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Sandy’s March 2018 Astrological Predictions

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Sandy’s March 2018 Astrological Predictions

Aries –

March is a month of rare introspection for you Aries.  Much of that introspection is motivated by your strong emotions and empathy all month.  Pay close attention to your dreams and record them as you are getting great insight into your present life situation through them.  What you think you want is not what you seem to be manifesting in your life.  Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at what you want? When your desires get on the same page as your actions you will feel less divided.  Meanwhile, family issues are of major concern and there is no time to lose.  You need to focus on gaining clarity, setting expectations and boundaries, and implementing your ideas.  Big changes are about to enter your career, or that of someone close to you in a way that will affect your life.  Expect a shift in your love life too if you’re single.  You’re stepping forward soon into more responsibility.  Be ready for it!
Taurus –

Your focus all month long keeps returning to home, family, and mother or mothering concerns.  You are feeling drawn in two directions and you feel pressed to make some choices that are difficult.  Listen to all suggestions, but rely on your own intuition for decisions.  Meanwhile family and financial issues may require some travel, or a lot of time online or on the phone.  If you want the truth about any situation be sure to find it yourself.  Try to be crystal clear on all situations before making commitments or signing any legal documents.  Consult a trusted professional if necessary.  This is a time for you when it’s easy to step into a responsibility you don’t want and will be paying into for a very long time. Remember that it’s far better to look before you leap.  

You career or the next stage of your life journey is taking off this month Gemini, though it may be shrouded in mystery or not yet fully clear to you.  Communication of all kinds is, as always, one of the most important things you have to concern yourself with for things to move forward smoothly for you.  If you handle all issues as they come up and do it all diplomatically, by the end of the month you will have dissolved a lot of blocks and be well on your way to the freedom your heart desires.  Your emotions are right on the surface all month.  Pay attention to them.  They are definitely helping you to find your way through the many seemingly conflicting situations you need to work through.  Follow this simple rule.  If it feels good, go with it.  If it feels bad, step back from it.

You belief system and your personal finances are both receiving a workout this month Cancer.  Are you satisfied with your work?  Do you feel that you want to be doing something that ‘makes a difference’ but can’t afford to leave the current job?  Do you want to gain greater recognition?  Or work for a company that appreciates you?  The answer is to get clear on your own beliefs and values first, and then you can bring them into any work that you do, or at least know what you want to do with your future!  There may be unplanned travel this month.  Pay attention to the needs of a friend or family member who is a distance away.  In your daily routine try to slow down and do something to take the pressure off, like visiting the gym.  Impatience will get you into trouble.

Some financial issues you have been unclear about, or suspected were mishandled, are about to be clarified.  This is a good thing although it may not feel good at the time.  It will allow for a potentially negative situation to be resolved and healed.  The first part of the month you will be overemotional so make sure you are well grounded before dealing with any important situations or people.  By the middle of the month you’ll be back to your normal self.  If you’ve been thinking of a move or a home renovation, this is a great month to do that and you will receive good support from family and friends.  You may fear to take what feels to you like a blind leap, but if you trust your intuition it will all work out well.

Part of the time this month you are going to be on the verge of tears for what appears to be no reason at all, and then you are going to be emotionless during times when everyone else around you is freaking out.  Just accept these odd mood swings, but recognize that they are caused by seepage from your unconscious mind which is very concerned about relationships and finances and health matters for yourself or someone close to you.  If you can put your finger on the issues of concern, you’ll get a better handle on your mood swings that are making you and those around you uncomfortable.  Health and finances are going to continue to be a concern for at least the next six months.  It is likely that what is really bothering your right now is the upheaval in your normally quiet and secure home situation.  It may be time to set some boundaries or make some new rules.  Or get into a hobby or activity that helps keep you grounded.

Pay attention to health issues this month Libra.  This includes your own health, your family members and close friends, your pets, your physical environment too.  You may have a strong urge to visit a family member or friend who’s health you are concerned about.  Follow your intuition and you will be grateful you did.  It’s important when you are strong to take that opportunity to shore up all the structures in your life to improve them.  Do that now and you will avoid some difficulty in the near future.  There are travel and educational opportunities around you this month that can be financially lucrative.  Something you’ve been working on developing is nearing the point where you can share it.  A problem that has been brewing at home or within your family is soon going to need your attention.  Be sure you are in a position of strength to deal with it. Spend time on you this month.


Your emotional focus this month involves a change in life direction Scorpion.  Things began to shift for you several months ago, but now you are emotionally on-board with your own changes.  Good for you!  Your intuition is flowing strong all month and you feel on track.  “Luck’ is flowing your way.  This month is a good month for healing.  Healing yourself, your relationships, your space.  If you can, create space for yourself to meditate or to follow your creative and artistic activities.  It’s a good time to reconnect with your spiritual side.    If you have children expect some special news of a positive nature concerning the oldest.  

Travel is a likelihood this month Sagittarius, for business or pleasure.  Or perhaps someone is visiting you from afar!  Meanwhile, you are either planning or making some changes at home.  If you are doing any renovations pay close attention to plumbing.  Old problems may be about to be revealed.  Your intuition is especially strong all month long, especially concerning your mate or close friends.  Secrets seem to be all around you.  Some must be kept, some revealed.  Your tendency to blurt out everything to everyone must be curbed right now.  It’s not yet time for certain things to be known.  You will know what to reveal and what to hide if you work to be present as each situation comes up and each encounter is passed.  Personal finances are of the utmost importance.  This month and next they need to be set up in the best way to work for you.  

You are getting ready for a major shift in your life, and you can feel it, though you cannot yet see it clearly.  Home has become alternately a quiet hermitage or a chaotic place to be.  Communication is of the utmost importance right now.  Your future career, work, finances, and developing talents depend on it.  You are about to uncover new opportunities which, should you take them, will change your life direction.  Education, teaching, writing, are all around you.  Pay attention to your dreams and your psychic impressions, as they are giving your more and more input into your own future, and that of your family members and friends.  If you pay attention to them, you are being told which actions to take for positive results, and what things need to be avoided.  If you aren’t paying attention to the strong voice of your unconscious mind you may soon be facing health problems because your emotions will be so out of control.

Financial concerns are the major thing for you this month Aquarius.  How you organize and handle your finances now has a great affect on your future.  It is best to not share your personal information or plan with others until you are totally certain of it and have completely laid the groundwork for your future.  Travel or a change of residence could be part of the plan.  Likewise, your relationship with your significant other is undergoing a major shift as well.  Friendships are active but volatile.  Take the time to get in touch with who and what is important to you and create strong connections there and hold onto that as you ride the waves of change.

You are seeing and feeling all that is around you with uninsulated strength Pisces, and that is either giving you tremendous personal power to deal with whatever is around you, or it is breaking you down.  However it affects you is your own choice.  You have the strength if you choose to use it.  You see through illusion.  You see and feel truth.  You have compassion but that compassion is balanced by determination and realism.  You are a totally different you than you were two years ago.  Even six months ago.  Even one month ago.  You have been your own project.  And your project is nearly done.  What will you work on next?  You have forged yourself as a tool.  What will you create with that tool?  Now is the time to step forward into that next part of your life.  You fear losing the people your care about.  Are you strong enough to be strong for them?  It’s time to act now.   

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