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Sandy’s Predictions Through the Signs for April 2015

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Predictions Through the Signs for 2015


April –
A lunar eclipse early this month touches off a series of explosions both personally and in your close relationships. Things initiated at the beginning of the year are returning, and some things you would have liked to leave behind are returning as well. Opportunities presented now will only come once. If you’ve not chosen to move forward with your dreams yet – it’s now or never! The obstacles in your path are not going away until you choose to leave them behind on your own. Remove your attention to that which has a positive outcome and the right growth potential for you. Remember, the time to move forward is now. As emotional as times are, they are not going to get better until YOU take the lead. Family interactions and activities are likely to be high on your list of to do’s this month.


April –

Taurus, get ready for a wild ride this month. Saturn, retrograding back towards your opposing sign Scorpio, is bringing back either old relationships or the same problems you had in those old relationships. This is just a temporary setback that will disappear by Summer’s end, so try not to invest too much of your emotional energy in it. As a matter of fact, it would be wise to remember that whatever you power with your emotions gains a seeming life of its own and continues on into your future. So before you ‘lose it’ over something – ask yourself it that is something or someone you want to continue to keep in your life, or not? On a more positive note, travel or travel plans are likely in the works, and in the realm of housing – this may be just the right time to buy or sell property or to upgrade to that special addition you’ve been wanting. It’s likely that by the end of the month your home is going to be looking pretty spiffy!


April –

Saturn’s recent retrograde is giving you a brief respite Gemini. Take advantage of this opportunity that lasts between now and August to figure out what you really want, and what your true emotional needs are. Health concerns for yourself or another may be returning and you are going to be looking hard at things like organizing your personal and professional life. At home this month is great for getting on top of all those little details you hate to do but love to be finished with! If you have older pets keep an eye on them. Problems you’ve had with them before may be repeating. Try to get an early handle on it for your sake and theirs! At work let your creativity flow. Now is the time people will notice you for it, and it’s the right time to be in the limelight to gain recognition and a possible promotion.


April –
So much is going on for you this month Cancer, you will have trouble keeping up with yourself! It’s mostly all good though, so enjoy! If you are buying or selling your home or another property, the planets are in auspicious position for you. Things should work out as planned. Meanwhile, at work old opportunities as well as old challenges are returning and your star is rising as you know exactly how to deal with these things that pop up! Towards the end of the month friends on the career front are going to be very helpful to something you are working on. Don’t be surprised if the roller coaster ride at work presents a big opportunity for you to move up the ladder, or even change jobs!   If you had any health issues that were a major concern over the last few years, keep an eye out for their return and head them off at the pass! Stay healthy and have a wonderful month!


April –
There are a lot of responsibilities relative to home and family matters that are about to fall onto your shoulders. Be conscious of what you agree to! If you must assume them, be sure to set time limits. It’s pretty certain you will no longer want to be in this same position by summer’s end! Last month’s solar eclipse in your House of Money has brought both opportunities as well as concerns about finances into your life. This month’s lunar eclipse requires that you form partnerships, communicate, and put your cards cleanly on the table. A project you’ve been working on or a goal you’ve been striving towards will get a lot clearer to you this month. It may be time for those final tweaks! Health issues continue to concern you, so make sure you are on top of anything that comes up to minimize the issue. Look out for a sneaky manipulator who is your junior at home or work – or possibly both. Help from that person is not what it appears to be.


April –
Finances are a major concern for you this month, and something you’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into looks like it will come to fruition for you now! Regarding communications – something that created a lot of discord in the past due to lack of clear communication has an opportunity now for clarification. Don’t miss it! Old emotional conversations and old emotional issues are popping up too…don’t be afraid to confront and deal with them. You’ll feel better resolving these past issues that are blocking your future. You don’t realize it yet, but this month, as well as the next two or three, you will be tying up loose ends so that you can truly move forward with your home and family matters, and your dreams, by the end of the summer. Relationship issues versus your own personal freedom are going to be occupying a lot of your time this month. Happy Spring!


April –

You just finished a Mars/Uranus conjunction in your Relationship House and this month you have a Lunar Eclipse in your House of Self. You are DEFINITELY on a roller coaster ride with both yourself and the partner you think you want. It seems like every conversation you have is a punch in the gut to wake you up to what it truly is you want in life right now! A more subtle message, is that if you don’t love and care for yourself first, no partnership will ever meet your needs! Family members, close friends and siblings, are all falling under your scrutiny right now and you may be surprised what you find. It is a fact that some of these people in your life may no longer be there after the dust settles and you have cleaned house! Meanwhile – a move of your home or your business, or both may be quietly in the works. The changing health needs of a family member (or yourself) have you thinking.


April –
Saturn turned retrograde late last month and you have already noticed people, events, challenges, and opportunities that you were involved with over the last three years are beginning to pop back up in your world. Continue that diary from last month for another four weeks to get a clear picture of things that will continue to rain down in your life through the beginning of August. Many of them will require actions and decisions on your part, and your diary ‘movie trailer’ will help you to move forward with less stress. If you are traveling this month pay attention to the details. little things that go wrong could lead to major headaches! Your focus has largely been on financial issues yet this month it seems to be shifting more towards relationships. Healing comes your way through romance. The Lunar Eclipse this month in your Solar 12th house and conjunct the North Node has you getting in touch with new aspects of yourself emotionally. What a great time for personal growth!


Saturn’s retrograde turns it back towards your 12th Solar House, and towards more introspection for you. Your home this month is a place for quiet healing of yourself or another. It’s a great time to catch up on creative projects of all kinds! There may also be some real major issue at home, either a structural thing or a personal thing, that you will uncover and have an opportunity to repair this month. Time spent with friends this month is also valuable, and can lead you in the direction of much future growth for yourself. You may be learning something, and developing the right connections, that could lead to some real career potential in the future. In particular it seems like you are formulating and planting the seeds of your own future business or career.


April –
Many things that have been misrepresented or misunderstood are exposed this month. The Solar Eclipse from last month has shaken up your home environment, falling as it did almost right on the cusp of the Solar House that represents your physical home. This month’s Lunar Eclipse balances the seesaw back out as it falls almost right on the North Node of growth and opportunity in your House of Career. Many of the home changes you’ve gone through have set the stage for this month’s growth. You are seeing how going with the flow benefits you. There is likely to be some construction or renovation at home this month, but it will benefit you in many ways. On another note, you are likely to have more positive social interactions with friends and family members this month. Enjoy!


April –
You seem to be biting the bit relative to relationships this month. If there are upheavals, you can squarely place the blame on your own shoulders! You are emotional and prickly this month, and need tons of alone time. If you don’t get that, you will explode. If you are in a relationship either you or your partner will be doing a lot of travel – there’s been a lot this year already, but this month figure on still more. If you are looking for a big change, a job opportunity that would involve either a move or travel could be on the horizon. What do you want? Your financial situation has been a bit rough and uneven. This could be an opportunity for greater stability coming up.


April –
You have been wandering down a winding road leading ever towards your SELF for some time now. The Eclipse late last month in your Solar first house has likely taken the carpet right out from under your feet, but one more step closer to YOU. Work on holding your temper this month and channeling all that excessive energy you seem to have into something productive instead. This month’s Lunar Eclipse will have you looking at and reworking your financial goals and options (which is a good thing to do during Tax month if you reside in the US anyway!) . You have strong feelings that you’d like to move, either your job or your home, but that inner compulsion is not matched by outer opportunity this month, so it seems like you are staying where you are – at least for a while.





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  1. Diana Mohamed

    So accurate….sent to all of friends and family and they could not believe how relevant these predictions were. Mind blown!! :-)

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