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Sandy’s March 2018 Reading Special

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 in Newsletter, Readings | 0 comments

March 2018 Reading Special

My Reading Special this month is one that everyone needs at this time. We have a transiting astrological aspect that is increasing emotional and physical tensions in our lives, in the lives of our loved ones, in our communities, and in our nations. Even the earth and the weather are experiencing this developing tension. Left undirected, this incredible tension can easily reach explosive force. Think of it as the archer drawing back his box string, creating greater and greater pressure as the bow string’s tension increases. That is exactly what is happening in all of our lives, and all over the planet, this month.  

Do you want to know where and exactly how this developing tension will affect you and your loved ones, your work, business, finances, even health? Do you want to know how you can best redirect it into positive growth instead of letting it release unconsciously into old patterns resulting in knee-jerk reactions that only create problems and increase the stress in your life?

This reading by me and my Guides will be directly tailored to you.

I will be channeling my Guides who are astrologers. We will work with astrology, tarot, numerology, clairvoyance, telepathy, and many other psychic tools to help you understand your own natural way of building and handling developmental tension; we’ll show you how you can make the most positive use of it, and how you can best channel this new incoming energy into something positive and far reaching in your life. We are even ready to discuss spiritual, and environmental changes that are approaching and how they may affect you.

As you know I originally began doing these monthly reading specials back in 2015 in order to give an easily affordable way to experience getting the special help my Guides and I give together when working with our clients. I can assure you folks, the experience will amaze you and be wonderfully helpful.

     Please allow a half hour of your time for this information filled session. The cost is only $195.

You will receive your astrology chart and a cassette tape of your session (as cassettes are sometimes damaged in the mail I am afraid I can give no guarantee on your recording – but you are certainly welcome to also record the session on your own smart phone or other device). I can do this reading via telephone or Skype

My Guides and I are looking forward to speaking with you!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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