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Sandy’s May 2018 Editorial

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Editorial for May, 2018

kabbalabookcoverI am so excited about my Kabbala Pathworking class that is scheduled to begin on June 6th!  It has been a year since the last class ended and I am sorely missing it.  I am more than ready once again to guide a special group of people along the “32 Paths of Wisdom” on their own road to Higher Consciousness. 

     You see, that is exactly what Kabbala Pathworking is and does.  It helps you to open those parts of yourself that are ready to explode into awareness.  It centers you so that you can learn to navigate the hazards of emotional drama and the lower astral plane and it’s denizens.  It helps you get a handle on the financial issues in your life, the relationship and family problems you may be having, and even your own physical and emotional issues.  It is a 6-month long journey that is both amazingly grounding and explosively expansive for your energy body and your psyche.

     It is the most spiritual experience many of my former Pathworkers have ever had, and certainly the most developmental and life-changing.

     Pathworking the Kabbala is about charting your own evolution consciously.  Anybody can do it.  You don’t even have to be awake to receive the benefits of the Paths as you listen to them, though you will want to be.  Each Path is a guided visualization set to music that you do using the recordings on my website, offered free of charge.  If you want you can go and listen to the first one now and get an idea of what this is all about.

     You will listen to the recording on your own, and then we will meet as a group to discuss the Path, what it means, it’s implications, and how it is working in your psyche to bring about insight, understanding, and evolution.  You will get my Kabbala Pathworking book as a PDF download when you register for the course.  We will be using that as a workbook throughout our journey.

      Kabbala Pathworking is the most mystical, magical class I offer, and the best way you can grow and evolve seemingly without effort.  All you have to do is listen!  Many of your former biggest issues simply drop away as you outgrow the need for those things in your life. 

     I can’t wait.  I am Sooooo looking forward to this.  I’m ready to grow to my own next level myself…whatever that may be…and I know from my own experience, teaching this class for 38 years, that every time I guide another group, I do grow and my own awareness continues to expand.  This is the most amazing, most exciting, most developmental thing you can do for yourself this year! 

You will be part of a wonderful community of Pathworkers, likeminded people to share your journey with. 

     I am hoping to see you there, online with me on June 6th.  What an amazing time lies ahead of us!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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