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Sandy’s May 2017 Editorial

Posted on Apr 16, 2017 in Newsletter | 2 comments

Hello Everyone,

Sandy Teaching Psychic Development

Sandy Teaching Psychic Development

I recently had a conversation with a woman regarding the extreme difficulties she was going through. The problems she confided were real and ongoing; the emotional trauma she experienced was a daily companion in her life, her feelings of loss and inevitable failure were palpable. Usually when someone approaches me in such dire straits I encourage them to book a session with me, so together with my Guides I can help them to sort through their issues, and find a healing path for themselves.

But somehow this time was different. My Guides stepped into the conversation. They prompted me to open up about my own life challenges. They told me that she needed to hear about them. They told me that by hearing MY story, and how I’d not lost heart but worked it through, she would gain what she needed to move forward in her own life in a positive way.

It was hard for me to open up. In my life and in my work I listen to others. I help others. What I share comes through me from my Guides. When I occasionally share an example from my own past it is only at their prompting, and is directly relative to what we are talking about in our session. This was different. They were asking me to actually share MYSELF with her.

Now I am a very private person as you all probably realize at this point. It is not natural for me to talk about my personal life, and especially not about my own losses, fears, mistakes, or emotional trauma’s. But I do listen to my Guides, and I do what I can do help those who come to me. This time they were telling me to tell her about my experiences of loss.

So I did. I believe the effect was to help her open up to the bigger picture that EVERYONE experiences loss in their lives, and EVERYONE is given the opportunity to work it through, grow from the experience, and end up in a different yet good place because of that growth. I think with my Guides prompting I was able to give her hope.

And now also with their prompting I want to share my story with you.

My heart goes out to you who are hurting. I totally understand your pain and loss through my own similar experiences. In 1998 my store burned to the ground. My partner and I rebuilt it but the insurance company didn’t pay what it should have and we went into extreme debt. In 2002 we divorced; we were unable to get past the debt and it took a toll on our relationship. My partner bought me out of the store but I kept my psychic school and other classes there to help both businesses. We were still struggling with the debt from the fire when Hurricane Charley blew the entire town of Port Charlotte where Starchild Books, our business, was located away in 2004. The town looked like a war zone with wreckage and debris everywhere, and it took years for it to recover.

Both businesses, the book store and my psychic school, lost their entire local clientele but we were stuck there as we owned the building. My mother got Cancer and died in the middle of all this. My partner couldn’t keep the store open with no walk in customers so I bought it back from him and built it back up again from nothing, supporting it by expanding my telephone and Skype psychic reading clientele and taking my classes on the road. But we were both still in debt from the fire, and then the hurricane. So I sold the store to a promising employee so I could pay some of the debt and focus on my readings to pay down rest of it – but the employee was unable to run the store successfully. When it closed it nearly took the school and my own clientele down with it.

Meanwhile I had remarried but the stress of all this caused us to separate and I moved into my parent’s condo that had lost its roof and had no insurance after the hurricane. I had to renovate it while I sorted my life out and while I cared for my dying father who suffered from alcoholism, dementia, and COPD. All this time I had hundreds of thousands of people worldwide depending on me now, like you, for help and direction with their own lives – who never knew any of this.

Today I’ve turned it all around and the man I love is back in my life. We have a good life and we both understand how to navigate the currents and shifts of a life well-lived. Life still delivers its occasional left-hooks to the chin, and of course some of those hits are potential knock-outs. So we work hard to maintain our positive attitudes and to live life consciously, always being responsible for our own choices and of course, making those choices carefully, and being conscious of only putting focused energy into the things we want to be constants in our lives.

Let me share this secret with you. Attitude is everything. I worked hard on this myself to reverse the string of calamities in my life. I realized my dwelling on past negatives was creating future problems. I realized that by holding on so hard I was preventing the forward direction and the positive growth the Universe was trying to bring me.

So now when I get up in the morning I don’t let myself think about what I’ve lost, I think about what I am grateful for in my life at this moment. I don’t focus on negatives or things or people I cannot fix. I focus on what is going to make me feel better NOW that is in my own power to do now, and I do it. For me at first it was baby steps. It was little things. I refused to let my mind lead me down the dark hole of self defeat. I told myself I was lucky until I believed it.

I didn’t dwell on having to move out of my beautiful house, I saw myself as so lucky that I had my parent’s condo to move into! I saw myself as whole. My health and well being were under my control! I saw and still do see myself as wealthy in all things. I didn’t focus on all I’d lost; I focused on how much wealth I had in my life – a place to live, good friends, great clients – and as I did the good things kept getting better.

Believe me. You can turn your life around no matter what the circumstances, and be happy again.

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi


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  1. chris

    Thank you for sharing your life experiences of loss, strength and hope.

  2. Donna Carbaugh

    Sandy, Thank you so much for sharing. I am also a very private person and I understand how hard this was for you. This has helped your students in so many ways. We needed to see you as “human”, just like us! Like so many others, I also went through a storm like yours and it was the fight of my life. Thanks again for sharing!

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