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Sandy’s June 2017 Reading Special

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After all of the looking back you’ve been doing lately, rethinking the “what if’s”, the “wonder what’s” and the “if only’s” of your life, you are likely looking forward to your future with some trepidation. You might be asking yourself, as I often have myself, “If I made that choice I ended up not being happy with before, how can I learn to make better choices, ones I will be content with, in the future? How can I know what to fix, what not to fix, what to walk away from?

It probably doesn’t help you to know that everyone seems to have the same feelings when they look back at certain things. This is YOU we are talking about, and YOUR LIFE.

When I found myself looking back at my own life and not liking certain things I’d manifested, my first thought was to find who or what I could blame everything on. The problem with doing that is that since it is really YOU who are making the choices in life, and YOU who are the manifestor, blaming past hurts on someone or something else doesn’t help you to stop continuing to make the same mistakes again. Life doesn’t change and it doesn’t get better.

As long as you are in the ‘blame it on everyone else’ mode you are going to continue to be an unconscious manifestor of all those things in your life that you are hating. But once you begin to become conscious of your personality traits and emotional habit patterns that are keeping you in the rut of repeating the same life situations over and over again, you can begin to get a real handle on those things in your own nature that you can actually fix, once you become consciously aware of them and learn new ways of using them. Then and only then can you really make the right decisions that affect everything in your future.

This reading is an amazing opportunity. Most people live life unconsciously and never realize there is another way. There is another way for YOU.

My Guides and I have decided to make this month’s reading special about YOU. It’s about becoming aware of your unconscious patterns that are unhealthy for you and your life, and showing you how to use your conscious awareness to turn them into positive assets instead. You may already be stuck in a life situation that you have manifested that you find unpleasant, at work or at home. You may already be manifesting health issues that are the result of your turning your anger and frustration at yourself inward. You may be dealing with a loved one’s health issues and feel burdened by or fearful about them, to a point where both of your lives are in a shambles. Wouldn’t you like to get a better handle on what’s coming if you don’t make any changes, and what you could create instead by making the right changes?

During this special reading my Guides and I will be using channeling and astrology, which gives us as good an insight into you as a highly trained psychologist might have. Get this reading special with me this June. It is intended to help you become more consciously aware of your own personality patterns and show you their good side so you can like them and build on them. It will help you rebuild self trust, and help you to create the best possible future for yourself and your loved ones by helping you to react consciously to life’s challenges and changes, eager and excited to see what you are going to create next!

I began offering my reading specials in January of 2015 in order to give people who want to move forward with their lives an affordable way to get a reading with me and my Guides. This particular reading will be a life-altering aid to everyone.

It will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195. Schedule this reading with me and my Guides now, as it will only be available for a short time.

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Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi


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