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Sandy’s June 2018 Editorial

Posted on May 16, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

I just finished reading Astrologer Alan Oken’s masterful discussion concerning Neptune’s current affects on humankind’s awakening awareness.  You can read it yourself on Facebook. 

I listened to Psychic Medium John Edward’s latest online presentation of Evolve on his website, John

The questions asked, and his insights, show how people are awakening. 

Like you, I’ve been following world events in the Middle East and Korea with both concern and hope.   I’ve shared countless videos and dissertations on Higher Consciousness, including all kinds of tools and trainings to help us get there, on my website, Facebook, my YouTube channel and on my Psychic Hour. 

I’ve worked with client after client who mirrors these issues on the World Stage and is struggling to find their way through the maze of their own life to achieve the dreams they are striving for.  For so many the way ahead is clouded and nearly impossible to navigate alone.

What all this has brought home to me is the uphill battle we are all facing as a race of beings right now as we work to expand enlightenment throughout the planet.  As you know, that growth has to begin with you.

The very best tool that I have ever been given to share with others is the Kabbala.  When my Guides helped me and my students to research, develop, write, and walk the 32 Paths of Wisdom they gave a true Path to Enlightenment to Humankind. 

I am excited to be guiding a new group of Kabbala Pathworkers beginning on June 6th.  No previous experience is necessary.  No prior knowledge is required. Personal development and expanded awareness, at your own pace and in your own way,  is virtually guaranteed as many past generations of Pathworkers can attest.  The very first session is the only one that gives an overview of the Kabbala, what it is and how it is a tool for enlightenment.  Session 1 talks to your mind.  The subsequent sessions speak to the inner, intuitive, you.  They are personal, exciting, insightful and experiential.

Pathworking the Tree of Life helps  you to get to the roots of your own present life challenges effortlessly, transmuting them to areas of understanding and self-growth instead.  As you get in touch with your own deepest self, you will set up a sort of resonance that creates a ripple effect throughout your life.  This occurs automatically and effortlessly. The people you know and love begin to evolve with you.  Further ripples move out from them until you all have together created a movement of good will and evolved thinking, feeling, and behaving that extends throughout your world. 

Kabbala Pathworking is an amazing tool for personal development and expanding consciousness.  It is my pleasure to be your guide beginning June 6th.  I hope to see you there.

Come walk the 32 Paths of Wisdom with me

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi

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