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Sandy’s Monthly Special – September 2018

Posted on Aug 18, 2018 in Newsletter, Readings | 0 comments

Sandy’s Monthly Special – September 2018


I have got some very special things in store for you this September!  This is the month that I have always associated with learning new things, or brushing up on old ones. 

So I decided to share with you at an unbelievable discount the complete series of one of my newest and most loved classes. 

The Tarot

I’ve been reading the Tarot myself for almost 40 years, and teaching it for almost that long. It is one of the most important tools anyone interested in the field of metaphysics can learn, both for your own growth, and for helping others.

Here’s how this amazing discount works –

First of all, if you have PREVIOUSLY taken my Tarot Program with me in person or via recorded audio or video, contact [email protected] immediately for your FREE Tarot Course! (small fee of $2.97)

Once Lisa confirms you completed the course PREVIOUSLY, at any time in the past 30 years since I’ve been teaching Tarot, I am GIFTING YOU (small fee of $2.97) with my new online and automated Tarot Course that releases one lesson a week to you on any device that you like – Smartphone, tablet, computer, even TV if your television is internet capable.  What a great way to brush up on your knowledge and skills!  There are two parts to my Tarot Program.  Part 1 teaches you the cards, and how to read them.  Part 2 teaches you advanced spreads like the Kabbala spread, the Astrological spread, and more.  FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN MY TAROT PROGRAM WITH ME BEFORE: You will only need to make a small payment of $2.97 each for access to the online course that you qualify for.

And for those new to the Tarot who would like to study it NOW I am offering a 50% discount! 

That’s right.  You are not misreading this.  The Tarot is one of the best ways you can begin to open your psychic senses and improve your connection to your higher self and your guides.  And it’s EASY TO LEARN with my automated program that releases the lesson’s one at a time so that you can study at your own pace and never feel overwhelmed. 

The Tarot Part 1 course comes with the MP4 version of the entire course, the PDF of my classic book, The Tarot Reader’s Workbook, and 6 weekly classes by me that guide you through the class material on the MP4.  Additionally you receive an invitation to join our Tarot Facebook Group so you can practice with and exchange ideas with other students!  The Tarot Part 2 course is taught and delivered the same way, but books are optional and may be purchased separately.  It covers Past Life Tarot Readings, The Kabbala Tarot Layout, The Astrological Tarot Layout, and Tarot and the Keys to Karma Layout. 

This month each part is discounted 50%.  These courses are both normally $297 each, so for this limited time, you can purchase each class for only $148.50, or both classes for the normal price of one at only $297! 


To get the 50% discount

Click on the Tarot Course here:

and enter this code: TAROT50OFF

to purchase the Tarot Beginner course.


Don’t miss this first and possibly only time this series will be discounted in this way!  ACT NOW!

The first 10 people to make this purchase will receive another very special surprise gift from me! 

Be one of the first 10 people to take me up on this special opportunity.  ACT NOW! 

Contact [email protected] and ask for your FREE Tarot Program(s) if you are a graduate of the program, (small fee of $2.97)


Click on this link and enter this code TAROT50OFF  at checkout if you are a new student to purchase the Tarot Beginner Online Course.



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