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Sandy’s November 2017 Astrological Predictions

Posted on Oct 21, 2017 in Newsletter, Readings | 1 comment

Sandy’s November 2017 Astrological Predictions

Do you watch Sandy’s astrological predictions videos on YouTube? Click on any of the videos below to watch! People are loving her work. Here’s a recent comment:  “Well it’s nearly the end of October and everything you said has already happened. Amazing Sandy”. – Lorelle on YouTube


What an amazing month you have ahead of you Aries!  The transiting Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are activating your house of money, inheritances, and business.  This bodes well for an improvement in your finances.  Strong emotions will overshadow all your activities this month and so you would be wise to think before you speak. Rash actions or miscommunications can easily erupt into difficult situations that can easily get blown out of proportion.  Your relationships are also a strong focus and if you are single it could be time to move forward with a special relationship.  Whatever dreams you have been working so hard at over this past two years are ready to come to fruition.  If you are thinking of making a move or changing your home in some way it is the perfect time to do it!  

Relationships, travel plans, and personal growth are primary focuses for you this month Taurus.  In your home, work or a social situation an older woman will be helpful in advancing your goals.  Pay attention to health matters as things that appear small and insignificant may unexpectedly grow to massive proportions if not cared for properly.  This month can be a good time for soul searching and deep introspection and if you pay attention to your feelings and subconscious impulses it can be a good time to launch programs and activities relating to almost all areas of your life, most especially your health and your diet. 

Travel with a friend or romantic partner for fun and pleasure, or education and personal growth will be a good option this month Gemini.  Expect the unexpected and make the most of unique opportunities! Whether you are traveling or staying home with visitors it’s a great time to experiment with new health and exercise routines.  If you are married or living with someone your partner is likely experiencing a lot of responsibility and is seeking to make changes in their home and even their life direction to bring some relief to the situation.  Don’t be surprised if you are required to make some major changes, or share some of the burden.

Your creativity is off the charts all month Cancer, and if you would like to open a business or find a means to make money with a hobbie or some other creative endeavor now is a great time to do it!  You may feel a bit off kilter though for most of the month as changes both at work and in your home are throwing off your routine in a way that is very uncomfortable.  Put the necessary time into good planning and organization to avoid your attention being shredded all month.  The activities of your family, your mate or a close friend, even your associates at work, will tend to pull you in so many different directions that your own goals and activities will get lost in the fray.

If you have the courage to follow your dreams this month may bring amazing things your way Leo.  Opportunities relating to travel and education are available.  Meanwhile the sister or another family member or close friend of your significant other is going through a transition that may require unusual attention, communication and understanding on your part.  If you choose to put your considerable skills in the communication field to use you will find both your skill and your creativity well rewarded financially.  You’ve also got a friend in need and you will have to make some decisions  about how you will handle that.

Health concerns from the past re-emerge this month Virgo, for you or a female or family member close to you.  Communication is crucial, especially with a friend or sibling.  Financial growth opportunities abound this month and you will have to make some crucial decisions about where to put your energies.  Writing, teaching, counseling, self-study or even a new career path are all great options.  You also have some important choices to make this month concerning your home and family.  Take your time and think deeply as choices made now will be long lasting, perhaps as long as three years.

Much of your attention this month will be on finances Libra.  It’s a good time to start or expand a business, make an investment, expand on a talent or ability, publish a book or begin a teaching or other career involving communication, travel, or the internet.  Expect some ups and downs in your relationships as home, family and career opportunities begin to unfold.  If you have children concerns surrounding the oldest will be revisited this month.  This is a month for healing yourself and others.

This is your month Scorpio.  Travel and social activities of all kinds make this month especially interesting.  Balancing your explosive energy for self expression and freedom with responsibilities may be a challenge.  Emotional connections to home and family will be re-examined as an older female’s life situation changes.  Meanwhile, take advantage of spiritual and personal growth opportunities.  Your capacity for learning and growing as well as teaching and sharing knowledge is at a high point all month.  Exploring self-healing and all things creative will be especially rewarding.

It’s time to put the finishing touches on the self transformation you’ve been undergoing for the past several years Sagittarius.  By January a life shift will finish.  You are just beginning to feel the major energy of that shift now.  There will be less focus on personal responsibility and the feeling that you are carrying the load all alone, and more focus on a change in your finances, work, career, and the development of new abilities or a new means of handling finances.  If you have the desire to have your own business or to change your career the time to launch that is coming with the turn of the year so now is your time to plan.  Meanwhile expect changes in the life of your oldest child, if you have children.  It seems a tug-of-war of some kind is happening.  You may be called upon to give advice; remember, advice is fine but it’s time to stop all enabling.

Connections to friends and groups that may involve travel or long distance relationships are a major focus this month.  You will find yourself doing a difficult balancing act at work or in your major life endeavor.  A decision is looming.  You need to decide what you want to do and be ready to act.  The window for action is narrow.  Meanwhile, you feel your actions drawing you out into the world while your emotions require a lot of alone time and you are holding on to your own personal spiritual retreat at home.  Your financial situation, coupled with your talents and abilities,  is bringing people and situations from the past back into your life as if they were never gone.  Take the time now to sort through all the feelings concerning your wants and needs.  That will help give you the focus you require to stay on track to achieve your heart’s desire and more.

Have you recently changed careers, Aquarius, or are you thinking about doing that?  Or perhaps your job has new travel opportunities connected to it?  Or you are educating towards a new field or a new position?  There is an energy of change and growth around you that is very special right now.  That could also include the retiring or passing of a person of importance in your life.  You are just beginning a 1-year period where the expansion of your goals and dreams is a probability.  Be clear on them.  You will be manifesting all of those things you are holding emotional focus on.  You would do well to not waste your energy dwelling on anything negative.

There is some concern about fluctuating finances this month Pisces, and the possibility of battles surrounding these issues.  It is the right time to use your channeling, communication, computer, or other technical skills to bridge the gap.  Seek unusual methods to achieve diplomatic solutions.  You will likely be traveling for part of the month, and very possibly a move that would change your home and job will be under consideration as well.  You are filled with so many conflicting emotions it may be difficult to actually be able to focus on just what you feel about all this.  The key is to quiet your mind so that your feelings can become clear.  Let feeling lead you to the decisions you make….let your mind determine how to enact them.  


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