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Sandy’s October 2014 Editorial

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Sandy AnastasiHello Everyone,

Most of you who have been following my work know that as a psychic and an astrologer I follow the transits of the planets both in my own life and the lives of my clients. My Guides just happen to be astrologers too, so every reading I do has a touch of astrology in it. Over the years, I have found astrology blended with my ability to channel information from my Guides to be the most effective form of prediction. I have always found the transiting eclipses to be among the most important tools for prediction, and we have two happening this month.

This month there will be two major eclipses. The first is on October 8th. It is a total Lunar Eclipse occurring in Aries. The second is a Solar Eclipse occurring on October 23rd in Scorpio. These are the two Mars-ruled signs of the zodiac, so you can expect some real action in your life resulting from these two eclipses. For that reason I am offering an Eclipse Reading Special this month.

The Lunar Eclipse will affect the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; the Solar Eclipse will affect the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. All of us will have some planets in at least one of these signs.  That’s why I decided to write this editorial about the eclipses.

All of us should be keeping an ‘Eclipse Diary’ that begins on October 1st. Continue making entries in it right up to November 6th. I always find that starting a diary two weeks before the first eclipse and keeping it until two weeks after the second gives me a sort of ‘movie trailer’ into the next six months of my, or my clients, life.


I always have people ask me at this point just what should go into the diary. The answer is everything. And of course, since you are familiar with your everyday stuff, you can pretty much cover everything by entering those events, feelings, surprises, that are unusual and stand out.

Several years back one reader lost her husband during her eclipse diary, and wrote me, frightened that her husband’s passing under the eclipse meant that she would be lost, unhappy and alone for the rest of her life. But I advised her that other things had happened as well…her family and friends pulled close and offered support, there were reunions with people who reached out, there was a re-organization and re-direction of her life, and in a very positive way.

So you see, when you keep your eclipse diary, be sure to look at the positive implications of the things that happen as well as the negative ones.

Since these current eclipses are both very ‘Martian’ or action-oriented, it is especially important for you to pay attention to the movie trailer you create with your diary. It’s going to give you insight into the kinds of changes and upheavals you might expect in your life in the future, and help you to make healthy decisions relative to new things you want to begin, and show you clearly the old things you are ready to be done with.

Life is changing, and these eclipses will herald that change.

I believe we will also be seeing major shifts in the world around us. Relative to the elections coming up in the US in November, I believe there will be many surprises. There will be major shifts in popular support during October that will affect the poles in November. I also feel it is important for our leaders to be diligent in their attention to protecting the welfare of the people, no matter what nation you are living in. All this Mars energy being stirred up, coupled with difficult aspects from them to the transiting planets Uranus and Pluto, will tend to bring out militant groups and activity. The up side of that is that it will also create liaisons between peoples and nations that will begin to bring some of the chaos of our times to order.

In your own lives you may be facing similar issues. There will be chaos, but there will be a focus on peace. How will you choose to deal with that in your life? What is it that you have you been concealing, perhaps even from yourself, that it is time to bring forward, accept, and take action on, to create harmony in your world?

In esoteric astrology we have a name for all this energy. We call it Achieving Harmony through Conflict, and it involves what esoteric astrologers call ‘the 4th Ray. It is a Ray of Change. Under the auspices of this Ray we go through turmoil to create peace and harmony.

I will also be keeping an eye on earth and weather changes. These two Martian eclipses are stirring things up, so that we will be forced to truly look at our lives and our world, take responsibility, and create a plan of action.

In the words of my Guides, “It is Time for Mankind to Grow up Now”.

In Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi




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  1. Darlene

    Thank you Sandy, This is so helpful to see what’s coming, whether we completely understand it all, or just enough to get a great overview. It helps me a lot, because when “it” starts happening, I remember what you said, and it reveals itself enough. It calms me to know. I feel like I don’t have to be in fear as others sometimes are because they aren’t aware of what we know.
    Thank you again.

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