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Sandy’s March Special

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Magnetic Energy of Attraction Reading

Pot With Gold CoinsHave you wondered why sometimes money and things flow well for you and sometimes they don’t? Or wondered why you seem to be in a long-term money-pit you can’t seem to get out of? Have you ever looked at someone else who was ‘lucky’, and although you may be happy for them, you say, ‘why isn’t that me’?

Well, in this month’s reading special Sandy is going to address these things for you. The fact is, everyone is lucky. You just need to know how to access your own ‘luck’. It’s not the same for everyone! The fact is, everyone can lead a life of affluence. You just need to know the best ways for YOU to tap your own magnetic energy of attraction!

Sandy is going to give you an added special gift, worth $14.95 along with this reading (shipping included). The gift is her own very special ‘Luck and Money Oil’ created by a formula channeled directly from her Guides!.

This session with world-renowned Psychic Channel and Astrologer Sandy Anastasi takes only about a half hour of your time.

Don’t pass this opportunity up! This reading special ends March 31st, 2014.



Book your Magnetic Energy of Attraction Reading with Sandy!
$160 for a 30 minute reading.

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