be exposed too. Keep a diary.  What happens and is discussed now may very well be your life in six months or so.



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