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Sandy’s May Astrological Predictions

Posted on Apr 17, 2016 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Sandy’s Predictions Through the Signs for May 2016




This month finds you on fire Aries, with a new romance or new endeavor or job, and you are on the verge of making a very important decision! Take your time and put some thought into this one – the weight of your decision will be with you for a very long time! You feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels for a while now, and as things in your life begin to take off it’s a bit daunting. In fact, you may feel a little bit like a player in your own movie, trying to keep up with yourself as your life goes barreling forward on its own. Remember, all of the things being drawn to you right now are what you have set in motion yourself. All you have to do is let go and go forward with the current, unless of course, you’ve changed your mind! As you focus on your dreams and creative endeavors you will be stepping forward into newness and change. Are you ready?


If you have children or are a student yourself, graduation excitement is in the air! Likewise, prom plans, wedding plans, anniversary or birthday plans, or just plans for some plain old happy gatherings are a primary focus. Romance and travel for you or for someone close to you is a good probability and will make this month exciting. Emotions will run high all month long mostly in a good way. This is a good month for old acquaintances and perhaps even past romantic partners to resurface too. If they do, it is wise to drop old differences but move forward with discernment. Babies birthed or new creative endeavors begun have a distinctly feminine, receptive and intuitive quality as well as an unusual expansiveness. In fact, you will have a difficult time not telling the whole wide world all about your new exciting things all month long!


Expect constant activity all month long. If you enjoy lots of interactions with friends, family, children, and your significant other you are in for an exciting month but if you’re seeking a serene retreat or time for yourself you are going to have to fight for it! It’s time to apply your energy and focus to those new opportunities and endeavors you’ve begun – or perhaps into a new romance or partnership. Your creative side is erupting with tremendous power and with the help and support of another or friends this could be a great time to launch a new business, project, or create a home-based business. If you are married or living together it’s wise to keep an eye on your partner or in-laws health.


Are you ready to embrace your dream? You’ve been working hard and long on it, working to bring it to fruition, but now that it’s nearly within your grasp can you let go of your fears, of your own resistance, of the stuff that is in your way to grasp it and make it yours? Yes, there is hard work ahead of you, and you knew this from the beginning…but after the work is done there is the freedom to pursue your hopes, dreams, goals and your future. Are you ready to dare? Ready to move forward? Ready to overcome your fears? If you are, all you dreamed of is waiting for you. Those of you with children need to be ready to let go so your children can move to their own next step. Likewise, those of you who’ve worked hard to build one dream or creative endeavor need to be willing to let it go in order to build your next one. Your big lesson right now Cancer? You’ve got to let go to grow.


This is the time for you to shine Leo! Your hard work, persistence and staying power have won the day and you will be recognized for it. If you have travel plans set, expect some unexpected changes to come up. Something you thought to do with someone else you may do alone, or with a different group or partner than you’d planned for. Roll with the punches, but keep your eye firmly set on the target, and things will all work out well for you. This is a good month to begin a new enterprise or romance; involvements and business opportunities with people from other cultures, or perhaps who just live a long distance from you will come your way.   Be aware that it is important to keep business and romance separate at this time. Trying to blend the two will lead to hardship and hurt. Those of you with aging parents may have to make some important decisions regarding caring for them. It is amazing how the old can turn into the young and become your children once again.


Spend time outdoors building, creating, gardening, or doing something just for you this month Virgo! This is a great time for you. You will enjoy being alone with your thoughts, and you may even find that certain someone that you can just ‘be’ with, enjoying one another’s company without having to entertain one another. This month is for enjoyment and sunshine and time near the water. It’s also a time for you to look deep into yourself at your own motivations, needs and desires. There is something buried deeply within you that has motivated your actions for some time now. In this quiet space you can dig it out, and you will be surprised how easy it is to finally talk about it. If you have children expect that you may have a confrontation with the eldest. If you are involved with a creative project you need to confront all of the ramifications of your endeavor now. It will soon be time for a big step forward. Plan your future carefully, but keep your intentions to yourself. As you are aware, not everyone is as benevolent in their use of power or as open with their true feelings as you are.


Unusual experiences and relationships are coming your way this month Libra. Try to be as objective as possible to make the most of the opportunities that come your way! Power, money, distance, constant personal upheaval and cultural and personality differences of all kinds between you and others make it difficult to see clearly to any truth. You will do well to keep your emotional distance, to suspend decisions and choices, and to allow the people and things around you to slowly unveil themselves. Friends and close relationship partners are a wonderful support and asset all month long, and towards the end of the month you will see where your creative spurts are leading you. Your creativity is intense all month, but is tied to the hopes and dreams of others. There is nothing you can do about that at the moment, except ride the wave. Meanwhile, try putting pen to paper. Writing is your best outlet.


This is a healing month for you Scorpio. Healing for yourself, healing for others, healing your inner child, healing for a project or creative endeavor of your own, even healing the hurts of past romances and children. Your compassion, your empathy, your intuition is high all month. Connections to friends and/or business partners or affiliates are extremely important all month and you will need to battle your own impatience, feeling like you are divided in two, through much of the month as you work hard to create the bridge that you require to be whole. Meanwhile anything that gives you a creative outlet will be a wonderful place to put your energy this month. The beginning of the month you will be focusing on your mate or partner and their activities, but towards the end of the month your attention shifts to finances, business, and communicating with those that will help you to move forward with creating a solid foundation for a new endeavor.


There will be sudden shifts in your situation and with your significant other or romantic partner all month, and opportunities for new ways of handling things will appear at every turn. The key word for this month Sagittarius is ‘flexibility’. If you have children, their life and activities are moving forward in a new direction that will give them more opportunity for personal expression. Likewise, your own desires are changing relative to who and what you want in your life. and who and what you don’t. Friendships are volatile and shifting. Emotional explosions both at home and in your friendships may occur. You teeter on the brink of change and you know it because you feel it. But right now you are only setting the stage. It is too soon to take action because the game board is constantly shifting. Be patient. Make the best of the opportunities around you for yourself and everything will follow from those choices.


Opportunities for creativity and development of your skills and abilities come through friends and from a distance this month Capricorn. You find it frustrating to need to be patient and to need to work through others but right now that zigzag path to success is your best bet. Meanwhile, what a good time for reuniting with old friends, for forming connections to new groups and organizations, and for dreaming the future. Financially there is an angel on your shoulder. You will find that you have certain intuitive, creative, or natural inborn talents and abilities that are needed and that can be brought to a project that helps another. This may lead to both personal and financial fulfillment. This month it is wise to move slowly, think deeply, and minimize your spending.


Spending time with children or young people will be special for you this month. Communication is very important, and you will need to think creatively if you want to make the most of opportunities coming your way. There is tremendous focus on you, on your abilities, your work, your finances, your children, and your ability to resolve past issues. This can be a time of financial healing and healing misunderstandings as well if you take the time to think before you speak and before you take action.   Your major problem will be that you keep seeing both sides of every argument, both sides of every issue and you are allowing that to hold you in stasis. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which side you pick. It’s just time to move on.


It will seem to you through much of this month that your mate or partner is leading the way. And indeed, they will be! You may be moving back and forth between two homes, or be working from home, but either way there is constant movement around you. It is likely that there will be some travel this month, for you or your significant other or both…and you will be placing a lot of your focus on your family and your children, if you have them. In fact, this is a great time to plan a family. If that is not on your agenda this year, then you might put all that creative energy into launching something new that you and your partner or significant other can do together. Sharing is where it’s at this month! Meanwhile, expect to have shifts in your finances, both up and down, opportunities that are career related and hinge on your creative abilities and that create family considerations, and watch out for a male figure at work that is not as honest as he should be.

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  1. Patricia Caponi

    Hi Sandy
    I miss you since I moved back to NY. I wish I was able to move back down to Florida. Loved your store and your psychic fairs, as well as the people I met as a result.

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