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Sandy’s March 2017 Astrological Predictions

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Sandy’s March 2017 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Aries –

This is a month for facing your fears and confronting your challenges Aries. Whether your personal challenges involve people, events, or situations the fact is you can’t move forward with the things you’ve been trying so hard to create if you are allowing your unconscious fears and motivations to keep making you go underground with your own needs and desires. It’s time to talk about them. Bring them out in the open. Embrace confrontation as a means of uncovering what you need to know to move forward. Convert some of that intense emotion into action!

Taurus –

This month has you feeling emotionally volatile and easily distracted by matters concerning love, children and friends. Unless there is an opportunity for healing or a meeting of the minds it’s a good time to avoid those deep conversations that are going to cause you to explode and alienate people you care about. Meanwhile, it is a very good time for you to pay attention to your finances and/or your business. Likewise in family matters finances need your attention right now. It is wise to keep those intense feeling under wraps for now and deal instead with life’s more important issues. In fact, something you’ve been working long and hard for, or perhaps been expecting for a long while, is about to happen. Be ready.

Gemini –

Sudden change and shifts in the lives of friends and if you have them, your children, characterize this month along with major opportunities related to your career. Expect some sudden surprises that could be good or bad. It’s a good time to get clear on what you want and on the direction you see your life going, because when these opportunities start coming your way they will be all over the map. It will be easiest for you to make choices and decisions on the fly if you know your heart going in. You may be most surprised to discover that home, career, relationship, and family decisions are largely in your hands. Trust and rely on your intuition. Right now it is impossible to see the ramifications of all of your, and everyone else’s actions. If you try to figure it all out you will just get lost in your own mental gymnastics. A leap of faith is in order.

Cancer –

You’ve got a lot on your plate this month Cancer, as you begin to really consider the support roles you’ve stepped into in nearly every area of your life, from parents, to children, to career, to home and family and even friends. As you’ve picked up each responsibility you’ve done so with good intentions and good feelings, but you now realize even you can spread yourself only so thin. Your feelings of wanting to run away are intense. Career opportunities for you or your partner are yours, but only if you make the necessary changes to free up your time and energy. Decisions are difficult as they involve in-laws, extended family, distances, and maybe even travel or relocations. This would be a great month for a much needed getaway that gives you the space you need to ‘feel’ your way through all of these issues, to choices you are comfortable with.


Leo –

Friends, associates, and perhaps your children, if you have them, are helping you via their changing needs and issues to look deeply into yourself and evaluate your own position and your deepest needs and to see more clearly what currently motivates you most! This is a great month for personal growth for yourself Leo. What do YOU want? Most likely it’s not the same thing it was a few short months ago! Keeping up with your finances and also those of a close partner or relative is crucial right now. If your work involves finance, pay close attention as money and assets may be moving around in ways that are important yet difficult to follow. If you are married or have a significant other, dynamic changes in their family and career are likely to have a strong affect on both of your futures, and foster many new choices and actions in your life. What a dynamic month you’ve got ahead of you Leo!

Virgo –

It seems like one of your primary jobs this month Virgo is to be the one who holds down the fort, both at home and at work. You are a healer and ‘fixer’ at heart, and right now is the best time of the year to work on healing your past and present relationships on all levels.   You may even discover your true soul mate as you let go of your innate resistance to letting people in. Old relationships, partnerships, and even possible business partnerships are resurfacing and can now move forward with new life, if you want them to. Pay attention to finances all month long as opportunities may be coming that will require swift action. Be sure to have your financial house in order relative to wills, loans, taxes, and investments.


This is an emotionally intense month for you Libra as you find yourself worried and concerned about your significant other or a close friend, mother or other family member. Try not to get caught in the middle of disputes or major decisions that do not directly concern you. Every word you utter can easily be taken the wrong way. The situation is volatile and so are the people. Your world is feeling very topsy-turvy at the moment, as you tend to base your security in your relationships. Putting your energy right now into getting your own body and health into shape, into your daily tasks and work, and going back into creative endeavors that bring you peace and comfort is a great solution and will lead to new opportunities as well. When the dust clears and settles, it’s likely you’ll be taking many things in your life in a new direction.


Travel and travel plans or possibly even a relocation are in the works this month, as are major changes in your day to day world at home and/or at work, or both! Communication is crucial as there will be major ups and downs that you need to be on top of. Keep an eye on your health as well, and also that of female friend, lover or pet who is close to you.   You have many creative and romantic outlets this month. Take the time to enjoy as many as you can. Past opportunities are returning for you and for your oldest child (if you have children). It is best to keep business and relationship things to yourself until you are clear where they are going. Any business or social activities involving creativity, imagination, recreational drugs, acting, music, psychic or spiritual pursuits, or romance will be enjoyable and successful this month but avoid any escapist or addictive activities and the people who you know are involved with them. This month you can rise to joyous heights or skirt the edge of disaster. As always, it is your choice.

Sagittarius –

Your home is a place of creativity, sanctuary, healing and social gatherings this month Sagittarius. Change is all around you, but your home is your port in the storm. An older female friend, sister or relative is the perfect person to share your vision and thoughts with. It’s a great time to start a diary, write a book, or begin that course of study you’ve been wanting for so long to get involved with. If you have responsibility for caring for an older relative or child, male or female, there will be sudden shifts in their health and well being as well as many opportunities around them right now that you will need to help them sort through. Major financial decisions and issues are around you right now too Sagittarius. Work hard to be frugal, and in touch with all your own as well as your partner’s expenses and you will succeed with your plans.


Emotionally you will be involved with home and family matters all month Capricorn. Changes you are moving through in your home require partnering someone to work through. Expect the unexpected and be flexible and all will be well. In fact, there are many opportunities coming that will allow you to grow and expand, but only if you are open enough to recognize them. Meanwhile it is time for you to explore your communication gifts. This could be in the areas of learning, teaching, counseling, intuitive readings or healing or in any other area in your personal or business life that you can use your skills. The development and exploration of these abilities will bring you joy all month long. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised to find yourself sharing your advice and insights with other family members, friends, and colleagues of both sexes. Old opportunities and old friends are returning.


Finances are of the utmost concern this month Aquarius, as you are making some major decisions that can affect your business, relationship, and living arrangements. An opportunity for travel is coming, and you will thoroughly enjoy the planning of it as well as the trip. It’s possibly even a place you might consider moving to. Meanwhile, an opportunity to heal your financial situation is at hand, but you may have to dig up old records and go back into some old expenditures to do that. Trust your instincts. They will lead you to the space and the place you want to be in. Be cautious who you share information with though. Trusted professionals are the best people to talk to, not your friends and sibs who will merely confuse the issues you are presently involved with.


This is your month Pisces. It is a month for healing yourself. That may require going back emotionally and mentally into old issues, friendships, experiences…but seeing them in a new way, through new eyes. It is time to embrace your intuitive self. You’ve been dealing with addictive and escapist behaviors in yourself and others now for several years. With the eclipse patterns currently moving through the Pisces-Virgo axis astrologically, it is time to finally make up your mind whether you want to be on the co-dependent side of your sun sign or the intuitive, creative and healing side. You are opening your eyes, embracing your intuition, and setting boundaries to protect your personal space and achieve the clear vision that is your birth right. What a month this will be!







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