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Sandy’s October 2015 Astrological Predictions

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Predictions Through the Signs for October 2015


October – Everything is changing so fast for you right now Aries, that it is difficult to remember to include your mate or partner in your plans. Take extra time this month to communicate your ideas clearly in all of your interpersonal relationships and you will be glad you took the time to do that because things will work out for you so much better than they otherwise would have. Your emotional focus is shifting from money and things and trying to get all those bills paid, to spending time with family and friends. You may also be stepping back into an old job or career pattern that will allow you to develop new and stronger skills. If you have a sister or brother, this will be an important month to spend some extra time with them. They need you right now, and whether you are male or female, your mothering, nurturing side is coming out to help.


October – Old friends and acquaintances reconnect this month, and you will find it’s as if no time at all has gone by. What a delight to reminisce! At work your communication skills are getting recognition and you feel like you are settling into an old and comfortable pattern. Good for you! You intuition is off the charts this month, which will be great for any new endeavors you are entering into, and for helping with any decisions you have to make. The down side of this energy is that you are also exceptionally emotional all month long. Force yourself to be the Taurus – to keep your feet firmly on the ground and to not buy into those strong emotions that will interfere with that great intuition I just mentioned. A grand trine in the earth signs is emphasized this month by action in the areas of both money and romance. What more could a Taurus want?


October – This is a month of soul searching. You will spend many hours being uncharacteristically inner directed. You are evaluating your emotions, getting in touch with your feminine side, considering your closest relationship, and dealing with any remaining ‘mother’ issues you may have.   If you are an amateur psychologist this might be fun. If you are in therapy, your therapist will have a field day with you! An old lover or childhood friend may re-enter your life at this time; minimally this is an opportunity to clear the air or just talk regarding past issues, but it’s also possible there are new opportunities here, if both of you have grown. On a more positive note, games of chance work better than usual for you this month, so play the lottery! And one last bit of advice – take some time to play, and especially to let your creative inner child out of the box you’ve hid it in.


October – Your focus is at home, on your family, your children, and your relationship with your significant other this month. Some major decisions about relationships need to be made – this might be your own, or the relationship problems your friends and family are bringing to you. One thing is sure. At the root of every relationship problem you encounter is a control issue. You may choose to lay down the law, or to avoid them, but one way or the other you will deal with them! If you have children, your first child and your third child will have emotional needs now that should not be ignored. If it feels like everything, both good and bad, is on your shoulder’s right now – it’s not your imagination. It is! One last thing – have that Halloween party at home this year. You’ll have more fun, and so will everyone else.


October – If you are in the teaching field, in the arts, or are involved with sales or computers, you are going to have educational opportunities galore this month and many will open new doors for you if you take advantage of them! A transiting grand trine in the earth signs accentuates your astrological houses of money, career, daily work, and health. This promises great things in all of these areas if you keep your eyes open. The political situation on the job has long been a source of irritation – but this month things are going your way! Old connections may be returning, and you are making new ones daily. Your star is rising right now. Enjoy!


October – A solar eclipse in you solar first house last month has you really looking at yourself and your personal needs and finances a little differently. It is great to serve and care for others, but should you be doing that when it is at the expense of your own well-being? If you have children, or something or someone in your life that you look at as a child, you are beginning to look at that person or thing in a somewhat different way. How much money, time, energy, and effort has gone in that direction recently, versus how much has gone to you and the people in your life that you love and that never, ever ask? Some major reassessing is going on. There are no rights or wrongs in what you decide, but the Universe is definitely directing your attention to these issues to give you a chance to resolve them before they turn into something that can distract you from your life path in the future. Think about it, come to a resolution, put it into action. It’s that simple. And whatever you decide, life gets better.


October – The sun is in your solar first house Libra, which means you are thinking and talking about yourself, your needs and desires, and what you want to change in your life and how and where you want to grow in your life. It is about setting goals this month Libra, about thinking about where you want to be next year at this time. Put your thoughts on paper. Make lists. Plan. Take full advantage of this great energy that is helping you to organize yourself and create the life you want to be leading! If you are single, relationship opportunities are around you, but most are still short term, and although you want love and romance in your life you do want it on your terms. Likewise if you are in a relationship, changes are definitely on the horizon for you and your partner. One or both of you are likely to be changing jobs as career opportunities open up. If you support one another, anything is possible!


October – Relationships and relationship issues are a major concern and source of emotional unease throughout much of this month. The whole situation is causing you to really get in touch with your inner needs, wants and desires. How and if you communicate your feelings will make the difference between positive or negative resolutions of issues all month long, in business and in romance. Friends and siblings and your grown children if you have them will have input that is very beneficial on all counts, if you listen. Close business partnerships are also undergoing big changes now, and again, good communication is paramount. Shifting partnerships, employees, and even business structures and methods can enhance both your and their financial situation. Your timing is perfect.


October – New opportunities and ideas will be coming to you this month from friends and also from your children (if you have them). If you are free and single, a relationship opportunity is developing for you but you may not even notice it as it is in the friendship stage right now. You may meet or know this person from your job or theirs, or they may be in the position of an advisor of some sort. On another subject, financial help and/or advice is available right now concerning something which has been causing you deep concern for a while. Don’t be slow about reaching out and receiving this. You need it.   A woman you are close to ( possibly yourself?) is also having some female-type problems or emotional issues that need attention. Don’t put this off!


October – Something you’ve been working on for quite a while is beginning to come to fruition now. It is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! You must count on your most beneficial relationships now, to help you take a big step forward. Your communication skills are outstanding this month, which is good, because you will need them! Diplomacy and arbitration are of utmost importance, and you need to be on your intellectual feet! If you have been waiting for a promotion or some form of recognition on the job, this is the month that could happen for you! If you are married, that recognition could be coming to your mate as well. At the beginning of the month you will mostly be focused on finances and games of chance, as well as your primary relationship. Towards the end of the month day to day activities will consume a great deal of your attention. Pay attention to health matters after the 15th.


October – A travel opportunity may become available this month to visit a friend or sibling. Or perhaps they will visit you. If this option develops for you, don’t hesitate. You will have a lot of fun and new ideas and connections will result. A lot of your focus during the month will be on relationships and relationship issues in your life or someone else’s – perhaps someone who lives a long way away or who is a different culture than you. Communication and language are very important in all of your dealings all month. Take your time. At home you will find your quiet, sane place to rebalance and remain focused all month long. Towards the second half of the month your attention is likely to move onto children, lovers, even love relationships and some just plain fun time for you!


October – Making plans and sharing ideas about your future work, business and finances will be getting a lot of your attention this month. You have some concerns about your ideas in your current situation not being well received, or being ignored. You are feeling emotionally like you are stagnating, and that creative side of you wants to jump into the next thing in your future, whatever that may be. Rest assured, Neptune, in your Sun sign now and for the next 15 or so years, is not going to let you stagnate! It’s just trying to let you discover on your own what you really want to be and do when you grow up! Just about now, you are realizing that you want to be part of something that hits the jackpot for you all the while it helps you save the world. hmm. Just what might that be? You are still going through the letting go of the old you and the old expectations now. Take care of that while you make those future plans, so there’s nothing in your way to hold you back.

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